September 2023



After an adventurous festival summer with appearances at the legendary Wacken Open Air and Summer Breeze, amongst others, boisterous thrash metal engine NERVOSA is far away from taking things slow and accelerates even more by smashing their new single, “Elements Of Sin”. “Elements Of Sin” marks the third single cut from the fierce upcoming fifth full-length, 'Jailbreak', out now via Napalm Records! This raging sonic monster features some of the album’s most insane guitar work and thundering vocals and is accompanied by a fitting official music video that emphasizes the unstoppable energy of this all-female powerhouse.

Finally seeing the light of day, 'Jailbreak' is a decisive start of a new era in the band’s history, as it’s the first NERVOSA album with guitarist and founding member Prika Amaral on vocal duties, and showcases the mighty new lineup completed by the immensely talented and well experienced Michaela Naydenova on drums, Hel Pyre on bass and Helena Kotina on guitars.

Prika Amaral on “Elements of Sin”:

“’Elements Of Sin’ was one of the first songs that Helena and I composed together. I remember when the riff from the chorus came at the end of 2021 and the lyrics of the chorus came together. We were so excited with this song that we also composed a few parts of the drums at that time. The process of composing of this album was very fun."

Watch the Official Music Video for "Elements of Sin" HERE.



After the announcement of their new album ‘Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts’, Autopsy peel back the skin of their new record with a bloodied single, ‘Throatsaw’. The track is whirling dervish of razor sharp riffing and serrated vocals that slice through the mix delivering that signature Autopsy sound.
Regarding the single, Chris Reifert had the following to say:
“For this selection we have decided to cast aside musical acrobatics, high-brow labyrinthian showings off of scales, sweeps and noodlings, lush sonic passages and deep audio journeys rare and untold, egotistical trains of thought and neo-classical wizardry and well…just cut your fuckin’ throat wide open and giggle like cretins while the blood sprays in every direction. Doesn’t that sound like fun, kiddies?”
The single is accompanied by an animated lyric visualizer created by Andrea Mantelli Productions (Facebook / Instagram). WATCH & LISTEN TO “THROATSAW” HERE-


Hot off their North American trek supporting Mastodon and Gojira, Lorna Shore is now giving fans a new video for "Welcome Back, O' Sleeping Dreamer" - the opening track from 2022's groundbreaking Pain Remains. Directed/edited by Eric Richter ( and produced by Paul Henon//Midvessel.

Adam De Micco (guitar) comments: "'Welcome Back O' Sleeping Dreamer' is a song that we feel deserves as much of the light as any other song on 'Pain Remains'. It was a pivotal song in the writing process - it was the song to get the momentum going for the rest of the record. It was the song that we had the most enjoyment writing and I think to this day is probably one of our favorite songs on the record. It's as dark as it is light and it's as intense while not being overbearing. It has become the closest thing to balance as far as our songs are concerned. It is also a song that encapsulates a lot of who we are as a band while being unique from the rest of the songs on 'Pain Remains'.

"Working with Eric was something that we have been wanting to do for some time now. He has always been someone we would reference or were inspired by so it only made sense to do a video with him. It was also a unique experience for us this time because we were in the trenches with him making decisions on everything regarding the video. As an artist you want to see your vision come to light and working with Eric this way, we were able to bring that vision forward."

To coincide with this video launch, new "Welcome Back, O' Sleeping Dreamer"-themed merch, two exclusive Halloween designs and more are also available now at:

Check out "Welcome Back, O' Sleeping Dreamer" here:



German thrash metal legends SODOM released a new video for the single "1982 (Remix)". The song is taken from the upcoming EP '1982' and is also available on all digital platforms HERE.

Tom Angelripper comments on the track: “These days, we’d probably compose those songs differently and arrange them in a more contemporary style. But we see this EP as a little journey back in time to recapture the atmosphere of the early eighties. For us, it’s about remembering those wild years. Back then, people hated bands like Motörhead or Venom. But we didn’t give a shit about their opinion, we wanted to shock and outrage."

That was 41 years ago, but the influence of that formative era still affects the present. That was why Tom and SODOM wrote the track "1982", recalling the band’s first steps both musically and lyrically. Now, you can hear "1982 (Remix)" as well as re-recordings of their early songs "Witching Metal", "Victims Of The Death", "Let’s Fight In The Darkness Of Hell" and "Equinox" immortalized on vinyl, some on CD, for the first time.

Also, as any dynamic, legendary band would, they’ve also scheduled a tour for 2023-24 in the spirit of that early SODOM era. See dates below.

Watch the New Video for "1982 (Remix)" HERE.