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Metalcore 5-piece MASSiVE was founded in late 2012 by Craig and Anthony, who were initially starting a pop-rock group until they made the decision to go back to their roots in hardcore. Joey was then invited to audition for the band, as they were familiar with him and his vocals from the local music scene. The trio wrote several songs together, which eventually got the attention of several producers and management companies. Not more than a year later, Rob and Emmett joined MASSiVE as the last and final additions to the group. By blending elements of thrashy metalcore with the high-energy of nu-metal and progressive rock, the band set out to create their own sound, unique among the rest. MASSiVE grabbed the attention of producer Joey Sturgis in the Fall of 2013, who then worked with them on several songs at 37 Studios in Detroit, MI. The band is currently working with director Sam Link on a series of music videos to be released Fall/Winter 2014, with new music in the works, shows, and touring and much more all lined-up! Frontman vocalist Rob Ulshafer, guitarist Craig Johns Jr. and bassist/vocalist Joey Scott DeVito, discussed ths band's latest single, video, and musical abilities.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Craig: Anthony and I first started the band in 2012. We had been doing metal for a while and thought we’d change it up and start a pop-rock band to see where that’d take us, but we ended up coming back to metal. It’s where our hearts are at. Rob and Emmett had been in previous bands with us, not to mention our best friends for years, so their additions to the group were effortless. I mean, I've known Rob since freshmen year of high school, and Emmett used to live with me and my family. We knew Joey from the local scene. He had played some shows with us before, so we were familiar with him and his singing. He fit right in, it was perfect.

2. Why did you pick the name that you did for your band?

Rob: We chose the name "MASSiVE" because we feel it really describes us sonically, as well as our message as a band.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Craig: We’re based out of Nanuet, NY. That’s where Anthony and I live. Emmett’s about 5 minutes into the next town over, and Rob and Joey are less than an hour away. When we were kids there was a lot more of a scene than there is now but most people went away to college or whatever, so nowadays it’s really at a minimum.

Joey: Well, I'm from the little old town of Warwick NY.  The scene was pretty cool for a while, there were some pretty good metal shows every now & then. Now it's all folky bands, which is pretty sweet actually!

4. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?

Joey: Fast, thrashy, and "loud" as my parents would say! I can't really put my finger on any specific bands that influenced our music. We all listen to a bunch of different genres.

Craig: To be honest, our style of music comes very naturally to us. When I’m writing a song, it’s not really about writing like this, or sounding like that. We just write what we want and how we feel. When I was a little kid, I was really into Slipknot and Linkin Park, so I guess you can hear that in the music. We have very hectic, fast, thrashy parts, but we also have those big, smooth choruses.

5. What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media?

Rob: In our earlier days we put out a couple of demos, which were actually what got the attention of Joey Sturgis. Our most recent release being our video/single "Still Alive" which has received some pretty good feedback on the internet.

6. Do you play live as well? What do you have planned in terms of shows and touring, if any?

Rob: We played a few shows before settling down to write for the studio. One of them being a festival called "November Reign" which featured acts like Asking Alexandria, All That Remains, Emmure, and Atilla, to name a few.

Craig: I think I can speak for the whole band when I say we do this, all of the writing, recording, filming, promoting, all of that, just to perform live. It’s what we dream about, it’s what we talk about, it’s what we practice for. There’s nothing like it in the world. Right now we’re so busy with new material, promoting, and preparing for future releases, that it’s hard to book shows. Hopefully soon though!

7. What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?

Joey: Well for me to get into a band, something really has to "wow" me... Otherwise, it's just another band that plays cool songs. I feel that our whole sound, performance, image is everything you'd want to see/hear from a band you just found out about. Our shows are going to be killer, man.

Rob: If there's anything I would say people should know about us it's that we're driven by a purpose as a band to leave an impact on others, and make a positive change in an increasingly negative world.

8. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

Rob: We're currently preparing for another video release as well as getting ready to get back out there and play some more shows.

