March 2010

If you’re still a little hung over from the giddiness that was St. Patrick’s Day then you probably didn’t miss much on the first night of The Royal Family Clothing Tour, held March 17, 2010 at the famous Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, California.

Opening up the night was none other than Sleeping With Sirens a blend of Drop Dead Gorgeous meets A Skylit Drive combining the vocal attics of A Skylit Drive’s style with the musical effects that is poor constructed of Drop Dead Gorgeous. The set lasted no longer than 20 minutes given taken the constant talking that was discussed throughout most of the set time, the band’s overall performance structure lacked it quality while the sound was just plain overrated.

Following them was one of the two locals, known simply as Black Veil Brides whose dedicated fan base was already in place chanting eagerly “BLACK VEIL BRIDES, BLACK VEIL BRIDES, BLACK VEIL BRIDES” like the broken record that they are, the fans showed the band that they were true blue. That of course being the case once their set begun bringing out the pure emotional concept from beginning to end. Thus included the band draped in their black attire with arms and faces painted with black face paint indicating their resemblance to that of Kiss. As far as the musical portion portrays the Black Veil Brides threw on quite a performance. From Andy Sixx’s growling moments down to the dazzling guitar riffs presented by guitarists Jinxx and Jake, given take letting bass player Ashley have his moment to shine. Not to mention Sandra who beat the living hell out of her drum set, declaring that the Black Veil Brides are indeed the next big thing in metal.

Confide was up next being the second local act to grace the stage for the night. Their set lasting no longer than their previous counter parts, the band made the best of what they can offer, offering more than they bargained for when performing not just one but two new songs from their upcoming untitled release due out in May. The band was pleased with themselves as was the crowd. Confide not only brought on the bouncy giddiness but maintained to keep a high momentum of energy constantly flowing never letting the energy go to waste.