My Little Pony Eyewear for Kids and Adults Review!

Hasbro and My Little Pony have been teaming up with numerous companies for quite some time. So much time in fact, that Hasbro has decided to go the eye wear route, that's right, Hasbro has teamed up with an eye glass company, called Nouveau Eyewear. They are the official maker and distributor of RX-able eyewear for Hasbro Inc. Nouveau Eyewear is a dedicated company to offer designs for all lifestyles with innovative features, materials of the highest standard of quality made available.

That said, Nouveau Eyewear went on to send me their My Little Pony eyeglasses, set of 5, featuring the mane 6, that is Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle! Each of the 5 glasses, showcases each pony's personality and style, including their cutie mark, that is known to be located on their flank, expressing what they are meant to do. Hence, each pony having an element of harmony i.e. generosity, honesty, loyalty, magic, laughter, and kindness. But with the glasses, you are given, Rarity with generosity, Applejack with honesty, Twilight with friendship and magic, and Rainbow Dash with loyalty.

The eye glasses themselves are for kids ages 4 and up. Notice the up, any older kid or teen can wear them if not adult even. I myself am a full grown adult, wearing adult glasses 24/7, after receiving these kid glasses, did try them on for review purposes, and while they were a bit snug, they did fit. The frame that goes over the ear didn't reach up and over the ear, but stayed at the front of the ear, so the glasses weren't wearable as the standard adult glasses would be. But they still did fit, just not the proper way, but were comfortable and did look nice to wear. Out of the color options available, there were 2 black's mixed with some purple and blue, as well as a few purple frames and one brown frame. Each one making me look quite stylish in any of these styles for eye wear.

Nouveau Eyewear and Hasbro has done a great job with this team up, and these glasses will surely fly or float off the shelves at your local retailer, Costco. Costco membership is needed to view and purchase glasses for kids ages 4 and up, which retail for $49.99. The glasses are available now and perhaps if the community and fandom of My Little Pony would and can, talk with Nouveau Eyewear about expanding their glasses to the adult market, since there is such a huge following of My Little Pony, this should be a factor of sorts, needed, because we fans love us some ponies!

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