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Brook Josephson, a singer/songwriter now based in Los Angeles, California, has been on the rise as of late, her charismatic lyricism and melodies of infectious spreading rapidly out of control! That said, her most recent release an EP titled "Sexy N Domesticated", had a song off it called "Mr. Fix It", which she has made into a single, but remixed it by the help of producer Rocky G.

The track has had it's music video counter part released already, with the official single seeing release soon enough. While the music video has been making rounds, word of it, have been nothing but positive from fans and online folk alike. Most mentioning how they cannot wait for the release of the track, to the video being nice! The actual song is a mix bag of sorts, think of an 80’s song dancing with a 90’s song, that is what you get with this remixed take.

The video features Brook with some dancers, and a DJ intertwining between sequences, while other occurrences take place. Ranging from colorful effects, of lights, sounds, melodies, to all sorts of odds and ends taking place, you get a feel of it immediately. It’s no wonder producer Rocky G thought up such a remix, because its crazy that it is good. Surely to be one of those tracks put on repeat at all costs, if not played at the club scene of choice. Thus, the track begins to play off as one that is very fun with lots of entertainment to back it up. Brook Josephson has got traits that show power and creativity if that says anything.

For the most part, producer Rocky G and Brook do make an outgoing duo, that will likely have more remixes of tracks, spinning forth in no time flat. If not then perhaps only sometimes but either which, “Mr. Fix It”, plays to be a keeper.

Christian alternative rock artist Éowyn, has been at it for close to 20 years now, releasing what is her sixth full-length album titled "Just Believe". This time around, see's the album come following the release of her back to back albums "Beautiful Ashes" and "Silent Screams", released sometime ago. One of which seeing a tenth anniversary celebration of sorts, Éowyn plans to do in the comfort of her home. But besides that, she has also many plans to come from this album "Just Believe". releasing a single from it called "Drenched", with more to follow. Along with adding to her bible study release "For The Life Of Me", having a "mini" bible study of videos for this album's content of sources. Much more will come in time, just need to be set up with the proper planning and timing of everything else. Éowyn herself goes into discussion about this album, single, and everything else thrown in-between of course!

1. Back in 2010 then that following year in 2011, were the first and second times, interviewing Eowyn, so what have you been up to since those times way back when?

Gosh, has it really been that long!? A ton really! I went back to school and got a second degree, I worked at a commercial architecture firm as an interior designer, My husband and I moved from Nashville to the DC area. I currently work as a graphic designer at my church, Expectation Church, and sing on the worship team there. Musically I wrote and released a bible study and new song called For the Life of Me and released my version of O Holy Night a few years ago. Finally a Christmas song! And this year I began writing and recording a NEW and 6th album which I am about to release on December 3rd called, JUST BELIEVE.

2. How does it feel to be doing interview number three with me, even though it's been an lengthy amount of time between the last set?

I love that you are always one of the first who ask! I feel like we should be best friends by now, don't you? Although I don't know enough about you. I'm thinking I should shoot you a few questions out there. :) Seriously though, I appreciate you so much! Anyone who is willing to spread the word for me is such a blessing! Thank you!

3. During those set of interviews, talk of your albums "Silent Screams" and "Beautiful Ashes", were discussed, but can you disclose the discography of these releases; according to you website, it says "Silent Screams" is your fourth album, with "Beautiful Ashes" being the fifth, BUT Wikipedia says, "SS" is the third with "BA" as the fourth, along with listing some other albums, of "Shattered illusions" (2003) and "Identity" (2006), which is which with these releases, including your all new album "Just Believe"?

Wikipedia doesn't list my very first album, "ONE MORE CHANCE". That album I kind of hide, but ironically it really helped launch me into the industry. I actually had a few AC radio singles off of it. Can you believe that? So the order is the following: "One More Chance", "Shattered Illusions", "Identity", "Silent Screams", "Beautiful Ashes" and "Just Believe".

4. Aside for those array of releases, you also released a "Bible Study book And CD" titled "For The Life Of Me", why go this route of content, and what is this book and CD all about? Will there be a follow-up bible study book and accompanying CD or just the one set for now? 

When I wrote the bible study, "For the Life of Me", I wasn't touring and I really wanted to have an avenue to still connect with my target audience...those who are in need of hope and encouragement. The bible study is really a few tidbits of my life mixed in with scripture and songs. It goes into some detail about my struggles with insecurities and offers some encouragement to those who may be struggling with them or depression themselves. I'm not sure I will ever do a follow up book, but I know that for this new album I will be doing mini bible study "videos" for each song. They will most likely release one a month starting next year.

5. Let's discuss your new album "Just Believe", talking firstly about the album's artwork, it is a step back from your previous art styles slightly is it not? Can you describe it for us in greater detail.

