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We're No Gentlemen released their Self-Titled debut EP in 2016, a sophomore follow-up EP "This Is Home", would accompanying it just two years later in 2018. This newer EP consisting of such material that is not as intense as the previous EP’s working’s had been. The material presented here, falls along the lines of being mid-range Paramore crossed with upbeat modernization of Halestorm. Think of a heaviness so fierce except take all of that way, and you get a more toned down acceptance of tracks like  "Promises" and "Disguise". With the other tracks like "Home" and "Ex's and Oh's", being more shall we say, heavy but not as heavy as you would expect. We’re No Gentlemen just tends to be that type of act, that falls within the middle of the music grid, being an act who can go one way yet another way a few seconds later. Being able to do such a thing, makes this act that more enjoyable actually. For an EP like “This Is Home”, it has matured content that shows growth with their music.

The 1980's saw these Swedish teenagers consuming all the horror and slasher movies they could, glued to their VHS’, their obsession with the genre only intensified as the media campaigned and lobbied against an outbreak of "video-violence", preaching warnings of how it would ruin a generation of kids.

Fast forward 30 years and those media warnings have come to fruition as those teenagers grew up and became Bloodbath, Sweden’s shadiest death cult and they now present to you "Chainsaw Lullaby", the gore-filled, blood splattered ode to their weapon of choice spliced together with an AC/DC inspired death ‘n’ roll soundtrack. Welcome to the terrifying Bloodbath world where the saw IS the law!

Anders ‘Blakkheim’ Nystrom "I wanted to keep it really simple and uncomplicated whilst retaining an evil groovy drive to make the song engage in headbanging action and sing along exercises. Having started a ‘red’ thread, I then locked in the chainsaw concept as a dual tribute to the Boss HM-2 guitar pedal sound as well as my love for the horror slasher genre and had both the music and lyrics going at the same time. I’ve always been a fan of lyrical paradoxes and the song title was just waiting to happen."

Check it out right HERE.

Los Angeles Death Metal Veterans, Letum Ascensus are back with the highly anticipated sophomore offering, ‘Wasteland Chronicles’

"'Wasteland Chronicles' was the product of the efforts of a local band that stayed clear of quitting or fading away into nothing", states vocalist Boris Bonillo. " Whether they be financially, emotionally or structurally, the general repression of the underground scene fails to drive Letum Ascensus away.

The tracks were recorded at some point only to be destroyed. After a few years we realized that these tracks had to be exposed to a bigger audience because of the amazing response from our local and even international supporters.

It would never have been possible without the support of our families, friends, fans and everyone involved. This is for you."

Nearly 10 years since their previous release, Letum Ascensus has risen from their graceless slumber, to spawn an immaculate sonic assault. Sticking to their roots, ‘Wasteland Chronicles’ offers 7 new hymns of Untainted Chaotic Death Metal.

Featuring album art by Rafael Mattey, 'Wasteland Chronicles' was recorded by Tom Dickey at Real Tone Studios, Mixed by Nick Viterelly & Raymond Herrera, and Mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound, in Los Angeles, CA

"Wasteland Chronicles" is set for release November 2, 2018 on Gore House Productions.


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