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THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER are set to release their brand new DVD next month! "Fool 'Em All" is the band's second DVD and follows up their immensely popular "Majesty" DVD. Once again, director Robbie Tassaro captured the band on tour for another installment of absurdity and hilarity! This time around, put on your 3D glasses (included in the package!) to experience the band in stereoscopic 3D in select scenes throughout the DVD. "Fool 'Em All" is scheduled for release on May 23rd in Europe. Fans can pre-order a copy and stream the brand new trailer at
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 Metal hardcore act My Revengence, is a 5-piece who's dealt with various band changes through the years, played some shows on and off, and are finally down to recording some material and continuing with their current line-up, while there has been some mishaps along the way these guys are determined to get the word out about themselves for all to hear. They all in fact got together to discuss their tireless little journey and just how far along they have come.

 1. What type of band are you?

Dewey says a bad ass one! Eric add's hardcore metal while Bo and Ray say it's a touch of progressive revenge-core! Matt says it's a little of everything but mostly hardcore metal.

2. Tell us a brief history of the band.

Matt says The band was started with three people, Raymond Surratt, and Matthew Eanes and also Trent Manning. They practiced in the basement of a church. We played two shows and the drummer was fired. Raymond left the band to finish school. Then John Coulson, Garrett Ingle, Mike Patterson, all three lasted only two months, then there was Matthew left.

  Then after eight months of cycling out members, John Mattingly played drums for three shows then left for the army. Finally we found someone me, then found Ray Milton, John Meeks, Eric Hale, and Dewey Milton, these members to this day remain true blue. Except for Ray Milton who had to quit due to job issues then Raymond Surrat came back after finishing school.

The current members have played shows for almost a year. We have done small recordings and started a Facebook page and we're ready to create studio recordings from now on.

3. Why did you want your band to be a five piece act?

Two guitarists, bassist, drummer, vocalist, and synth, sounded like a great mix to us. But it's been hard finding a dedicated synth player.

4. Where did the bands name "My Revengence" come from and mean for the band?

It came from an idea of taking vengeance twice, and it means to Ray Eric "Taking vengeance for yourself from issues of the past.

Matt says For me its like I've been in many bands and so far all of them but this one have failed, because
undedicated members, and a lot of people keep telling me I will never make it as a musician, I wont make it, I'm not good enough, and every show I play, the closer I get, to making it big, is another way of telling all of them Fuck You!

Bo " Dewey " says I don't know much about vengeance but it means family to me.

5. Who are your musical and non musical influences?

Non-musical, Eric says Luna Hale *daughter* desiring to escape Virginia and I am a fan of Bo, pussy, pot, and boobs make me smile.

Ray says My dad, brother, and I'm a fan of Bo's Dewey, my uncle Ray, family, dogs, and I'm a fan of Bo.

Matt says My son Corbin Eanes, my wife Amber Eanes, The Crow's Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee, oh and I'm a fan of Bo.

Musical influences would be Swift, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Whitechapel, Gwar, Suicide Silence, Killswitch Engage, Pig Destroyer, ICP. Pantera, Rings of Saturn, As I lay Dying, Born of Osiris, Animals As Leaders, Anisokay, and Dream Theater.

6. What are your songs about, what themes do they cover?

Sadistic realities of life, a little humor, and some dark tragedy with some very iconic epic heroic themes.

7. Do you write your own songs?

Bo says "We all just start with music and try to come up with an idea for a theme. Then we try to fit the vocals to fit the tone for a song, whether it'd be dark or melodic."

8: When can we expect to see an EP or full length release from you guys?

Hopefully this summer, we are in the studio currently, so keep up with us on our social media pages for a release date.

9. Are you guys unsigned or signed to a label?

Well no we're not actually signed but we should be damnit! We have our own booking group though who helps us and other bands in the area out which does make a difference and helps a lot.

10. What are our dreams and goals?

To make it BIG! Get out of this bullshit town, proving to people how wrong they were about us then kill them all for it with the love of our music and show creativity.

11. How do you promote your band in shows?

We have a booking group that helps other bands and us, we also mix in the fans, social media, friends and family with a lot of word of the mouth. Nowadays venues do not advertise shit for bands it's all for the band to do, to get the word out!

12. Describe your shows, visually, and musically for us.

Dewey says "Matt won't let us have visuals". We have a ton of fucking energy mixed with juagerbombs, synchronized bouncing, the more you see us the more crazier we get and our fans get too. Everyone in the band tries to be as professional as we can without loosing the fun in it!