The simpler design was deliberate and actually took me a long time. I kept removing things that didn't need to be there. So I wouldn't call it a step back, just me trying to focus on what mattered. All of my other albums had huge themes behind them and I wanted to convey that through the artwork. For instance, Beautiful Ashes had to have ashes right? :) But Just Believe, stylistically, is simply more stripped down and I felt the title was more self explanatory. I didn't want to cover up the meaning with too much fluff. The two images of myself are simply the front one showing outward struggle and then the faded one behind showing me looking up, conveying the need to align my emotions internally and JUST BELIEVE.

6. What about the title choice of "Just Believe", does it have a meaning behind its namesake?

Absolutely! Before I even began writing the album I began praying about the theme of it. All of my albums start with a theme. Every time I prayed about this one I kept feeling like the Lord was telling me to believe everything he had already shown me in past years and albums. As song after song started to come together I kept trying to come up with a really clever title. I have always been drawn to what I would call a juxtaposition of words. For instance, "Silent Screams" and Beautiful Ashes. How can screams be silent or ashes beautiful? But once I wrote the piano ballad for this album, Believe, I knew that the title had to stay on point with my overall theme... believe He wants to move in my life, believe in who He says He is, believe in my worth, believe in His love, believe if He has called me to do something He will make a way, believe how POWERFUL He is and how He is my hero every step of the way. Through it all...He wanted me and really ALL OF US to JUST BELIEVE HIM.

7. If you had to compare this album, to your assortment of other releases, how would you compare and contrast them all? 

All of them lyrically are emotional and honest to what I was going through at the time of writing them. All of them are meant to give the listener hope and point them to my loving Savior, Jesus. Just Believe in my opinion represents my best vocals. I don't mean that to sound prideful, because I know regardless of how I sing, some people may never like my "tone." But I wanted this album to really show that I could vocally do more then I had done in past albums. I have a really strong falsetto that most people don't know about, so several of these songs showcase that as well as some of my breathier tones. Stylistically, "JUST BELIEVE" is more alternative/pop then a few of the others, especially Silent Screams and Beautiful Ashes. But that was because this was supposed to be my "acoustic" album. I guess this is my version of acoustic rock. :) It's probably more of an alternative pop.

8. You will be releasing this album at the end of this year, so does the 2019 year, already have plans set-up?

I don't have concrete plans. I feel like I am more relaxed on the timing surrounding this album on everything. I did just release my first radio single, "DRENCHED" to Christian radio. To help promote the new song, I also launched a lyric video last week which people can find here:

I will be releasing several more singles to radio in 2019 and most likely a few videos to go along with them too. One of the things I am really excited about is pushing a song called, "SET FREE".  Not only do I love the lyrical content of this song, but I also love that it highlights an extremely talented vocalist and friend, Nikko Custodio. He even raps on it! I have always wanted one of my songs to have a rap moment. The only other set plan I have is what I mentioned release the mini bible study videos throughout the year.

9. When can we expect to see Eowyn going on a full fledged tour across the U.S.?

I would love to do a show here and there and also tour a few weeks in 2019 but there are no set plans as of now. When the booking requests started coming in these past few weeks, we realized we had to really look at the possibilities and see how feasible that actually was for us to do again. I think if a tour happens, it will be dependent on how we can work that around our current jobs that we absolutely love. 

10. While many may or may not know, your name is Eowyn, named after the Lord of the Rings character of both film and novel, but which way is the proper way to spell it, as "Eowyn" or "Éowyn"?

Éowyn, but even I don't type it out like that most of the time, because I always forget how to add the accent mark. But I always write it with the accent.

11. Come 2019, will mark an even 20 years, for you as the artist Éowyn, plan on celebrating in any shape or form?

Wow, I didn't even realize that. Although it makes since I didn't know, because I am horrible at remembering dates. Honestly, I am more introverted then a lot of people know, so It's unusual for me to plan an event or celebration. My kind of celebrations are truly my husband and I just grabbing some fast food and watching a movie at home. We do that every year for our Anniversary. Maybe we will plan on doing that! :)

12. Will we ever see a "re-release" of your previous albums "Shattered Illusions" and "Identity"?

We actually talked about redoing a few of the older songs, but I'm not sure we ever will.

13. "Silent Screams" see's a tenth anniversary for this year, 2018, were you able to do anything in celebration of it, or plan to in the future?

Another special occasion not on my radar! Haha I didn't even know it was the 10th Anniversary! :) I can't believe how fast time flies! Probably just another night at home with the hubby!

14. Can you ever see you performing any of your releases from front to back, like many other artists and bands have done with their anniversaries or celebrations of content?

