May 2024


CITPYRC is back with a bang! Enigmatique Media House presents a remix that redefines musical genres: "PU$$Y CHASER" by DOTTY ONTAP, in collaboration with GOOST MUSIC. This bold track pushes the boundaries of Punk and Phonk, blending industrial sounds with authentic LO-FI production and catchy hooks.

The remix explores the raw anarchy and gritty sound of Punk and experimental metal, highlighting DOTTY ONTAP's artistic sensitivity as a songwriter and performer. The track stands as a manifesto of Punk's validity in 2024, thanks to the collaboration with CITPYRC, a master of industrial LO-FI Phonk. This union testifies to the artistic evolution of both artists and Enigmatique Media House's commitment to nurturing authentic talent.

CITPYRC continues to push the limits of artistic expression, offering a piece that stands out in the contemporary music landscape. "PU$$Y CHASER" is a symphony of structured chaos, capturing the rebellious essence of Punk while embracing the shadows of industrial Phonk.Check out the single over HERE.


American Sludge Metal band Garguts released their new EP "No Man's Land". The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by James Whitten at "Hightower Recordings".

Check out the EP linked below:

Garguts was formed in September 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana by Dylan Hemard (Guitars), Steve Mignano (Vocals), Sterling Anderson (Bass) and Jon Casteix (Drums) who wanted to create a Sludge/Death Metal band.


Polish Black Metal band Dargor released their new Summoning cover song "Land Of The Dead". The release was mixed and mastered by Adrian Jarosz, promotional graphics were done by Michał 'Xaay' Loranc, and the video was created by Michał Kustra.

Check out the single linked below:

Dargor was formed in 2017 as a one-man project at Krosno, Poland by Michal Kustra. Having a dream about creating music with inspirations from bands like Samael, Ajattara and Dimmu Borgir. In 2018 the band released the first single "Hellfire", and in 2020 Damian Muszyński (bass/vocal) Michał Socha (rhythm guitar) and Maciej Socha (drums) joined the band and the lineup was completed. The band's debut EP "Descent Into Chaos" was released in 2021, and debut album "Ascend to Infinity" in 2022.


American Symphonic/Progressive Metal band Abya released their debut EP "Prayer of Chaos". The release was recorded in "Abya Studio" in Tennessee, and mixed/mastered by Manuel Alvarez.

Check out the EP linked below:

Abya was formed in 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Manuel Alvarez (vocals/guitars), Lisa Mote (keys and vocals), and Wayne Zerr (bass). Undergoing many member changes the project eventually landed on the final line up of Manuel, Lisa, Wayne and their newest addition, Jon Rizzo (drums). After the departure of Wayne and Lisa, the band relocated to Nashville, Tennessee with hopes to create a new start.


German Sludge Metal band White Virgins released their new single "Deep See Thrill" from the band's upcoming debut album "Jungle Justice". The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Soufian Djebbari in "Your Ex Chose Me Studios".

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White Virgins was formed in 2019 in Karlsruhe, Germany by Soufian Djebbari (vocals/guitars/bass) and Jan-Gerke (guitars/bass). In 2020, just a year after their inception, White Virgins unleashed their debut EP, "No Safe Word," upon the world.


American Melodic Heavy/Power Metal band Chalice Of Malice released their debut album "The Pillars of Hercules". The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Young in "Nothingland Studios" in Cleveland, OH.

Check out the debut album linked below:

Chalice Of Malice was formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 2003 by Scott Young (Vocals/Guitars) and Tony Howard (Vocals/Bass) as a side project to explore their interest in Power Metal song crafting, the duo wrote and recorded the demo “The Desert Under the Earth". Today's lineup also consists of Taylor Netzler (Vocals/Guitars) and Chris Hoffman (Drums).


Belgian Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal band PVRS released their new single "That's Allright". The release was recorded at "THE PALE FLAME", and mixed/mastered by Benjamin Matlet.

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PVRS was formed in 2023 by Jean-Pierre Mottin and Twan Landrin. Their music marries soaring melodies with bone-crushing riffs, offering listeners an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional doom metal. Drawing inspiration from bands like Deftones, Sleep Token, and Type O Negative.


Spanish Melodic Death/Black Metal band Sacra released their debut album "Oblivion". The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Gerardo Lumbreras in his home studio.

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Sacra was formed in 2020 in Nájera, Spain after Alberto Sodupe Puras (guitars) and Raúl Ceballos (drums) began exploring the Metal sub-genre of Black-Death. Following changes in the line-up, Rafa joined as the group’s vocalist - offering further stability, soon followed by the group’s bassist, Javipa.


American Thrash Metal band Silvertonguedevil released their new single "Death Eater" featuring Texacutioner DeLaMuerte of "SERPENT PRIEST" from the band's upcoming EP "Conquest of the Inferno". The new single was recorded in "Reeltime Audio Studios", and mixed/mastered by Eric Delegard.

Check out the video linked below:

Silvertonguedevil was formed in 2005 in Dallas Texas and has released three full length albums and two eps under their own label “All Devils Music”. The band consists of Craig Meinhart (vocals), John Tapia (guitars), Brandon Chandler (bass) and Josh Leicht (drums). The first single “Royalty” features a guest solo from guitarist Mike Wilson of thrash band CHEMICAUST.