Craig: Yeah, I can’t wait to start playing live again. Other than that, we've been writing a full length, so we’ll see where that goes!

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Joey: You can pretty much just type "MASSiVE Still Alive" in anywhere and it'll come up. Nothing to buy just yet! You can download our single for free on our Facebook or Soundcloud.

10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

Rob: We've put so much of ourselves into this music, and this idea that we've given our hearts to as a group. If listeners could feel the passion in that, I’d like them to remember that.

Joey: All we want is for people to understand the message we put out there through our songs. Some people really need to hear what we're saying. So, I guess what I'd like for them to remember the most would be the feeling they get when they realize "wait... I think like that too" or "wow maybe I'm not crazy".
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Maryland’s When Cities Sleep are extremely excited to announce that the EDM infused post-hardcore outfit has signed with Indianola Records. The band joins current label mates Provoke Destroy, Scream Out Loud, and Words Like Daggers along with acclaimed alum A Day To Remember, Across Five Aprils, Evergreen Terrace, Honour Crest, Life In Your Way, Oh Mahattan and This Day Will Tell. It has also been announced that their label debut will be entitled What Lies Lay Between Us and released November 18th with vocalist Mike Garrow commenting, “This album was something we put our whole hearts into. Through the songs, you will definitely be able to feel a piece of all of us, this is what we believe in and no one can take it away. From our electronic programming to our heaviest roots we hope you enjoy every last bit of what we have put together.”

Under The Gun is exclusively premiering the lead single, entitled “Dead Tires,” off the album beginning today. Mike commented on the single, which can be heard HERE, by saying, “The single is a perfect combination of fast paced high energy electronic hardcore music that will keep you on your feet and guessing as to what is to come next. It's the perfect balance of what our album has to offer, and you can also feel there might be some surprises here and there due to the new style trap program beats.” The band is expected to tour through the fall and winter.


1. Dead Tires
 2. Two Faced
 3. So Here's To This
 4. Life And Lies
 5. Size Zero Two
 6. What Lies Lay Between Us (Feat Shawn Spann of I The Breather)
 7. Daydreamer
 8. Letters For You
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Irish modern thrashers DEAD LABEL are back with a vengeance this fall – announcing a brand new album, Throne Of Bones, and kicking off a full U.S. tour!

The band’s new album, Throne Of Bones, is set to hit stores via Nuerra Records in early 2015. Tracking for the album was just completed at EastWest Studios and Sonora Recorder’s in southern California. Throne Of Bones is produced by Michael Phelan with co-production from Chris Rakestraw (Danzig, Parkway Drive, Bring Me The Horizon/also credited as head engineer) and DEAD LABEL. The album is set for mixing by Ben Grosse (Disturbed, Slipknot, Filter) at The Mix Room in Burbank, CA.

The first single, ‘Salvation in Sacrifice’, will be released to radio soon!

“I may be biased here, but this album is the best thing we have put down,” states singer Dan O’Grady. “I feel like this is the first real DEAD LABEL album, something that is starting to sculpt our sound. Everyone, from the band to the production team, has gone above and beyond the call of duty and I personally want to thank everyone for their dedication to this project. I think with this record we have created a mile stone that will withstand the test of time. You cannot hide a good record and this is exactly that. I’m so proud of what we have created and I cannot wait to share it with the world.”


1. Throne of Bones
2. Salvation in Sacrifice
3. Exhume The Venom
4. The Birth of Suffering
5. The Cleansing
6. Ominous
7. Void
8. The Gates of Hell

In addition to their album announcement, DEAD LABEL will kick off a full U.S. tour beginning this Friday, October 3rd in San Diego at The Merrow. The tour continues through mid-November, coming to a close in Colorado Springs, CO at Sunshine Studios. See below for a full listing of tour dates!