I'm not opposed, although I think it would be fun to do the songs completely acoustic, but then I would have to determine which release? I'd rather combine the releases. That way I could choose my favorites from the 62 songs.

15. Would you like to add on or say anything more before wrapping this one up!

My new album, "JUST BELIEVE" is now up on iTunes for pre-order!  It is also currently the only place you can purchase my newest radio single, "DRENCHED". If someone prefers, they can also pre-order the album on my  Also,thanks again for the interview and as always I would like to throw out there that if anyone needs prayer feel free to write me on Facebook at

Gothic, metal, horror trio MADNESS OF SORROW have released their fifth full-length album to date titled "Confessions From The Graveyard". With this album, came not just changes over the years and within the band, but so much emotion with it as well. Shows are set with more content to be released soon enough. Main man vocalist/guitarist Muriel Saracino goes into talks about this overdue discussion of lengthy time frames, music, and much more!

1. So it has been 6 years since we first and last spoke, so summarize for me what Madness Of Sorrow has been up to?

So, we have four albums, always being well received by the audience, a lot of changes within the line-up, with people that changed cities, other jobs, had injuries, so much that I'm not even joking.

2. During that time frame you stepped out as vocalist having Prophet fill in, upon your album "N.W.O. The Beginning", why the switch up?

Unfortunately for me, asthma had returned and I had to cure myself. I had no breath to sing. Prophet is a good friend of mine, so he did a great job filling in. All things were good, I was happy as a guitarist, but he's jobless and was unable to cover the upcoming tour, that's why at the end of it all, I had decided to return and be the voice of M.O.S.

3. After that release, you return as vocalist once more, so what happened?

Find answer above.

4. "Confessions From The Graveyard", is your fifth album to date, what comes to mind when hearing such a thing?

Considering that this album was very painful to write and I wasn't sure that I could even finish it, because I've faced two months of depression, I wasn't able to do much of anything. I'm happy with all of M.O.S.' records, but this particular album is our best album to date. With five albums we are at a good point with this band. I honestly don't know how far I can go with this project at this point.

5. What is it about this particular album, that had to go down a more emotional path in terms of the lyrics and contents of it?

As said, all of these lyrics are about what I've dealt with when my dad lost his battle with cancer in 2016. It's all happened within his last months of life. I remember visiting him in September, and he was able to stay standing, drive, eat, all the things that he couldn't do come December. In those three months all was changed and it was like a tornado of thoughts, things, it was all very quick and you have to react anyway.

6. Can you disclose the details behind the choice of art for the cover of this album?

Emanuele Lombardi was the one who did it. He's a very good musician and talented photographer. He had listened to the record, then took this photo he had made and turned it into a piece of art, for this album.

7. How about the titling, why go with such a title, does it have a meaning to go with it?

It's all about feelings, that we all experience sooner or later with the loss of someone dear to us. That being the loss of a parent, wife, husband, brother, sister, etc. All of these confessions are full of sadness, rage, desperation, loneliness, it's absolutely and extremely difficult to have the courage of speaking of it, but you find that you can slowly start to rise again, expressing oneself.

8. Throughout the entirety of your five full-length albums, the band's namesake has changed in term's of art styling, going from having "madness" be red on the first, then "sorrow" be red on the second, with "M" being red and solely alone on the third, down to the whole name being red on the fourth with the fifth having the name being white. Why go with such a pattern choice of these colors?

I love red, white, and black altogether. It's a standard mix within the gothic styles I think. The "M" was designed by our ex-guitarist during our release of "III: The Best" album. It since remains as our logo because I love it too much. Usually I try to reinvent the image of the band with every release and the whole new name style is an example of this.

9. Out of all of these releases, do each of them share a connection on any shape or form?

No. Every one of our releases has it's own concept, although there are various theme's connected like the rage against the church or against hypocrite people.

10. "Sanity", is your latest track to come off this album, with accompanying music video, tell me about that track and video release for us?

I want something that is connected to mental illness and that is why I play the role of a patient in the video. I always joked with friends and they would often tell me, "You're crazy my answer is always the same, with me saying "I perfectly know and you're sure to be sane?"

11. Will there be any other tracks to receive this same treatment?

I'm thinking about the next track being one called "Creepy", at the moment. It is a track that is something totally new in the M.O.S. discography. I think it could be a great song for a video release. There are a couple of other songs that I want to examine as well, but in time will tell for sure.

12. Since the beginning the band has always stuck to the gothic, metal, rock, horror, death, theme and genre choices, but has the sound progressed or changed during that time frame of then up until now?

