May 2018

Swedish melodic hard rock band, COLDSPELL, have released a music video for "It Hurts", the track is taken from their latest album, "A New World Arise". The song is a single version (intro shortened) and the video was shot at the Rock City Stockholm Festival in April 28th, capturing the band making a live performance. The video can be viewed here:

NEORHYTHM offer what can only be described as Metal from Space on debut album "Zetetic". Creative in concept and aggressive in approach, "Zetetic" is an interstellar journey that is impossible to forget. The album, which was produced and mixed by Vladimir Lehtinen (SECOND TO SUN), will be released on June 18. Pre-order "Zetetic" and listen to new singles "Golden Mean" and "Dark Matter" at:

Chris Violence an American thrash metal singer, has brand new material, coming in the form of a single and accompanying video titled "In Speed We Trust". The process that went into recording said release, was conducted at the home studios of Jon DuBose (bass and rhythm guitar) in the U.S. with Matheus Manente (drums and lead guitar( in South American and of course Chris Violence himself behind (vocals) out in Italy. So the trio act worked from their base camp's to get this song completed, and the ending results are quite well made.

The audio portion of the track sound crisp and clear cut, whilst the video portion of the track, takes place in outside space! Oh well outer space! Well sort of, the space craft called the CV-FLT1 is set out on a one way mission deep into space. It's mission, being the final chance to seed the galaxy, as it succeeds and saves the human race, or will it end up failing of all the huamnity upon our world, it being extinguished altogether. It's in man's last hope of survival is all, and when watching the video happen, a lot goes on, but only the viewer will see the outcome at hand. Besides the space craft, it does have other elements, showcasing the trio band handling the craft as it travels across the galaxy, while other moments has them performing the song, loud and proud!

Overall really, the video and the song as a whole, really stand out for Chirs Violence. His work is seen as well as heard, as being thrash metal at its finest of possibilities, being loud, heavy duty, and just raw in all areas of conception. If metal whether that'd be thrash or otherwise, surely Chris Violence will take you in, delivering to you a piece of quality perfection, that is deep yet intense too.

The Las Vegas-based doom metal quartet DEMON LUNG – who Pitchfork says "harken back to the arching lurch of classic Candlemass and the distortion-caked tones of Electric Wizard" – have released a lyric video for their haunting and powerful rendition of the Danzig classic "How The Gods Kill." The video can be seen at this location -

Upon the first mere minutes of "Destined to Fall" from Stepping Sideways, off their debut EP "Harbinger" brought to immediate notice of Sevendust crossed with Killswitch Engage mixed in with Light the Torch. That is the precise depiction of how Stepping Sideways sound is a lot like, on this track and the entirety of the EP as a whole for that matter.

While the track is indeed lengthy at close to 5 minutes, but clocking in at around 4 minutes, it makes the time worth it. Listening to the melodies of the vocal chords, mixed in with the instrumentation makes it all worth wild. Whereas the material as a whole circular format, makes the track come circular really. Everything working together, allows for the track to build itself. Making the works of the guitar, drums, and bass structure be well thought out, let alone put together as well. The work just sounds very crisp, clean cut, yet raw and aggressive to. It sounds modernized to a tee amount of effect, making it be very grounded yet solid.

All it took was just Stepping Sideways to look for other instances of other acts, blending their out sources, into their own formula, to create what they have done, with this track and its accompanying EP. When listening in to this track countless times over, it began to come more original with creativity and craft, being outright stunning of quality. Truly in short, purely flawless even.

Stepping Sideways has taken the genre of rock music, with a side of metal, making it finer yet confining, that any music listener, alike, will find themselves, be drawn to this source of work, listening to over and over, with no will of ease of turning it off, but turning it all the way up!

This past Spring, Brother Jon Band had released a single titled "Bobby's Blues" to an array of responses from all. Now that another season is upon them and us alike, summer time, Brother Jon Band has gone on to release another single this one entitled "Be On Time", from their debut album "Open Jam".