10/3 The Merrow, San Diego, CA 
10/7 Complex, Glendale, CA                           
10/8 Billy O’s, Ventura, CA                           
10/9 Eli’s Mile High Club, Oakland, CA                       
10/10 Wandering Goat, Eugene OR                           
10/13 El Corazon, Seattle, WA                          
10/15 Shredder, Boise, ID                             
10/17 Hall of Champions, Casper, WY                           
10/18 Seventh Circle Music Collective, Denver, CO                           
10/20 Rogue Bar, Scottsdale, AZ                      
10/21 The Dive Bar, Las Vegas, NV                      
10/25 Animal House, Frankfort, IN
10/27 The Bug Jug, Rochester, NY
10/28 Sammy’s Patio, Boston, MA
10/29 O’Brien’s Pub, Allston, MA
11/1 The Haven, Orlando, FL
11/3 Diamond Jim’s Saloon, Arlington, TX
11/7 Stages, Texarkana, TX
11/8 Levee, Longview, TX
11/9 Private Birthday Party, Marshall, TX
11/13 Malarky’s, Albuquerque, NM
11/14 The Wreck Room, Amarillo, TX
11/15 Sunshine Studios, Colorado Springs, CO

“We are so excited to get out on the road in the US for the first time,” adds singer Dan O’Grady. “We are a live band, always have been. From day one it’s been what we enjoy most about being in a band, and on the road is where we truly shine. We cannot wait to share our music with the American people. See you on the road!”
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Memphis May Fire's vocalist Matty Mullins has flown solo with his debut self-titled album due out on Rise Records soon. In the meantime he has released his new video for the song "99% Soul". Check it out HERE.
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Horror metallers Cadaveria have revealed the details of their new album ‘Silence’, out on November 18th on Scarlet Records.

"Silence" follows the critically acclaimed album ‘Horror Metal’, released in 2012 on Bakerteam Records, which gained enthusiastic consent worldwide and led the band on tour from Europe to South America for most part 2012 and 2013. It was mainly composed in 2013 and recorded between May and July 2014 in three different recording studios owned by the band itself. It features eleven brand new tracks for a total running time of about 47 minutes, described as the perfect soundtrack for a contemporary horror movie, set in dark cellars, smelling of incense and seeping pain, rage and melancholy. The atmospheres are cryptic and otherworldly, but the mood and the musical approach are strikingly aggressive and concrete.

The lyrics, written by singer Cadaveria, swing between the afterlife dimension and reality, unveiling the soul of their author as never before. This is how Cadaveria herself commented: “‘Silence’ is an immense and supreme ‘sound-folly’ that celebrates the capriciousness of destiny, the fugacity of life and the eternal presence of darkness in light. An instinctive impetus made of pure emotions, calibrated by awareness and experience. This album represents our maturity as musicians and the highest and most sincere expression of myself as an artist and as a woman. These new compositions are extremely gloomy and sinister, but they give off an explosion of power, intense energies and deep sensations. ‘Silence’ will guide you into a carnival of imagination and reality, where doom and free will are playing their last chess game. I’m sure it will leave many people speechless. Silence!”


1.Velo (The Other Side Of Hate)
2.Carnival Of Doom
3.Free Spirit
4.The Soul That Doesn't Sleep
6.Out Loud
7.Death, Again
9.Almost Ghostly
11.Strangled Idols

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Alive Like Me has released their new video "Our Time Down Here". Check it out HERE.
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Story of the Year has been around for quite sometime and since there arrival they have released albums, toured, played showcases, and most recently decided on where the future holds for them as a band. They have given the following message on Facebook page in regards to music, band members, touring, and more!

"What a journey this has been. 

The places we've been, the people we've met, the music we've created- it’s all led us to the right here, the right now. We've spent endless hours contemplating the future, wondering where we go from here, wondering if if we should keep the fire burning, or let it die and move on with our lives like so many of our peers have.

The music industry has changed a lot in the last 10-15 years. The industry that we knew when we first signed a record deal in 2002 no longer exists. There are no more giant record deals, no more of the excess you might have seen on VH1 Behind the Music or read about in the Zeppelin or Motley Crue books. The digital revolution created a new paradigm, and it’s had a dramatic effect on the people who make the music you listen to. Simply put, the fact that you can get (or listen to) any song, at any time, for free, changed everything. And change is never easy, especially when you are stubborn & slow to react like the music industry was.

