Glam gets wicked with Bratzillaz's Jade J'Adore Review

Glam continues to get ever so wicked with MGA Entertainment's newest line Bratzillaz whom are the cousins of the Bratz. This all new line glams it up with magic taking regular everyday girls and enrolling them into Bratzillaz Academy for "witches". These five besties are through it all and in our previous review of futuristic ghoul Yasmina Clairvoya who foretells the future, this other ghoulfriend heals your broken heart!

Her name is Jade J' Adore she has the powers to heal your broken heart and help you find your one true love. Her magical power is healing broken hearts, witchmark is a heart arrow and her pet is named Kissifuss. While her favorite class is fashion magic and fashion passion is Urban Witchy. The doll itself has white hair, topped with a red hat, with heart shaped red eyes, red lips, red cape, white dress with black stitches, pockets, and a black and white stitched up heart showing her true colors as a very loving ghoul. The accessories included is a doll stand, hair brush in the shape of a broom, with her pet Kissifuss, who is not included but is still a very scary cute pet in red and black.

Jade J' Adore is the one loving and caring ghoul who will be there to always comfort you and your longing broken or loving heart! For fans of Mattel's Monster High, Jakk's Pacific Winx Club, MGA's Bratz.

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