Jonny Polonsky To Release New Album "Fresh Flesh" and Releases Album Trailer

Musical polymath Jonny Polonsky is back with a new album titled "Fresh Flesh", an ambitious collection of mesmerizing songs that push the boundaries of ambient rock n’ roll. Imposing limits of simplicity on the song structures helped his band to create vibrant first takes on songs about love, sex, death and power, according to Polonsky.

Influences like Joy Division, the Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees collided with glam, 90s rock and punk; the sounds on the album are a synthesis of the same, without sounding exactly like any of them. The album comes out January 19, 2018 on Sound Science Industries. February 9th, they’ll celebrate the release with a full band show at Hotel Cafe, they hit the stage at 9pm.

Check out the truly witty 80’s infomercial video trailer, premiering at Popdose today:

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