Here’s a dose of reality, SOTY fans:

We've been a band for ten plus years, sold over 2 million records, played in something like 30 countries, and in recent years the members of Story of the Year would have made more money waiting tables or serving coffee. That’s the truth. 99.9 % of artists would make more money having a lemonade stand in their parents front yard.

We aren't kids anymore. We have wives, kids, house payments- real life shit. Every member of this band has questioned how much longer they can do this. We've left our families for months at a time, sometimes coming home with what would equate to minimum wage. Or less. We've spent the last 5 years clinging to that last bastion of hope that we would have that hit song that would connect at radio or become a viral sensation and catapult us back up the mountain. We've had our fingers crossed for years, (so have the wives), that each next tour or album would be the answers to all of our prayers. It didn't exactly work out that way.

So here we are.

Yes, the music industry has changed. But it’s NOT all doom and gloom! Not even close. The beautiful thing about being a band in 2014 is that we've never had more control over our own destiny. We have more power and a more direct connection to our fans than ever. We can pick up an iPhone and reach you all, instantly. That’s fucking magic!

So what do we do?

We’re going to completely re-think the way we operate as a band and business. Re-think the puzzle. Some of us have other bands, some make films and pictures, some build stuff, some will produce music, some work in radio. SOTY will not be our sole endeavor moving forward, because we can no longer sustain as grown ass men with real world responsibilities on SOTY alone. That’s the truth.

Adam will no longer continue on this journey, as it doesn't fit with his life plan moving forward, and that’s absolutely okay. SOTY has always been about more than music- we support our friends round’ here- and we wish him nothing but the absolute best. Please do the same, because that's our boy.

The rest of us will carry on. This band has given us more than you will ever know. And besides, it’s just too much fun! That feeling of walking out on stage, or writing a song that can change someone’s life- we won't walk away from that. We will keep the torch burning bright. This is a beautiful time to be a creative person, despite the growing pains and financial insecurities. The old days are gone. No one is getting a big record deal, but so what? We can record music for 1/20 of what it used to cost because of technology. We can deliver it directly to our fans because of the internet. This is only possible now. If this were 15 years ago, we would have no choice but to hang it up. But we don’t have to, and we’re not. We are going to make records that we want to make, and play shows that we want to play. And in between we will do other things. SOTY will go on, because our band rules! There is no more pressure. It’s going to be just like it was when we were 15, and we played & recorded music for the simple love and joy of it. And then we’ll play some shows. Play a festival in Belgium or South Korea. Do a little Japan tour. Play solid USA markets. Spend a week in Australia. What we won’t do is spend 13 months a year on the road away from our families just to scrape by, stressed the fuck out because if we don’t have that magical song then we'll be dropped from the label. No more of that. We are working class musicians, changing our business model.

That’s where we are, and it feels great.

We are planning a record now. Songs being written as we speak. And we plan to continue releasing records until we are skeletons. Between albums we will play shows & tour when it makes sense, and when we aren't doing that we will pursue other endeavours and be husbands and fathers. No more rock star myth. No more of this false, entertainment industry standard of only showing the best hand. We want to show you warts and all. Show you what being a working class artist entails. Fuck all that other bullshit. This is, and always has been about friendship and a mutual love of music. We are inspired as ever, ready to rock harder than ever. Here’s to a new era of creativity. A new era of re-ignited passion and possibility. Here’s to the next adventure!

We love you humans, and we know you are with us. Now let's rock some shows!



December 3rd - Columbia, MO
December 4th - Chicago, IL
December 5th - TBA
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Scylla delivers a wide range of style in their music, with a blend of technical prowess, hardcore drive, and sounds inspired by live performance. They are comprised of talented musicians with different tastes, and aim to bring a unique sound to the metal scene with melody, aggression, and heart. Founding member and guitarist Ruben Dangle discusses the band's past, present, and future.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Ruben: I was in a pop punk band for a couple years, writing and touring. In my downtime, I would write and record songs that would eventually create the foundation for Scylla. Upon departure from the pop group, I got a few friends in my local music scene together, and the rest just snowballed into place. With every lineup change, we've gotten better.