13: What are the future plans for you guys?

To continue to rock this shit like never before, get some bad ass records made and hopefully a label will sign us! We'll then do some tours across the U.S. and outside of the U.S. For everyone to stay a family, Bo wouldn't have to take it off, she would find a way to take it off!

14. Anything else you would like to say.

We are fans of Bo! Do not understand what that means, just go to a show, listen to us, find out we are still kicking ass and are number 1! In our area of Martinsville Vawe and from around the world we would really like the fans to help with promoting as much as possible. We're also getting merch ready for purchase so keep your fucking eyes and ears peeled! Don't forget to check us out on our Facebook page
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BabyMetal everyone still may not know what this is or who they are but BabyMetal is actually a band, a trip that has fused together the Japanese idol music and metal together to create their own unique style of music. It's worked well for them thus far but some fans still take this as not being metal whatsoever. However you look or listen to it, these girls have released singles, videos, and their first full-length self-titled debut, combining of those singles and some new tracks too.

Now if you've seen the videos, heard the singles, and even had a chance to see them live in-person or via their live concert DVD "Live ~Legend I, D, Z Apocalypse~" you can already guess what to expect and this release is a copycat of the concert DVD. It features the same setlist they use in their performance.  BabyMetal's style is as said before, unique in its own way, the pop aspect is like other Japanese styles, but again they bring the metal appeal, making it more "out there" it's heavy, catchy, has the riffs, solos, just everything you would expect metal to be. Some of those notable songs has to be the obvious "Megitsune", "Head Bangya!!", and "Ijime Dame Zettai", other's include "Catch Me If You Can", "Doki Doki Morning", "4no Uta", and "Uki Uki Midnight".

BabyMetal is one of those bands that's truly interesting, has a concept that the band can stick to, and you just have to listen to it to understand it. It's one of those releases you won't regret in listening too because it has you wanting to hear it again and again because it's hard to resist.
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Mainman Tom Gabriel formerly of Celtic Frost decided to continue his career with making music and established Triptykon. Since its formation their second full-length album "Melana Chasmata" is upon them and this release takes their musical approach down an interesting route.

A nightmarish journey some could call it, really opens up on this album with such songs as the opener and follower "Tree Of Suffocating Souls", and "Boleskine House" both pulsing out some really dark and eerie beats and vocal chords that really sets the scene for this eerily presents. The guitar and drum work is done quite well  so well in fact it keeps a stable tone throughout the album with other noted songs like "Breathing", "Demon Pack", and "In The Sleep Of Death", all of which consists of black metal crossed with doom metal meets extreme metal with some thrash metal in between, really makes a combination here, making this band and this release rather unique on a number of levels.

Triptykon has made an album that is really out there and stunning that it's heavy yet soothing if not even beautiful at times, making this release one that for a listener that has not heard these guys before, makes you rather enjoy it at any way you hear it.
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Three piece rock act Divot has released a new EP they like to call "The Shape The Mold" featuring the hit single "Downer". These guys take influence from Tool, Deftones, and Linkin Park combining their own melodic vocals, heavy guitar riffs and hard hitting drum grooves that just brings everything together. On this release the hit single "Downer" along with other songs "One Up", and "Stay" really as the title says shapes the mold of sound and the style that these guys are pushing for here.  It's really hard hitting aggression with smooth hitting melodies that captures that essence of the music, the lyrics and instrumentals really pick at each other, making it work and work well enough that it sticks from beginning to end. Divot is an act that can handle a sense of style and work at it, pushing it to the limits of success and that is what has been done upon "The Shape The Mold". 
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Alternative Press has teamed up with THE BUNNY THE BEAR to premiere the video for “Skyscrapers”.
Check out the video HERE.
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Finnish female-fronted metal group My Reflection released their new single "This World Belongs To Us (Tonight)" with a video to accompany it. The single was released in cooperation with Inverse Records and includes songs "This World Belongs To Us (Tonight)" and "Walk".

“We focus more on how to convey a story through our music”, said Jenni Räikkönen, vocalist of My Reflection. “It has been exciting to play new music live, especially when the audience has responded so well to the new songs.”

Check out the video HERE.

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Toronto metalcore band Loyalist has premiered their brand new music video, titled “Taken From.” The song comes from the bands debut EP, “Train Tracks” which was released spring of last year. The five piece group has their eyes set on very busy summer with touring and entering the studio for the second EP that will be released later this year.

