Joshua Ketchmark - 17

Yet another individual whose life plays a role in their career especially music-wise. This be the case and point for Joshua Ketchmark. His latest EP "Under Plastic Stars", showcases a track that truly and really gets you emotionally. That track being titled "17", with it coming an accompanying video, performance based of Joshua showing his talents best.

This track going off into details about what else, a relationship and love, like as many other artists and bands as well, go into great detail most of the time, upon their music. Joshua's track "17", is very much the same deal. The track expressing his loss of love with his partner, they apparently passing on, as he embraces the loss, but finds it hard at times, but still confides in himself that all will be okay.

The track plays off as an acoustic one, using jus the guitar with some soothing vocals performed by a female, with Joshua's vocal chords being present front and center. Together the two vocal chords play off one another rather nicely, making the song more or less decent quality. His style of vocalization is very unique and catching, but also like many other vocalists within the artist spectrum, is very familiar and similar as well.  Like how he sings brings to mind many other styles out there, ranging from Jason Mraz, Passenger, or Ed Sheeran.

In the terms of the music, again that would have to go to the trio mentioned just now, Joshua's style is very much like theirs which is nice. As said quite decent, in other words of expression, his music especially this track here, is one that is catching yet very feeling friendly. It being emotionally driven with the lyrical context, whilst the melody portions keep it mellow yet comforting. Surely to be a track that can be heard at any given time, place, or moment in reach. That is how this guy creates and crafts his music, yet it works so well for him and so in his favor as well.

"17", from the EP "Under Plastic Stars", is a track of sorts, that is very out there. As the rest of the material off the EP, being forward yet well rounded at times as well. It not being a bad or good thing but a thing nonetheless. His words of art is music served best as possible, his ways with his art being able to take his talents of mood and elements on another matter that will suck you in at all costs.

Simply how this track called "17", works out. An emotional number, that speaks to the heart and soul that is you, the listener really taking you into the realm of how Joshua is feeling. His matter of instrumental character and singer just being there to complete it. Otherwise there is not anymore to be had or said of this youngster called Joshua Ketchmark. He is a man of his word, and ways of expressing oneself as he does best.

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