Progressive doom metallers Paragon Collapse have written and recorded for their debut full-length album titled "The Dawning". The album to be released January 20th 2018 with collaboration with Loud Rage Music. The album's artwork was painted by bass player Vali Seciu of the band Paragon Collapse.

Here’s what the band had to say about the album: "The Dawning does not necessarily want to convey a message, but it is up to the listener to identify and interpret a possible message. Although the lyrics of the songs describe various states and inner living, alternating between love and madness, hope and suicidal depression, we would like each listener to live each song individually, to understand them from the perspective of their own experiences, and if after listening to songs, the listener does not remain indifferent, it means that our goal has been reached.

As for this painting, the viewer can sense the meaning of it right from the title. The first light is so much more than the twilight before the dawn. In this case, dawn is the absolute truth we tend to as people, that beautiful truth, also highlighting the fact that existence takes place between two extremes, lies and truth. The first extreme is made up of a life full of harmony, of pure beauty, but which is forgotten and thus destroyed. The second extreme represents the uglier side of life, lies and hatred, whose appearance of masquerade deceives and seduces man. These two opposites define our lives, the dichotomy in which we lead our existence, the struggle that we carry from birth to death. The true beauty of life is so intangible, too far away, far too lonely, too forgotten, waiting for the dawn of absolute revelation."
Listen to a new track, "A Whisper of Destiny", and pre-order "The Dawning" here: (digital pre-order) (Jewel-case CD pre-order)


1. The Endless Dream
2. The Stream
3. A Whisper of Destiny
4. Nirvana
5. Climbing the Abyss
6. A Winter Life
7. Deliverance

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