Now that previous single "Bobby's Blues", had come from this same album "Open Jam", but unlike "Be On Time", which opens the album, "Bobby's Blues", was a follow through track, from this other number. In any case though, both tracks, end up allowing for the Brother Jon Band to branch out, being unique yet original in their own style, making it fun all over.

In terms of "Be On Time", as an opener, it does get the ball rolling around, for this "Open Jam" release. It is very light weight, entertaining, with lots of flare and fun going for it. The instrumentals become catchy to the ear, as the vocalization is suiting for the material. The vocal chords, are pretty much just present, they add not much else to the music, just provide the sway of the music. This not being bad or good, but more or less, just a stable source of all that is happening with this track. In other words, the vocals and instruments work together, making the track stand alone, while keeping themselves occupied yet fulfilling as well.

The track is also quite lengthy as it clocks in at around 4 minutes, making the tune drag on just a bit too long at times. It still does not lack in quality, just would have been slightly better if having this track run at around 2 to 3 minutes in length-wise. Other than that, though, the track is fun yet decent to.

Not much else to be said or had about Brother Jon Band and this single of a track called "Be On Time". The entirety of the album, that this track and it's other single comes off from, make this band rise up, getting noticed,  for their works such as these found here.

If none know of who this country blues act is, then likely from here on out, they will in due time. Brother Jon Band being an act to follow, that will not disappoint, but will offer a variety of country, blues, and rock music, on their own doing so.

Dark synth/darkwave artists The Russian White announce the tour dates for their upcoming East Coast USA tour.

Vocalist/Composer Tom Rhymer had this to say about some things that will encompass this tour. "I’m really excited for this tour because we are hitting some new areas and road testing some new songs. People will get a sneak peak at the new album The Haunted Beach which is a more developed sound compared to our debut. We took the things that really worked on the first album and started to incorporate those elements on THB. For those that have seen us before i think this tour really captures who we are as a band. We are diving into all our influences and bringing sounds we love into our music without forgetting who we are. I also feel like on this upcoming tour we are really trying to step up our stage production with our light show. We are trying to create an atmosphere that compliments and is on par with our musical production. Soundvvitch from NY will be setting the mood with her electrical violin cascading over the room. It’s awesome to have them on board with us."

The Russian White's tour starts June 14th in Charlottesville, Virgina. Here are the full tour dates below.


6/14 Charlottesville, VA @Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
6/15 Lancaster, PA @Lizard Lounge
6/16 Roanoke, VA @Coffe Pot
6/17 Richmond, VA @Fallout
6/18 Lexington, NC @Bull City Ciderworks
6/20 Norfolk, VA @37th and Zen
6/21 Boonton, NJ @Boon Tunes
6/22 Baltimore, MD @Baltimore Free Farm
6/23 Brockton, MA @Brockton War Memorial
6/24 Pawtucket, RI @News Cafe

Rooney is excited to announce A Cosmic Interlude Tour 2018. The tour will see the band founded and helmed by Robert Schwartzman playing dates across North America this August and September with special guest Mating Ritual. Check out the dates below.



18 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah
19 - San Francisco, CA - August Hall
21 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
22 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
24 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
25 - Denver, CO - Levitt Pavilion
26 - Santa Fe, NM - Meow Wolf
28 - Phoenix, AZ - Rebel Lounge
29 - Las Vegas, NV - The Bunkhouse
30 - Los Angeles, CA - The Regent


13 - Kansas City, MO - Recordbar
14 - St. Paul, MN - Turf Club
15 - Davenport, IA - Daytrottter
16 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
18 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace
19 - Albany, NY - The Hollow
20 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl
21 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
22 - Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel

Melodic progressive groove metal act NORÐ have an all new album in the works, with shows to follow, with even more shows closing out this year. The band talks even more about their latest releases and themselves as well.