2. Why did you pick the name that you did for your band?

Ruben: There is a saying that talks about being caught between Scylla and Charybdis. In Greek mythology, sailors trying to avoid one monstrosity would be thrashed about by its counterpart. I like the idea of choosing a path with conviction and sticking to it. The modern day equivalent is like being between a rock and a hard place. Face whatever direction you're aiming for, and push forward. Plus, Scylla rolls off the tongue, if you can pronounce it correctly! (Sill-uh)

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Ruben: Scylla is based out of Mesa, and neighboring cities just outside of Phoenix. We have a diverse music scene here, with an immense variety displayed at the multiple venues in our area. You have a lot of great groups like Singularity, Animus Complex, Lifelink, Apparitions, etc.

4. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?

Ruben: I would have to describe our style as a blend of pseudo-hardcore and melodic deathcore. Metal would be much simpler. I listen to a lot of George Strait, actually. But in my writing, there may be a few elements that are inspired a little from bands such as earlier Within The Ruins and After The Burial, Between The Buried And Me, All Shall Perish, and As Blood Runs Black.

5. What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? Do you have any new music in the works?

Ruben: May 2014 saw the release of our debut EP titled In Difference. We have several videos up on our YouTube page. Generally great things are heard from people who listen to our music. We are currently writing new, more intricate material.

6. Do you play live as well? What do you have planned in terms of shows and touring, if any?

Ruben: In October 2014, we have a tour with Under Cities, a hardcore band from Nevada. After which we have a home show with Whitechapel, Glass Cloud, and Upon A Burning Body.

7. What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?

Ruben: We are a hardworking DIY band. We would definitely grow much quicker with the help of a label or agency, and we'll hopefully get to that point shortly.

8. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

Ruben: New music, new visuals, more touring.

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?


10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

Ruben: We're much better live, so come catch a show when we're in your town! :)
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Famined Records has signed the progressive metal band The World To Come. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, the four piece group formed in 2011 with the push from guitarist Shane Griffin. The idea behind the band was to create a sense of ambiance and emotion, exploring the music aesthetic. Vocalist Luis Menchaca had this to say about their recent signing: “We are excited to be signed to Famined Records and take the next step as a band to further our reach and share the music we love to write. In the future we plan on releasing our album called “The Cartesian” which will be a full length. Lyrically and musically we hope to capture “The Cartesian” philosophy pertaining to entities of the mind, body and soul while traveling throughout the world and time.” The band has just released a new playthrough of their single, “Anomalies.” Check out the video below.

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Canadian rockers Three Days Grace releases today their brand new single entitled" I Am Machine," their follow up to "Painkiller," the band's record-holding 12th  #1 single at Active Rock Radio.

Comments Neil Sanderson about their new single: "Sonically, we wanted to create a 'machine-like' sound in parts of the song.  We were inspired by the images from the opening scene of Tim Burton's 'Edward Scissorhands'...relentless machines turning and churning, never ceasing to operate.  Lyrically the song is about how sometimes you feel like you are in an endless routine and cannot escape. Every day seems the same.  No freedom from the vicious cycle that your life can sometimes control, you begin to feel numb to the world around you, as you yearn to just feel anything, any emotion."

"I Am Machine" is the second track revealed from their new studio album scheduled for release March 31,2015 and was co-written by the band, produced by Gavin Brown and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge. Three Days Grace re-teamed with Gavin Brown, who produced the band's platinum-selling 2003 self-titled debut album.  "We went back to our roots a bit and recaptured that collaborative feeling of being in a band and bringing out the best ideas in each other," says band member Neil Sanderson. "Gavin was a huge part of that in the beginning and we feel like we're back in those days where we're high-fiving each other with guitars in our hands."

The band has spent much of the year vigorously touring, writing and recording their new album.

