J.W. Schuller - Caterpillars

So apparently the "Circle Of Life", was not only just a song made popular and famous by Disney and Disney's film series The Lion King, but others have taken that meaning of the song to heart and self worth. Like J.W. Schuller for instance, him releasing an album titled "No Mud in Joyville", where the track "Caterpillars" comes from believe it or not. Not just believing in the song's title but that the song itself even comes from that album, of such a silly title. Both of which are indeed true to say the least.

In any case though, how does this turn to the "Circle Of Life", referencing prior, well J.W. Schuller put it simply within his bio online, saying how he use to play indie rock in bars, taking on a long hiatus, that he would return to performing in the way of volunteer shows, at of all place's old folks' homes. This little base of experience and exposure inspiring him to write all new material, about what else? "Our all too brief time on earth", having this reality leading him to go back to playing the bar scene again, as he says "ahh, the circle of life". So in other words, the reference was put into perspective quite well.

So you see how it did fit into his lifestyle as well as his musically spoken life as a musician, it works from all points. But in realization though, "Caterpillars", is the track that discusses of what a caterpillar becomes, a butterfly. The song detailing how "we" us as people, become butterflies in our own accordance, each of their own, living our own lives, making money, doing things, just doing our own things within our life, each and every day of our living life pretty much.

Not just that meaning to the song itself, but the song having a very catching melody, with such driven vocalization, that it makes the music come together. It then on sounding quite presentable, yet upbeat, that it is one of those indie rock tracks, that mixes folk music creating a genre of the two, that is very ear worthy. In brief, it is a track of sorts, that is very likable, because of the tone it is progressing, as the song persists onward in playback.

The vocal chords performed by J.W. Schuller, is quite entertaining, as for the instrumentals done against it as well, as said before the song is indeed very catching and rather upbeat. But it is the music and vocals that make it a song of quality. The style, sound, and perfection is downright fun, energized and flawless. It's just how his style works out really, he is able to capture the essence that is the music and reality of life, bringing the two together to make what he has done so with "Caterpillars", a catching track of the appealing kind.

Surely J.W. Schuller being another catcher at hand, with his creative sources of music and his accompanying material working's , that the two together will continue to flourish onward, taking on more captivating meaning's that draw us in, yet again and again.


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