Cadaveria - Far Away From Conformity

Cadaveria, act that just so happens to cross your path out of nowhere, then you wonder where has this act been all this time! Even though the time frame for said act has only been over 15 years and counting, Cadaveria has decided to take a blast from the past in their catalog of releases, re-releasing their second full-length album "Far Away From Conformity". The album was originally released back in 2004 but since it's been 13 years, lucky 13 to be precise the album is receiving this re-release with some improvements and minor differences in comparison to the first issue of release. This time around the "Far Away From Conformity" features new vocals on the song "Blood and Confusion", as well as "The Divine Rapture", with the added remixed and remastered edition of audio and album artwork to boot! So then how does this re-hash do in terms of quality, sound, and style, of the here and now, to the then and where? Well it just so happens to be a refresher for the right now.

As such, this re-release of this album is downright fun and really exciting for the new comers of the band that is Cadaveria. Cadaveria herself, naming said band after one self, just so happens to be the former vocalist and keyboard player of the band Opera IX, with other projects in tow DyNAbyte. But besides those brief details noted, Cadaveria's "Far Away From Conformity", takes the songs mentioned prior i.e. "The Divine Rapture", and "Blood and Confusion", both sound flushed and content, providing those re-done vocalization pipes that really make the music stand out in quality, style, and sound as a wholesome truths. In terms of the rest of the material. 9-tracks in all, you get hit with such numbers as "Omen of Delirium", "Out Body Experience", and "Prayer of Sorrow", with the added bonus of a Blondie cover of their song "Call Me", these selections and the remainder is just catchy, melody driven, and very upbeat in tones, rhythm and edginess.

Overall Cadaveria's second release of an album that once was and is still "Far Away From Conformity", is a good rehash of something heard prior. The re-release being a remaster of material that suits the band, right, both in quality and in terms of style of sound as well. Cadaveria is an act to follow as to not be missed either.

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