Three Days Grace is Matt Walst (lead vocals), Neil Sanderson (drums, piano, backing vocals), Brad Walst (bass guitar), and Barry Stock (lead guitar) .The band boast holding the record with 12 #1 singles at Active Rock Radio, more than any other band in history and has  sold over  6 million albums in the United States. The band's first single with new singer Matt Walst "Painkiller" celebrates their 12th #1 single. Their previous album TRANSIT OF VENUS was released in October 2012, debuted #1 on the Hard Rock Chart and Top 5 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, and was nominated for Best Rock Album of the Year by the Juno Awards. TRANSIT OF VENUS spawned three #1 singles "Chalk Outline," "The High Road" and "Misery Loves My Company," Their other #1s include 'World So Cold,""Good Life," "Break," "Never Too Late," "Animal," "Pain," "Just Like You" and "Home" from previous albums.

Check out the "I Am Machine" single HERE.
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With more than half of "The World Tour's" Leg One already sold out, Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce The Veil announce Leg Two of their five-month, multi-leg, co-headline global trek, and Rockstar Energy Drink is on board to present all dates.  Leg Two launches on Friday, January 23, 2015 in Pierce The Veil's hometown of San Diego, CA, and follows the 19+ Leg One stops that play from November 5 through December 6 (all dates below).  The 30 concerts will hit all four corners of the continent in early 2015, from Phoenix to Pittsburgh, Miami to Seattle, San Francisco to New York, and Dallas to Chicago.  PTV and SWS will alternate the closing spot, and Leg Two support acts will be announced shortly.  VIP Packages and limited pre-sale tickets are available now at  Tickets go on sale to the public Saturday, October 4 at 10:00AM local time.



23        Viejas Arena, San Diego, CA
24        Marquee Theatre, Phoenix, AZ
26        The Warfield, San Francisco, CA
27        Roseland Ballroom, Portland, OR
28        Showbox Sodo, Seattle, WA
30        Salt Air, Salt Lake City, UT
31        The Fillmore, Denver, CO


 2         Sokol Auditorium, Omaha, NE
 3         Uptown Theatre, Kansas City, MO
 4         Myth, Minneapolis, MN
 6         Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL
 7         Egyptian Room, Indianapolis, IN
 8         LC Pavillion, Columbus, OH
10        Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
11        Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
13        Tsongas Arena, Lowell, MA
14        Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
15        Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
17        Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY
18        Fillmore, Silver Springs, MD
20        The National, Richmond, VA
21        Fillmore, Charlotte, NC
22        Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA
24        Fillmore, Miami, FL
25        House of Blues, Orlando, FL
26        House of Blues, Orlando, FL
28        Bayou, Houston, TX


 1         South Side Ballroom, Dallas, TX
 3         Backstage, San Antonio, TX
 4         Diamond Ballroom, Oklahoma City, OK
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Due to unforeseen circumstances, HAVOK is forced to cancel select dates on their current North American tour. David Sanchez (guitars/vocals) comments: "Due to injury, we have been forced to cancel a few shows on our current tour with CROWBAR, REVOCATON, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, and ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE.  We plan to rejoin the tour in California in early October.

While hiking in Boulder, Colorado, I took a pretty nasty fall and ended up shattering my left wrist.  Since I'm currently unable to play guitar, our friend Dan Gargiulo from REVOCATION has offered his 6-string services and will be laying down the riffage for the rest of our stint in the USA.  I will still be doing vocals on the remainder of the upcoming shows and I cannot wait to get back on the road!

I'd like to apologize to anyone that was looking forward to seeing HAVOK in these coming days.  We will definitely make it up to you.  In times like these, one must remember the ancient American proverb, 'Shit happens.'  See you on the road!!

One last thing! Here is some good news for a change. Pete's mom is making a full recovery from her recent accident and that means Pete Webber will be back behind the kit rejoining the tour in California.  We want to thank Marshall Wieczorek from WRETCHED for stepping in on drums and doing an awesome job on such short notice."
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