We started as a gothic rock band, with doom influences and from that album "III: The Beast", I had started to include some extremely metal elements, like blast beasts on the drums, and even speedier guitar riffs. I don't want to write the same old song with every album. It has to be a meticulous writing process that I don't want to be repetitive, except for the fact that I write all the songs and something could be similar in sound at the long run of it all.

13. What other plans does the band have for the rest of 2018 going right into 2019?

We are about to play some shows in Italy this month of November. We're also working to have more shows in 2019. Maybe something out in Europe again, but we have to work on it.

For five solid years, JRock act Band-Maid or stylized as BAND-MAID, have released a handful of content, including their latest addition to their discography entitled "World Domination". What else to use than a title such as this, to go with as their tour slogan, "BAND-MAID WORLD DOMINATION TOUR 2018-2019". The tour acting kicking off since this fall back in September, going all the way into this next year come 2019! Between then and now, the band would come overseas hitting California with back to back dates, one in Los Angeles and the other in San Francisco. Even before this tour got started, the tickets went on sale a month prior in August, only taking a week to sell out for the Los Angeles date happening November 9th 2018 at the Lodge Room Los Angeles out in Highland Park.

When the day of the show arrived, fans were already aligned along the alleyway of the side of the venue, some waiting for an extensive amount of time. But why this was, was due to the VIP and general admission mixture being blended together around 5PM that evening. Only a handful 5 at a time sometimes more, VIP folk were allowed inside, to meet and greet the five piece girl rock group, receiving a post card, for them to sign, smile, briefly chat, then grab some merchandise, pricing being quite expensive and not so much thought out in detail with design options but it was what it was for then and there. After the numerous VIP go getters got this chance, they were asked to leave the venue, heading back outside to the alignment of lines forming more so outside, as all would be permitted inside at 7PM door time for them to open for the show!

At 7PM it would then be another whole hour before BAND-MAID would actually hit the stage, performing for the next 2 hours 8-10PM! Going on to sing such songs as "The Non Fiction Days", "Start Over", "Glory", "Real Existence", and "Choose Me", among others, out of the 22 song set list! Throughout the band’s performance though, they did start off promptly getting the crowd pumped up, as everyone cheered from all directions of the 500 only capacity venue. All ages were seen, ranging from middle aged adults, to older adults, to youngsters, all were taking in the awesomeness that was BAND-MAID.

Live Photos:

During their performance, the five some girl band, did shred their stuff, doing an instrumental portion of the show, really showcasing their raw talents. All the instrumentalists did do a good job, whilst the vocalist, gave it her all as well. Together as a whole, BAND-MAID did do a job worthy of their set list performed. All there were pleased with the outcome, of what was seen and played, raising their fists high, others waving their glow lights or sticks, others bouncing up and down, if not side to side, everyone there was just so excited, that everyone really could not believe it at times.

All in all though, Jrock is still very vivid and lively amongst the North American terrain, especially within the Western coast, as Californians take it all in stride, that all acts who cross over, are welcomed,  joyed, and adored from start to finish. BAND-MAID likely to come back around, for another arousing performance, given not just by them, but by their fans who were there to see them strut their stuff!


1. Domination
2. Play
3. the non fiction days
4. Moratoruim
5. Cross
6. -MIKU MC-
7. Don't you tell ME
8. Thrill
9. Secret my lips
10. DICE
11. start over
12. Onset
14. Clang
15. Spirit!!
16. alone
17. -Omajinai Time-
18. glory
19. you.
22. Choose Me

Hard rockers JJ Friends released their debut album "Puro Deseo" with a follow-up album in the works currently. The future plans to be based upon their friendship, taking them far and wide, as they continue to write, record, and play music more and more. The band goes into chatter about their friendship and music!

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

We met more than thirty years ago shortly after entering the world of rock.
we come from different bands of the city of Barcelona- Spain, the band was born for a project by Jose Jarque, we started to create the songs and compose melodies, once everything was ready, several essays were started to consolidate the songs, Paco on guitar, Juan Cañuelo, guitar, Frank Rubiales on guitar, Bajista Valen and Xavier Escolar, drums, Felix Egea guitars, several of these members are members of the band at the beginning of their presentation, since their agendas could not be 100% integrated.

The components of the band have been in various bands of the scene, rock and hard rock.
Luna Llena, Double or Nothing, Sahara, Ouija, TuNavo, Hysteria ...) but friendship was always maintained, which was a nexus of union.

In the end, the longing made us gather the friends and we composed some songs to record the album
"Puro Deseo".

Now we are:

Jose Jarque: vocals
Paco Reina: guitars
Juan Cañuelo: guitars
Antonio Guirao: Bajo
Bestia: Drums

2. What is the origin of the name of the band?

Well, I proposed that we come together to fix and record some songs that I had in my head and that is why we thought of calling ourselves JJ (José Jarque) and friends. We wanted to make it clear that the important thing in the band for us is our friendship.