1. First of all, please introduce your band and band members to our readers.

We are NORÐ from Denmark and we play melodic progressive groove metal. The members are Bjarne Broggard Matthiesen – vocals, Niels Thybæk-Hansen – guitar, Thomas Bøgh Jensen – guitar, Peter Littau – bass and Rune Kolsbjerg Hansen – drums.

2. Can you disclose the details of how the band came to be who they are and why did it happen?

NORÐ was formed in 2013 in Odense, Denmark by guitarist Niels Thybæk-Hansen. The original members came from both Denmark, Faroe Islands and Iceland. The ambition was to create heavy music with a nordic feeling combining dreamy soundscapes, tight riffing and headbanger breakdowns.

Within a year the first set was written and the band started playing live gigs. The crowd really embraced the music from the very beginning and recorded material was in demand. In 2016 the recording of the debut EP "Alpha" began at Molten Rock Studio in Odense with Jesper Egeskov Sommerby. By the time the single "Rosehip Garden" hit the internet around Christmas 2016, there was immediate international interest and the single received airplay in the United States, Australia, Spain and other countries. The band was contacted by Inverse Records from Finland who wanted to release the EP in March 2017. The EP was released and the band has been playing around 20 live gigs since then.

Today the line up consists of purely Danish members since the original singer and drummer have been replaced. The band is now a strong and efficient unit and we are like brothers.

3. Would you say that there is a special story behind the band's title NORÐ?

Our first singer, Zigorion, is from Iceland and he came up with the name because it fit the band consisting of members from several Nordic countries. In addition the name is short and easy to remember. The Ð is from the Faroese and Icelandic alphabet and the band name it is pronounced [noɒ].

4. What types of music does the band actually play?

Our style of music is a mixture of several different metal styles. We often describe it as melodic progressive groove metal.

5. What inspires your music?

We are influenced by bands like Lamb of God, Iron Maiden, At The Gates, Gojira, Pantera, Megadeth, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd and many more.

6. What do the lyrics talk about, how does the lyrical writing occur?

It’s important to us that the lyrics are both poetic and meaningful. We wish to discuss subjects that are common to human beings in general – that’s far more interesting than hearing about one person’s love life or whatever. The actual writing process starts out with Bjarne coming up with vocal rhythms and melodies. He then writes down how many syllables he wants in each line, and Niels writes the lyrics based on these guidelines. Quite an unorthodox method, but very efficient. Our lyrics deal with the decadence of the human race. We are interested in the psychology of the human mind and the impact it has on the world. You might say that some of our lyrics are quite dystopic. We focus on subjects like modern warfare, terrorism, greed, carelessness, love, justice, the endless information stream and some future where human beings are no longer the superior species on this planet. So, you might also say that our lyrics are pretty political.

7. What have you released thus far, that you would like to discuss?

We have released the EP "Alpha" on Inverse Records in 2017. It’s a groovy and heavy piece with melancholy and brutality combined.

8. Do you have any new music in the works?

In 2018 we’re appearing on the Danish metal compilation "Hell Comes Around III" with the single "The Run". We’re currently working on a music video for the track and after that we’re heading for the studio to record our first full length album. We expect to release it in 2019.

9. What are the plans in-store for the rest of this year?

So far this year we’ve already played several great live gigs including support for Hamferð and THEORY. In September we’re playing in Copenhagen and Roskilde before heading on tour to support the "Hell Comes Around III" compilation. And of course, we’re going to prepare for the studio and hopefully start recording in the fall of 2018.

10. Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers?

To our fans and readers of this magazine we wish to say thank you for your interest in NORÐ. We hope you’ll all go and check out our music and just stay metal!

