Lalaloopsy Hits the Spotlight with Lalaloopsy Girl's Peanut Big Top Review

MGA Entertainment a manufacturer of entertainment and children's products launched one of its most infamously lines to date, Lalaloopsy. In which itself branched out into other side brands including; Lalaloopsy Littles, Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair, Lalaloopsy Silly Hair, Lalaloopsy Babies, Lalaloopsy Ponies, Lalaloopsy Oopise to its latest addition of the LalaloopsyGirls. An expansion line to compete with the rivalry of other similar brands like; Monster High, My Little Pony's Equestria Girls, Ever After High, Once Up a Zombie, Fairy Tale High, along with MGA Entertainment's own brands of Novi Stars, and Braztillaz.
Why not take this concept Lalaloopsy land and create would be the Lalaloopsy Girls! This line takes the beloved characters you know and love from youngsters to teenage girls who attend as the other line's do a school there's called La La Prep School. Where they can stitch together their friendships, learn crafts, magic, and so much more. As said, Lalaloopsy Girls does include a lot of your favorites from  Jewel Sparkles, Spot Splatter Splash, Cumbs Sugar Cookie, Mittens Fluff N Stuff, Bea Spells A Lot, Pix E Flutters, and Peanut Big Top! Along with other characters both old and new debuting soon.

Peanut Big Top is the one who made her big show debut on my end, she always had that outgoing and spunk attitude that wanted everyone to witness her almighty glory with whatever tricks and treats she did with her sidekick pet Elephant of course. This girl's teenage doll version of herself has curly pigtails that are soft yet stringy, while her outfit pays tribute to her youngster version. She also comes with a hair brush and her beloved pet Elephant. 

Her doll very flexible be able to bend this way and that way, her details are precise, she's easily a doll you can take with you, wherever you go and not have to worry about it falling to pieces, it's surly one sturdy product. Also note that she along with Spot Splatter Splash and Crumbs Sugar Cookie are in the basic doll collection, while the other girls Mittens Fluff N Stuff, Jewel Sparkles, Pix E Flutters, and Bea Spells A Lot are in the deluxe collection, thus they do come with an extra outfit but all of them come with a hair brush and their pet.

Peanut Big Top overall does stay true to her unique style no matter her age range which is always good. Same goes for the other girls in this series collection, these fashion girl dolls are truly, a set that is eye catching, adorable, and sew very cute! Be sure to add these Lalaloopsy Girls to your doll collection if you have one or thought about starting one, because these girls are stitched together perfectly!

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