3. What is the band based on and what is your music scene there? Is there a local band that you can recommend?

I could tell you that we are based on hard rock 70/80/90, Aerosmith, Black Crows, Lynyrd Skynrd, Bad Company, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Mr. Big, Gotthard, Van Halen, Wasp, Steve Vai, Bon Jovi , Deff leppard, we are many and with varied tastes, but also those of now Black Stone Cherry, The Dead Daisies, Eclipse, Heat, Rev Theory, Richie Kottzen, The winery dogs, Pop Evil, Burn Halo. In Barcelona we have good local bands, like, for example, Güru (David Palau), Imperial Jade, Sol Lagarto.

4. How would you describe your style?

We were born musically in the Hard Rock of the late 70's, and it shows. Obviously the current music influences us and gives us another more contemporary touch, sharper riffs and a more modern sense of melody

5. What have you released so far and what can someone expect from your work?

"Puro Deseo" is the first album of the band and that is what we are promoting in the concerts. The record company has asked us for a new album for 2019 and we are already contributing some ideas. The new album will be more varied because we start from the ideas of the whole band although we will keep our festive idea of ​​Rock and our refrains very direct

6. Do you have any new music in the works?

The first record we did without hardly working together, since everyone contributed their involvement from a distance, each one contributing their ideas and their arrangements and sending us the files to work with. Therefore, we have had to evolve the themes to adapt them better to live. Therefore, we are now in the phase of contributing ideas and working with them without closing anything. We want this to continue like this before consolidating the themes and presenting them live. In these moments and with the established band, we are working in the premises, with great force in new subjects.

7. What if you play shows and do tours, do you have something planned?

Give the public our energy, we go out as if it were a party, have fun, make the public have fun, enjoy our show, we enjoy on stage and we transmit that.

8. What planes do you have for the future as a band?

The band is based on our friendship and having fun playing among old friends. That's why we foresee a long future for JJ Amigos. Compose, rehearse and play live with the friends of the youth. What more could you want?

9. Where can we listen to your band and where to buy your stuff?

Our album is on all digital platforms, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc. and also dc format, ask us in CD format, to:

10. What would you most like a listener to remember when listening to your music for the first time?

We would like you to enjoy as much as we do, we have put a lot of care and dedication, we want everyone to feel euphoria, adrenaline and celebration inside.

Dutch Balls was once what they were known as, but after some mishaps in-between, the band went off then came back with a vengeance, under an all new name as well RAZASSA! With this all new staple, the band is back and better than before, expect more since their comeback show, with the future shinning brightly!

1. Can you start off by explaining briefly how the band formed, loosing members, then reformed with new members, why were you so determined to keep it together?

The band started off with me (Yme van Galen) individually inviting people I had an ambitious connection with on a musical level. For 2 or 3 years we composed music we really liked with messages that fit us, we always did exactly what we wanted and that reflected in our music. However, me, the (ex-) singer and (ex-)bass player turned out to be more ambitious than our (ex-) drummer. So we mutually decided it was best if we would part ways, so we found our new and current drummer Guyon Kleuters. After pushing through and amplifying our style and character even more as a band being, the same decision later (3 years or so) also befell our (ex-)singer and (ex-) bass player for fundamentally the same reasoning: Me and Guyon wanted to keep pushing to the top, since this takes tons of effort, constant dedication and time, they decided that they were satisfied with their achievements within the band and thereby wanted to focus on other things.

Now as to why we kept it together, me and Guyon are just plain dedicated to reach the highest possible in music, but because of the setback of two members leaving us it did force us to look ourselves in the eyes to find out if this really was what we wanted. Genre wise, style wise or even in terms of what it is we really desired to do in life. And well, as it turned out… This was definitely it.
Because we unconsciously were always developing such an own style that completely matched us as persons and as musicians we internalized it profoundly. Besides…. Music is just it for us.

Setting these goals meant we were determined to do whatever it took to get the right members to fill the spots, not settling for solely amazing musicians but for amazing characters as a whole. So here we are now: with Michael Damen on rhythm guitar, Paul van der Bol on vocals, and Maurits Kerkow on bass!

2. Why did you want to come back together and do this comeback show, what did you want to prove to those who were there from the start to those who are new to you?

If you do something, you gotta do it all the way and thoroughly, I guess that is our way of thinking on most of these kinds of decisions. We felt we really had to consider what this would mean to our fan base that’s been so extremely loyal to us all these years, because they were allowed the slightest doubt.

Even more so we did not only want to reassure them everything would be ‘all right’, we wanted to really show them the power of the force that we bear now. Because we didn’t set our sights on maintaining anything, but on improving everything.. Factor-10 style.