DEVILDRIVER is pleased to reveal the fourth video in a series of interview commentary videos supporting the release of Outlaws 'Til The End: Vol. 1. The fourth segment, entitled "The Lyrics", features members of DEVILDRIVER and album guests Randy Blythe of Lamb of God, Hank3, Wednesday 13, and Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory discussing the roots, reality, and rawness of outlaw country lyrics and how their performances on the album brought new life to the content. Check it out HERE.

Country music go getter artist WILL THOMAS REED has released his latest single "Home Is Where the Bar Is", off his upcoming EP "To Whom It May Concern" out this summer! Thomas himself discusses the EP, single, and just how much is a lot of things according to him, that has has and wants to do!

1. You recently released your new single "Home Is Where the Bar Is", where did you find the inspiration for the track?

So the story behind "Home Is Where The Bar Is" is a fun one. Sure, its a play on the cute catchphrase "home is where the heart is" but I literally lived in the rafters of a bar for some time! I was in one of my longest "Starving Artist" phases, making little to no money and couldn't afford my rent. That's when a dear friend of mine who also owned a bar that I played on the semi-regular, offered for me to live in the spot above the bar. It was an old historic 1800's building with these really tall ceilings with big wide rafters that allowed for me to slide a 4x8 piece of plywood over the rafters and then lay a mattress on top of that. I had a big 12-foot paint ladder that I had to crawl up every night to get to my bed and the way I paid rent was by playing a show or 2 a month at the bar! So home was literally where the bar was. And everyone has that place or "bar" where you walk in and everyone knows you and the bartender have your choice beverage waiting for you in a cold glass.

2. What would you say the track means to you?

This Track really is just all about having a good time and remembering where you came from. It's tipping my hat to those honky Tonks and Roadhouses I grew up playing music in and drinking in. Cheers, now I need a drink!

3. Will this particular track receive an accompanying music video, or just remain a stand alone single?

This track will have a video coming out for it this be announced.

4. How has the responses to the track been going?

This track has been getting great response and feedback. It's just a fun party tune.

5. The track comes off your upcoming EP "To Whom It May Concern" - how would you describe the EP?

The EP "to whom it may concern..." is a collection of 5 tunes that are experiences that either I or someone close to me has experienced. Its almost a journal of the past couple years of my life of the more impactful events, or moments that stuck out to me as a story worthy.

6. Do you have a favorite song or lyric off of the upcoming EP? If so, what is it and why?

Favorite lyric from the upcoming would have to be from the song "I'm sure its all this back and forth, but you keep eyeing that front door, fast as shootin' 100 proof". I think that sums up that relationship, she's ready to dip out pronto.

7. After the EP gets it's release, have anything planned, tour, shows, music videos, etc.

There are lots of things in the works this year and lots of irons in different fires. Certainly lots of shows and tours and working on new tunes already for the next record.

8. Would you like to say or add anything more?

Everyone keep supporting local music and original music. The fans are what keeps the dream alive and allow us musicians to keep creating new music! Thanks so much for taking the time to have me!

Not only rock for the lead singer Tracy Grave. Tracy, very sensible to the animal’s protection and shelter, supports the cause of Francesca Lù, against the pet’s abandonment and to her cause to feed the feline colonies she deals with.

Francesca Lù, art director and illustrator, cats are her favorite subjects. For years she has been dealing with feline colonies, providing for the maintenance, sterilization and treatment of a group of cats on the Roman territory.

The proceeds of this campaign will be entirely dedicated to the feline colonies of her territory.
Francesca wanted to represent the pets in a happy moment, while embracing big cushions, a big heart. That's how we want to see pets, always happy.

DO NOT ABANDON PETS! They give you so much love by asking so little.

You can buy Francesca Lù t-shirts:

Francesca Lù Official Facebook page


New Hampshire's BEGAT THE NEPHILIM have revealed their new song "Fervor For Flesh" at Toilet ov Hell. The track is taken from their upcoming album "Begat the Nephilim I: The Surreptitious Prophecy / Mother of the Blasphemy" which will be released in June of this year. Listen to the song here: