Demonstealer Releases New Song "Sculpting The Archetype" and Album Details

Demonstealer featuring contributions from members of bands such as Septicflesh, Aborted, Nervecell, and Hideous Divinity, have released a new song titled "Sculpting The Archetype". The track coming off their new album "The Last Reptilian Warrior". The album's artwork and tracklisting can be seen below. The artwork made by Reuben Bhattacharya A.K.A. Visual Amnesia. Check out the new song HERE.

1. The Grand Collapse Of Humanity featuring Kevin Paradis (BENIGHTED)
2. Sculpting The Archetype featuring Krimh (SEPTICFLESH), Stefano (ABORTED) & Rami (NERVECELL)
3. The Perspective Of Evil featuring Romain Goulon (NECROPHAGIST) & Arran McSporran (VIRVUM)
4. The Human Pestilence featuring David Diepold (COGNIZANCE) & Stefano (HIDEOUS DIVINITY) 
5. No Victory In War featuring Kevin Paradis (BENIGHTED) & Shoi Sen (DE PROFUNDIS)
6. The Weak Shall Perish featuring David Dielpold (COGNIZANCE), Arran McSporran (DE PROFUNDIS) & Mendel (ABORTED)
7. The Last Reptilian Warrior
8. Bonus track featuring Dan Presland (NE OBLIVISCARIS) 

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