What on Earth is Going On? Novi Star's Una Verse Review

MGA Entertainment is in partnership with hit tween store Justice to bring to you the next line of futuristic toys! The Novi Stars are alien beings of the outer galaxy's four alien friends Alie Lectric, Una Verse, Mae Tallick, and Ari Roma stick together to show us humans how to live life and make the best of it.
Una Verse is the alien girl who got into the hands of this human being and she is the definite diva whose body is filled with water and glitter! She's 4 quadrillion light years old, her mission is to give Earth a space age makeover! Her cosmic quirk is "Floating I can't keep my feet on the ground!" Personality is being a dazzling diva and her pet is named malecule. Fashion style is glitter and being trendy while her favorite earth food is sparkly H20 which everyone calls soda! Her favorite activity is dressing up her pet in the most cutest outfit available while she eagerly wants to learn how to dance. Even though she doesn't quite understand what types of shoes flats or tennis shoes are she still is her own outer spacious diva!

Each doll comes with a pet, a glow-in-the dark doll stand and a package handle that becomes an antenna headband for the girl. For fans of Bratz, Monster High, Winx Club, and Bratzillaz.

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