We organized the big comeback show so our hometown and surrounding villages would hear the magnitude of this new sound and energy. It would be a shame if we didn’t take it all on this big, because people shouldn’t just know we’re back, they should know we’re in the game and taking on every challenge to reach our goals.

3. What sort of style does your band actually play and why?

Good question, we’ve been searching for a fitting description for years and I don’t think we will actually find one. The "why" is easier in this case than the "what", I guess that is because we play, compose and think from this "why"-core and that translates into the "what". So let me start from why: basically everything we do is to get people moving and to express ourselves. I guess we just like the intense, raw energy and we try to transmit that to the audience in an authentic way. If I can speak for myself, I started writing riffs on my own in my room. In English there is not really a good word that covers it, but in Dutch we call it "losgaan", it’s somewhere between "Freaking out", "moving in an energetic way" and "going all out". It translates to "letting loose" in a very active way. So if the riff was good enough so that I could "let loose" or "go all out" all by myself, the riff was fitting enough for the band. So my riffs, and thereby what the band did back then revolved around that certain energy. But I guess what really made us as band is that we all just played the music from within ourselves, we had to feel connected to the uniqueness of a number and I think every musician needs to find a piece of himself in every song. And I feel that maybe we impressively taint our music with this piece of ourselves. This meant for our previous singer for instance, that he found the band to be a place to really express himself lyrically and musically.

So whether you call our "what" hard rock, metal, grunge or post-apocalyptic rock, we don’t really care. As long as it’s In-your-face, creative and in line with how we feel. This means that we all feel free to write music without even considering such labels, if we feel like doing something we just do it. Somehow it already immediately gets that "RAZASSA" coating without putting extra effort or attention into it.

4. How come you decided upon that name Dutch Balls, does it have a revolving meaning to it?

Well of course there I was, a fourteen year old teenager feeling totally badass thinking up a name like "Dutch Balls". Haha! No but really, it definitely had some meaning. It, in some way, derived from the saying "To have Dutch Courage", at least that was my initial thought. But from the beginning 'till the point where we changed the name it stood just for having balls in it’s widest sense, and we still carry that meaning through to our new name. This "having balls" thing really just comes back to the "why" I earlier mentioned, we knew what we wanted to do and who we where even before we wrote our first song I think. We just developed in carrying that out more and more.

We changed our name to "RAZASSA" during the comeback show. As I mentioned, we still carry the same message but we put a different name on it. We liked the message and the soul we bore and nothing will ever change in that, but we needed something that wouldn’t put an immediate barrier in front of some people when it comes down to how they perceive us. Because sometimes people were afraid to take us seriously despite us putting everything we have into our music. So for us to prevent miscommunication with (future) fans in that way we decided to change our name.

As to the meaning of "RAZASSA", we worked so much from this character and (why-)mindset that we needed a name that would reflect what we do: make lots of noise and generate energy like a nuclear power plant, without it pushing us in a labelled corner. After coming up with tons of close-to-worthy names it felt more and more forced for me to find a fitting meaning behind everything, after so much ideas it, ironically, didn’t have any meaning at all to me anymore. So "RAZASSA" is a tabula rasa, something we dye with our own color.

5. Whilst the old line-up is no more, do you ever see that form to return or are you happy with how the line-up is today?

I don’t. We’re always in motion, always evolving and so we’re always unconsciously seeking for things that breed growth. So when things don’t work for us, we switch our focus over to new things that do. This all sounds somewhat harsh, but don’t get me wrong we were a very close group. It just took us all a bit too long to realize that it wouldn’t work anymore in this form, our ambitions just shifted and didn’t at all sync anymore at some point. So we decided we needed 5 people who would be as overzealous as we were, thus we decided to the turn to the pillars of creation to re-set our sights.
And so we did! One goal, carried out by one team consisting of 5 completely different individuals. So to conclude things: I just think that all what happened is part of evolution, no hard feelings, we just want to progress even more towards our goals.

6. So tell me about the actual comeback show, who was the one to set it up?

The actual setting up was mostly my doing, but everyone had his part. It was good exercise for the new members to each pick up a task as well. And while I give myself some credit I couldn’t have done anything without Quintijn Lohman from the Blue Collar Theater venue, he was a very experienced and reliable pillar of this whole happening. He mostly doesn’t even focus on bands but on the theater bookings, however because of some circumstances he filled in and helped us all the way. Pretty grateful for that, Quintijn!

7. Once the comeback day arrived what was the first thing running through your mind that morning?

"I can play again!.. Right?" (Half-woke me). "Should I be nervous? I don’t know.. Was I normally nervous when I played shows every week?"

