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Metal/Djent act Ceiling Of Anvers from Italy have released their debut EP "We All Live In Balance" and are hard at work writing material for their debut full-length release due out soon. Frontman vocalist Fabio Anvers discuses the band's debut release, plans for the full-length and future.

1. What type of band are you?

Fabio: We are a Metal/ Hardcore band with Djent influences.

2. Tell us the brief history of your band.

Fabio: We know each other since 2009, after changing name and genre twice we finally found our way as "Ceiling Of Anvers".

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Fabio: The band was born in Turin, northern Italy, where there are not many bands like us.
There are some bands related to us, distributed in Italy, not exactly the same musical genre: our dear pals in “Noise Trail Immersion” from Turin (Metal/Math), “Damned Spring Fragrantia”from Parma (Hardcore/Progressive/Math) and Lies of Nazca from Vicenza (Progressive Deathcore).

4. What is the story behind the name, Ceiling of Anvers, if there is one to tell?

Fabio: Tired to often change name we decided to spin a globe world map and stop it with a finger, the result was Anvers, an Antarctic island.The ceiling means the clouds; over Anvers.

5. Who are your musical influences?

Fabio: Certainly Volumes, Northlane and other bands like Modern Day Babylon.

6. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Fabio: In our lyrics we like to be deep as much we can about the human condition.

7. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Fabio: Of course, all of the songs were composed by the two guitarist, Simone and Emanuele. They usually write in front of a computer and record their own ideas, then we arrange the songs all togheter until we get the right outcome.Very simple.

8. You have an EP, "We All Live In Balance" , what can people expect from the new EP?

Fabio: Well.. Very difficult question. This is an EP for people who like heavy music, it's a down tune metal core mixed with nostalgic melodies. We'd like that people who listen to our EP feel it like it had came from another dimension. It's not easy to explain.

9. If you had to pick one song of the new EP to show someone to introduce them to your music, which would you pick?

Fabio: I think that "The throne and the temple" is a good one.

10. How does it feel to finally have a debut release under your belts and added to the Ceiling of Anvers name?

Fabio: We are pleased of it, but we feel like our path has just begun. We can't wait to write the next chapter of Ceiling of Anvers.

11. Why did you want an EP to be the debut release and not a full-length album?

Fabio: We just thought that we were not ready for a full-length album as a band, also our music wasn't mature enough from our point of view. We all live in balance is an experiment for us and it's getting better than we expected.

12. Off this EP was your first single "The Oracle" was that single re-released or re-recorded for this EP, or is it the precise way it was when it was first introduced?

Fabio: We decided to not re-record it because we were very pleased with the production and it fits perfectly with the rest of the EP.

13. Did you guys have any leftovers from this release that will be used for future releases or have you gone forth and written material for future purposes?

Fabio: We already have new material that is going to be part of our new full length album.

14. What do you guys have planned for the unforeseen future?

Fabio: Playing a lot of gigs to promote our EP and write an album, that's all.

15. Anything else you'd like to add or would want to say?

Fabio: First of all, a very big thank you for the interview, we appreciate it. For those who follow us: keep it up guys! Your support is the only thing that makes us go on. Thanks!
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International sensation Hatsune Miku, the virtual idol at the forefront of Crypton Future Media's vocaloid software, will make her American television debut on The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS on October 8.

Hatsune Miku's appearance on the nationally-televised show will give American audiences a preview of the MIKU EXPO performance awaiting fans at L.A.'s Nokia Theater and New York's Hammerstein Ballroom later this month. Celebrating the music, imagery, and interactive excitement of Hatsune Miku with back-to-back events in October, MIKU EXPO is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for fans to immerse themselves in the Miku World!

MIKU EXPO tickets and information:
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DRAGONFORCE has announced they will be returning to North America in 2015 on tour with Kamelot.  The tour begins April 27th in Baltimore, MD and wraps up May 23rd in Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), FL.

Guitarist Herman Li on the tour:

"It's always a problem where to start a World Tour and as we started the last touring cycle in North America we started this one in the UK, but there was another factor, we wanted to go out touring in North America with a superb band, so when the call came from Kamelot for us to join them on their tour we didn't hesitate! This will be a fantastic tour and a fantastic evening for the fans........see you all there!!!!"


