What's the purpose of this site?

To promote content within the means of entertainment and music. We offer coverage with the written word, as far as features, exclusives, covering numerous events, conventions, expos, concerts, it's all we do at Natalie's World!

Can you check out my artist or band?

We try to check out as many artists and bands as possible. But due to so many submission requests it can take sometime. Send us a message with a general description and web address of the act in question and we will see what we can do from there.

How do I get my content reviewed?

There are a number of ways this can happen. You can send us content through snail mail or email. This includes physical copies of CDs, EPs, Demos, Singles, Live albums, Live DVDs, DVDs etc. Digital content is welcome in the form of EPK's, dropbox, streaming sites like bandcamp, halix, or other media type. Zip file folders is a method too. As long as there is a source of the content in question to be viewed we will check it out and take it into consideration.

Can you interview my band?

Sure, just get in touch leaving us a general description and site addresses you may have available, and we will go from there.

Do I have to be signed to be on this site?

No not at all many of the bands upon our site, are unsigned, signed, some better known while the other's are unknowns or new comers, up-and-comers you name it. Just submit your content and we can move forward.

Can you help me promote by band?

Yes and no, if its something newsworthy we may run a feature, exclusive, or premiere of sorts, in the news section. If however, its just a link to a website i.e. Facebook or Bandcamp such as an AD placement, then perhaps. What counts as news is an upcoming show, tour, tour dates, new album, single, video, tracklisting, etc.

You snapped photos of my band at a show can I use the image?

As with all of the images on this site they are all copyrighted and are not for commercial use unless permission or payment is first granted or given.

Can you check out my band on any social networks; Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Yes, just provide the links to where your content can be heard and details checked out.

How do I get my show photographed by you guys?

Whenever we have the chance to make it out to a show is when this can happen but all shows are welcomed. Just inform us of the upcoming showcase and we will address on whether or not we will be able to attend. If availabity is there, then provide us with a press creditals, i.e. photo pass, and tickets to attend show!

If I'm a promoter or label can we add you to our mailing list?

Feel free to do so as long as it's not filtered as spam we have no problem with it. Our email addresses' are;


We are a music publication either online or offline and would like to use one of your images or content?

Again permission should be asked first hand, all images, content, are copyrighted by law and if any is found being used elsewhere without prior content we will follow it up.

How can my act be considered for the next "artist or band" featurette i.e "Band of the Day, Week, Month, or Year?

You can drop us a message leaving general information and we will see what we can do. But when it comes to this spotlight feature we normally go with an artist or band who has some type of release due out for that time frame.

What types of interview features do you conduct?

We are welcome to conducting all types of interviews in whatever fashion works for you. We can conduct the interview over the interweb using online messengers like Facebook messenger or Skype, if not those, then phone call over the telephone or digital audio or video call using Facebook or Skype as well. Also email texted versions are welcome and in person as well. It varies on the interview choice available.

Do you charge for your posts i.e. news, reviews, interviews, or any other type of coverage?

Yes, our fee's can be discussed and the lowest would be $10!

How do you accept payment as far as content posts go?

Paypal is the best option for us!

Do you offer advertising?

Yes, find out further details about adveritisng with us HERE.

Can we promote your website on our website or social media networks?

Yes you can, just link us www.nataliezworld.com!

Your name came up over at Skope Magazine's website (https://skopemag.com/), can we discuss content to be included on their website?

Yes, you can reach out to me or reach out the editor with his info;

Mike Friedman - Editor in Cheif - http://skopemag.com
Cell Phone: 339-293-7957 (TEXT MSG PREFERRED)
Office: M-F @ 10 am - 3 pm EST: 617-355-0688
After Hours: 781-435-1075
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michael.friedman.1426
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dafrieds

How can I get in touch with you?

You can contact us by going HERE.

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