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Aenimus is proud to release their debut music video for "The Awakening." This is their first music video from their first full length album Transcend Reality. "The Awakening" was directed by their guitarist, Sean Swafford. The guitarist/director Sean Swafford elaborates on the video: "I am extremely excited to show what we have been working on for a long time. This was definitely a group effort and I'd like to thank all the friends and family that helped make this possible. I'd like to also thank my fellow band mates for putting their trust in me." The record is currently available via Bandcamp at

Check out their video;

Aenimus is also going back on the road this Spring on the Breaking Rad tour with Sacramento's Lifeforms for the first half and then they are touring with Bermuda, Aechoes, and Aethere for the second half. The dates are listed below.


Lifeforms and Aenimus:

4/16 Wed DNA Lounge San Francisco (Only Aenimus)
4/17 Thurs The Boardwalk Sacramento, CA
4/18 Fri Southern Nevada Sports Centre Las Vegas, NV
4/19 Sat The Nile Theater Phoenix, AZ
4/20 Sun The Gasworks Albuquerque, NM
4/21 Mon The Dirty Dog Bar Austin, TX
4/22 Tue The White Rabbit San Antonio, TX
4/23 Wed Walters Houston, TX
4/24 Thurs The Center Stage Lake Charles, LA
4/25 Fri Tomcats West Fortworth TX
4/26 Sat Dream Center Las Cruces, NM
4/27 Sun The Spot El Paso, TX

Bermuda, Aenimus, Aechoes, and Aethere:

5/01 Thurs The Soma San Diego CA
5/02 Fri Rock Faith Pomona, CA
5/03 Sat Jerry's Pizza Bakersfield, CA
5/04 Sun The Rock Shop San Jose, CA
5/05 Mon Duffy’s Hanger Salem, OR (No Aethere)
5/06 Tues Studio 7 Seattle WA (No Aethere)
5/07 Wed The Hop Spokane, WA (No Aethere)
5/08 Thurs The Branx Portland, OR (No Aethere)
5/09 Fri D St. Community Center Arcata, CA (No Aethere)
5/10 Sat The Phoenix Petaluma, CA
5/11 Sun Cobalt Cafe, Canoga Park CA (No Aethere)
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All-female J-Rock band Gacharic Spin treated fans to an early performance of their new song "Winner" at Pittsburgh's Tekko 2014 in front of an audience of over 1200 people.

With the release of their new album Winner just a few days away from the concert, the 6-member band performed a high energy, hour-long set on April 5 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, including "Sayonara Cherry" (from their recent single Boku Dake No Cinderella) and a playful, costumed performance of "Beauty and the Beast", Gacharic Spin's contribution to the Disney Rocks!!! Girls Power! compilation album.

Gacharic Spin brought their trademark theatrics for the Pittsburgh fans including bright costumes, neon accessories, a flame-colored banner held behind F-Chopper Koga's bass solo, and non-stop choreography from dancers Mai and Arisa.

Drummer Hana handled the majority of the concert's vocals, pounding the kit with her signature blue Tama drum sticks. Keyboard player and vocalist Oreo Reona jumped off the stage to give a surprise greeting to the front row, and guitarist Tomo-zo shredded through hits "Juicy Beats" and "Lock On!".

Gacharic Spin filled up the weekend with a fan Q&A, two autograph sessions, and a private live show at Pittsburgh's Hard Rock Cafe on April 6.

Gacharic Spin

Tekko 2014 at David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Set List:

1. Never say never
3. Beauty and the Beast
9. Lock On!

1. I’m Sexy 〜 GS Gacha2012
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Hasbro's My Little Pony's Equestria Girls series Rainbow Rocks has been releasing prequel shorts this is the third in the series entitled "Hamstocalypse Now" check it out HERE. Four more shorts will be released and the book tied to the shorts and the prequel storyline to the movie is out now with the movie due out this fall!
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J-Pop female vocal duo YANAKIKU revealed the eye-popping music video for their new single "FUJIYAMA DISCO" this week, scoring over 20,000 views in the first few days of release. The song was written by the rising star Kimo-Cos (Kimono Cosplay) vocalists to inspire appreciation of Mount Fuji's beauty, hoping fans will visit Japan to see Fujiyama for themselves.

With Harajuku-inspired fashion and catchy dance beats, YANAKIKU has built up a strong following among Japanese music and fashion fans this year after appearances at Hyper Japan (London) and TIFFCOM 2013 (Japan). They recently performed at Tokyo Dome's Furusato Matsuri and the special "New Year Event with Japanese Artists 2014" live show in Korea.

Check out the video here;
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