4/27: Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage
4/28: Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero
4/29: New York, NY @ Webster Hall
5/1: Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
5/2: Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
5/3: Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theater
5/5: Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall
5/6: Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
5/7: Minneapolis, MN @ Mill City Nights
5/9: Winnipeg, MB @ Garrick Centre
5/10: Saskatoon, SK @ Louis Pub
5/11: Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Hall Ballroom
5/12: Edmonton, AB @ Union Hall
5/14: San Francisco, CA @ The Grand Ballroom at the Regency
5/15: Anaheim, CA @ The Grove
5/16: Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theater
5/18: Denver, CO @ Ogden Theater
5/20: Austin, TX @ Emos
5/21: Birmingham, AL @ Iron City Live
5/22: New Orleans, LA @ New Orleans Civic Theatre
5/23: Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues (Orlando)
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Massive have released their new video for "Still Alive". Check it out HERE.
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Obituary has released a new song called "Violence". Check it out HERE.
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The Haunted have released their new video for the song "Eye Of The Storm". Check it out HERE.
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Alexa Ferr is excited to announce the release of her brand new single, "No Good!" For the new tune, the Canadian-born 19-year-old "Rugged Pop" artist brings back an ‘old school’ sound from the 90’s, mixed with new beats/harmonies, that tells the relatable story of boys trying to flirt with girls who give in even know they are just “no good”.

In a statement to the media, Ferr explains further: “I am so excited about this fun end of summer jam song that is definitely one for my girls out there who know what it's like to be in those situations.”
"No Good" was co-written by Ferr and produced by the popular Los Angeles-based production team, The Invaders (Josh Levi, Blake McGrath, Ashley Roberts).

Have a listen to the single below!
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Candlelight Records is pleased to announce the signing of Blood Red Throne

Daniel “Død” Olaisen started his musical career in the legendary Norwegian black metal band Satyricon in 1996 at just 19 years of age when he joined as a live guitarist. Since 1993 Død had been writing death metal riffs and in 1998 he started working on material for his own death metal band and with his friend Tchort (Emperor, Carpathian Forest), who also played bass in Satyricon, Blood Red Throne was officially a born.

Shortly after, the young and talented bass player Erlend Caspersen was found and the search for a drummer and singer could start! After a while BRT got in touch with Freddy Bolsø; he was just the drummer they were looking for and the band could now begin rehearsing material.

A demo was soon recorded with Ronnie Thorsen from Trail of Tears on vocals which became ‘Deathmix 2000’. A deal with Hammerheart Records was then signed.

A debut album had to be recorded, but they still hadn't found a permanent singer. Just three weeks before entering studio, BRT asked long-time friend, Mr.Hustler to join the band, despite never having played in a band or done vocals ever before. But ‘Monument of Death’ became a fuckin' killer debut album, released in 2001! The limited edition included a package called 'The Suicide Kit', which not only contained the actual album, but also a printed razor blade and a poster. The kits were hand numbered in the band member's own blood!

Espen "Beist" Antonsen (The Sickening) replaced Freddy Bolsø on drums and the band recorded ‘Affiliated With The Suffering’ in 2002, playing a host of European festivals with it. Nothing lasts forever and Beist left the band when BRT were about to record their first album on Earache Records. With help from Bernt Moen they managed to record their darkest and most intense album, ‘Altered Genesis’, released in 2005. Soon after Vald replaced Mr. Hustler on vocals and Anders Haave became the new permanent drummer in time for a new European tour and the recording of fourth album, ‘Come Death’.

After more touring 2008 was devoted to the writing and recording of fifth album ‘Souls Of Damnation’. After this release, Tchort decided to have a break to focus on his family and work. Nevertheless, the band went out on their first headliner European Tour in October 2009 with Hate. Soon after the tour, Anders decided to leave the band and he was replaced by Swedish wonder boy, Emil Wiksten. Ivan "Meathook" Gujic also joined in 2010, at first as a session guitar player while Tchort still had his break, and within a year BRT went on tour with Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved across the states and Canada.

In 2011 new album ‘Brutalitarian Regime’ was released on US label Sevared Records. Unfortunately, Erlend Caspersen and Vald decided to leave BRT in October 2011. They were replaced by Ole Bent Madsen on bass guitar and Bolt on vocals in December of that year and the new line-up went back to Europe and toured with Suffocation in March 2012.

May 2013, marked Blood Red Throne’s 15th anniversary and seventh studio album, simply entitled ‘Blood Red Throne’ which was played on their headline European Tour in May/June that summer.

After playing this summer’s Bloodstock Open Air with great bands such as Down, Hellyeah, Megadeth and Emperor, Blood Red Throne signed to Candlelight Records. In December 2014 the band is going on their first headline tour of South America with a new album planned soon.
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My Little Pony Equestria Girls upcoming movie sequel "Rainbow Rocks" due out in limit release on September 27th has released yet another trailer with more footage! Check out the trailer HERE.
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As Blood Runs Black has released a new song called "All or Nothing". Check it out HERE.
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Tiny Moving Parts releases their new video for "Always Focused". Check it out HERE.
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Crucified Barbara has released their new video for the song "I Sell My Kids For Rock n' Roll". Check it out HERE.
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