Man, how I missed putting out all my energy on stage, it’s simply one of the best sensations ever. Besides if I don’t I just passively pile up energy all the way. Furthermore, I think I was pretty curious about how it would feel again to stand there. Also I always automatically get a really practical mindset on those days because there is so much that has to be done and thought of and I used to take it all on my own account. But right now I can start to pass on some of these tasks to our freshly motivated members.

8. Throughout that day, was there any mishaps or did everything run according to plan?

Man, this business exclusively consists of mishaps. I don’t know if that’s just us or just because we’re so busy all the time that we find more in a short period of time, but it’s constantly challenging you to walk the line between throwing everything out of the window or to stick with your plan even more. There is no safe spot, that’s just what it is.

Of course, no exceptions were made on the big day. There was some trouble surrounding the sound on stage, so our soundcheck generously delayed. But the real exception is where that doesn’t happen really, so that was okay. Me and Michael both broke a string on a bridge-type that doesn’t allow failure: the famous "Floyd Rose". So we had to get back-ups and I for one was unable to play to my full extent because of that. Michael even broke his during the encore, but respectable as this man is he solely tuned the strings he needed and continued to bring the audience the party they deserved!

9. What about the actual showcase, how did that turn out for everyone, including the audience taking it all in?

Well that was quite something. I know our fans are just bat-shit crazy, loving, loyal people. However we pretty much stirred up everything and I didn’t know what to expect anymore because, like I said, we comprehended that people would need some time to take it all in and we respected their space to be septic. So we decided to put in our all despite how people would react or how the evening would turn out.

But the dedication and enthusiasm of the fans was just through the roof.. Instead of doubting us for even a second the "RA-ZAS-SA, RA-ZAS-SA" chants roared through the building like an unstoppable force. Receiving this much love while playing with a new formation while also changing the name during the show.. I think that is the best any band on any scale can ever wish for, our fans are just so, so generous. They adopted the formation including a new name like family, couldn’t thank them enough. So hopefully we can reward them with new material soon. Weird isn’t it? How music and shows consist of such mutual relations, it’s so up to both sides to give and take, and I believe the more you give, the more you will receive in return from your audience.

10. Will this be the only stand alone comeback show, or will there be more shows following it or perhaps even a tour?

We’ve locked our scope on new material for now so everyone can hear the tremendous fire our new formation has on record. We will be playing some shows on the side and when the new material is out we will head over to rock as many places as possible, whether that’s in the form of a tour or just a big string of shows or even just a few selected shows.

11. Which array of content has Dutch Balls released, as far as albums, EPs, etc. Where can said music be purchased or heard?

EP: Raw & Tasty (2016)
Music video "WAR" (2018)
EP: Madness (2018)

Can be bought on iTunes and Bandcamp, or listen via Spotify, Deezer and many more platforms! And we centrally keep everyone updated through our Facebook and a bit on Instagram.

12. Does the band have any new music in the works or in mind?

Yes! We’re working very hard on it right now. I can’t tell you what it is yet because we don’t know either. We’re just again reacting to what we like and what drives us. We’re materializing this new fire we have and the new inspirations, influences and possibilities that Michael, Paul and Maurits bring us.

13. What else does the band have planned for this year, leading right into the next?

We’re mostly still planning right now. Our focus remains on new material while we keep doing some shows on the side. We are currently shaping our 2019 for a bit, but most of that work probably comes down to the moment we’re close to bringing something out.

14. Have anything else you would like to say or add on?

Thank you very much for this interview! Also big hearty thingy for Joel Spielman, he’s our go-to guy for everything now. And if you ever find yourself in the Netherlands seeking the “rock’n’roll experience”, then visit Blue Collar Hotel, they will quench your thirst! That’s the place we specifically chose for our big comeback show. Last but not least: Prepare all your senses for our new tracks, they will burn!

Rock n roll act KURT RILEY had said "When I was a teenager, rock and roll saved my life. Ever since, I have felt that it is my responsibility to return the favor." Thus with that, he has spent time creating music over the years, leading to his newest and latest project being this band KURT RILEY. A handful of releases, albums along with singles have followed with even newer music in the works, with much more to come as well. Find out what else was talked about besides music.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

I was birthed out of a stew of DC Comics, T.Rex, Star Trek, and The Rolling Stones. My first record was engineered by Beyoncé producer BOOTS; my sophomore effort was a sci-fi concept album about a doomed alien king who comes to Earth in search of his missing queen.

For fifteen years, I performed with a litany of brilliant musicians across several states and cities, in one band after another. However, it is only within the past two years that I’ve found the band I was looking for the entire time – and I now consider myself the luckiest man in the world. Ironically, I got back into music after leaving it for a little while, as success had been elusive. It was while I was in college that things began to go gangbusters with my artistic side – crazy world, innit?

