Slow Roar Launches Self-Titled Debut EP

Sonny Lanegan whose previous works such as White Pulp, The Dead Good, his solo working's under his own namesake Sonny Lanegan, and now an all new project called Slow Roar. Who have gone on to write and record as well as release their debut EP, a self-titled works, available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes, and other digital platforms.

Sonny says, "Rebecca Rosoff and I released an EP and it's available to stream on Spotify/iTunes/etc. I highly recommend it, while having sex. Play it loud! #slowroar"

Check out the cover artwork and tracklisting, with the streaming available HERE.


1. Be the Bleed
2. Pinned
3. Broken Head
4. Honey
5. Sleep
6. Good Case

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