Mr. Rick Kline, our bassist, is an incredibly versatile player; he can do everything from doomy synth-bass to effortlessly fluid jazz lines on a fretless unit. He’s also an amazing human being – magnanimous, hilarious, and endlessly kind. Without Rick, I would have quit long ago.

Mr. Charlie Jones, our synthesizer and keyboard player, is a brilliant musician; he is capable of everything from vast sonic soundscapes to rollicking blues piano. Additionally, Charlie shares my deep love for retro console gaming, the works of David Cronenberg, and science fiction.

Mr. Sesu Coleman, our newest member, is a stellar drummer with a meter like a rock. A legend from the NYC music scene, he formed The Magic Tramps, who opened CBGBs and Max’s Kansas City in the early 1970s. He’s shared stages with The New York Dolls, Alan Vega, and Billy Idol, and he is the drummer I’ve been waiting for since I was 14 – Sesu loves Bo Diddley and The Rolling Stones just as much as I do.

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

Kurt Riley is not my given name, but I took it on at the age of 14 as a nom de plume. Since I was a boy, I’ve adored the power of alternate identities – how they can permit a person to invoke a different spirit, and become another being entirely. (Blame Batman for that obsession. Ha ha.)

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Currently, we reside in Central New York. The winters are gorgeous and chilly; the wine is sweet, and the people are idiosyncratic. A lovely little place to watch the leaves change and relax when one comes home from the craziness of a concert.

Teencat is my favorite local band. They’re a hilarious, tight punk-pop outfit, whose songs are almost totally written about cats. Hell of a good time in concert, too.

4. How would you describe your style?


5. What have you released so far and what can someone expect from your works?

Three albums: Brighthead (2010), Kismet (2016), and Tabula Rasa (2017)
Two singles: Love Is In My Heart (Feb. 2018) and Failure of Imagination (Sept. 2018)
Listeners can expect immaculately crafted pop music for the 21st Century mind. Lovingly textured instruments, baroque piano lines, punchy glam rock guitars, and lyrics which address everything from Elon Musk to love in the age of Tinder.

6. Do you have any new music in the works?

Absolutely! The fellas and I are releasing a single in December 2018 called Be Cool (appropriate for winter, no?) which will be the final entry in the initial pop phase of my career. With that song, I’ll finish the first panel in the triptych.

7. How about playing shows and touring, have anything planned out?

The band and I performed sixty times in 2018, and I seek to double that in the new year. It’s been an absolute ball; playing live is such a joy. We wish to expand outside of our comfort zone and perform in new cities & states – and countries.

8. What plans do you have for the future as a band?

In January 2019, we’re completely remaking and remodeling our sound. It will be the beginning of a brand new sonic and conceptual phase, called Chrome Empire. Imagine what The Rolling Stones would have sounded like if they formed as a bar band in the world of Blade Runner – rock and roll for the future.

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?!

10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

That the age of musical heroes is not over yet. The underdog is coming.

JRock metal power house group SABER TIGER have their newest and latest addition of an album out titled "Obscure Diversity", as well an official video for their track titled "The Worst Enemy". Founder and lead guitarist Akihito Kinoshita discusses the single/video along with the album, with everything else in-between.

1. Can you introduce yourselves to our audience please?

We are SABER TIGER from Japan. We play Heavy Metal.

2. What genres of music do you make?

Heavy Metal.

3. Where did the idea for the band's namesake come from and mean if anything?

Inspired by classic Sci-Fi comic book titled "Saber Tiger". I also liked the image of "Smilodon", the saber-toothed cat.

4. What kind of music do each of you often listen to?

All kinds. Heavy metal, Progressive Rock, Irish Trad Music, Contemporary Music etc.

5. Who are some of your biggest musical influences; can you tell us some other artists that have influenced each of you personally?

Robert Fripp and Lemmy.

6. If you are going to perform overseas, which countries would you want to visit?

We just toured Russia and Eastern Europe for 3 weeks this year.

7. Can you introduce your new album "Obscure Diversity" to the overseas listeners?

Intense, exciting and profound. You can both enjoy aggressive beat and heart touching melodies at the same time.

8. How about the single from this album "The Worst Enemy", what would be one thing from this track made video, you would like everyone to know?

"The Worst Enemy" is symbolic of this album both musically and lyrically. We hope fans like this.

9. What are the plans for the remainder of 2018, leading right into the 2019 year?

We are now touring Japan to promote our brand new album 'Obscure Diversity', and planning next European tour in 2019.

10.  Lastly, can you send a message to your fans abroad?

Please check our brand new album "Obscure Diversity". It's now available on all digital platforms as well as physical. Thanks.

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