February 2024



Thrash metal, speed metal, heavy metal act Midnight, formed back in 2003 by Athenar, when he was in another band called Boulder, as a solo side project. He had only wanted to release EPs, splits, singles, doing so for the first several years, eight to be precise of the band’s formation. Athenar has also been known to perform as a “one man band” act, performing other shows with midnight mistresses and creating other projects like Whitespade. Whom I had seen just last year as this Metal Merchant Market, whose performance was quite good.

But nevertheless, Midnight has an all new album due out soon enough titled “Hellish Expectations” for this year 2024, and with this show, this one happening tonight in Los Angeles, California would be the band’s first live performance for this year, according to Athenar himself tonight. This show being a “backyard show”, taking place at someone’s household, a mansion in Lincoln Heights, California out at the Poor Kids Mansion! This spot having various other back yard performances taken place over time, but tonight’s show had tickets selling out quickly online, with more tickets luckily available at the door! So it was sold out but not completely so, which had people hurrying to the front gates, aligned to get inside.

After doors had opened at 6PM, a mass began to form, where the stage was set up at the lower lot, to other people standing near the entrance, where a few booths were set-up with numerous merchandise of bands, t-shirts, posters, CDs, vinyls, cassette tapes, pins, patches, and more! Grabbing some items, then heading down to the lower section, catching some of the openers; such as Lurking Terror, Nekrofilth, and Midnight closing out the night. The crowd had grown throughout the evening, arriving a bit later than expected though, the crowd was welcoming, and downright happy to be there. Food and merchandise was available as previously mentioned. With the last of the openers wrapping up Midnight would arrive on the stage a little after 10:30PM.


Performing for the next hour, ending a little after 11:30PM, the band threw together such a performance it was flawless. The mosh pit was never ending, with stage divers and crowd surfers being about the same as well. Midnight performing with such angst and energy, everyone moving and not were into the performance. The band themselves were into it, interacting with the crowd, fists raised high, enjoying the crowd’s energy ever flowing. The songs performed were fast, heavy, and gave off such a fun time, that it made for a night of cold air, with a hot mass that kept all there cool and collected.

All in all though, Midnight is an actively well made band, with a one person running it all behind the scenes, but come to performance tactics, he makes it all work out for him, and the band whose time spent on the stage well worth it. Surely a backyard show such as this one, will be one not to be forgotten, because the merchandise was sold out in the long run of it, making that an even better reasoning to rejoice in attendance.


The legendary Florida death metal band Deicide will release their 13th album Banished By Sin on April 26, 2024. As well as being featured as the cover story in the world's foremost Heavy Metal authority Decibel Magazine, Deicide will be headlining night two of the 2024 Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Philly.

Decibel writes, "Prepare for a high-gravity dose of bourbon barrel discipline on April 12-13, 2024, when Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Philly—the world’s loudest, heaviest, two-day craft beer event—returns to the Fillmore Philly to deliver more lunatics of quad’s libation for its seventh year! Florida death metal forebears Deicide will close out the second evening via a special set comprised exclusively of early ’90s crushers from their landmark Deicide, Legion and Once Upon the Cross records."

 "I've been sitting in a dark corner for several years now," states Glen Benton. "A few things have come into my life that have shaken and changed me. I got inspired writing this new record—it was like flipping a switch. I no longer have the aggravation of other peoples' hangups interfering with what I have and want to do. I stopped chasing everybody else's happiness a long time ago. The guy who started this shit is back! And it's good to be back!"

Previously, in an act of audacious defiance that surely ignited controversy, death metal titans Deicide released their provocative second single "Sever The Tongue" on Ash Wednesday, February 14th, adding a layer of blasphemy to the day's observances, amplifying the band's notorious reputation for challenging religious conventions and reinforcing their position at the vanguard of the death metal genre.

If the gruesome visuals of Deicide's Christmas 2023 video release "Bury the Cross...With Your Christ" didn’t offend then, lines like this from "Sever the Tongue" certainly will, "Wrath of the holy / God is no more / Satan possess me / No savior reborn / F**k your religion / Sever the tongue."

Glen Benton, the ever-provocative frontman, taunts, “A life undone on the crucifix hung…sever the tongue...”

This release not only serves as a harbinger of the darkly anticipated album Banished By Sin, set for release on April 26th on Reigning Phoenix Music, but also marked the opening of pre-orders for what promises to be a monumental addition to the death metal canon. Fans eager to secure their copy can do so now, ensuring they are among the first to experience Deicide's latest sacrilegious offering. Pre-orders are available HERE

In addition to the single, Deicide has collaborated with David Brodsky from My Good Eye: Music Visuals for a visually arresting video that complements the track's blasphemous undertones. With Brodsky at the helm, the video promises to be a cinematic journey through darkness and defiance. Allison Woest returns to produce, alongside a talented team dedicated to bringing the song's thematic elements to life visually. Watch "Sever The Tongue" right HERE.

This new album, Banished By Sin looms on the horizon, ready to cement Deicide's legacy and influence in the death metal scene. The album is a testament to the band's unwavering commitment to their craft, promising a collection of tracks that are both ferocious and unapologetically blasphemous.

The new album is crafted in the infernal workshops of Smoke & Mirrors, showcasing Deicide's relentless pursuit of extreme musical devastation. Banished By Sin benefits from the engineering prowess of Jeramie Kling and the adept musicianship of Taylor Nordberg, with the sonic alchemy perfected by the masterful mixing and mastering of Josh Wilbur.

"Musically, we're back to the 1990s style," Benton says. "There's modern stuff in there, too. It's Deicide the way it was meant to be. My hooky songs are there, Steve's prog-styled songs are there, and we got Kevin's theme-styled songs. Having Taylor in the band has impacted Deicide greatly. He's a fantastic songwriter and player. He can do anything. The four of us contributed three songs each. I'm back with the high screaming and layering. I'm just absolutely going off on this one. I've been told it's one of my best vocal performances. I'm like Rumpelstiltskin—here to spin your hay into gold. Everybody's going to be pleasantly surprised."

Deicide stands ready to challenge the faithful and reward the wicked. Join them in their blasphemous crusade and prepare to be Banished By Sin.


For the first time since the band wrapped the last concert of its Final World Tour back in November 2019, Slayer - Tom Araya/ bass & vocals, guitarists Kerry King and Gary Holt, and Paul Bostaph on drums - announce they will return to the stage this fall, headlining two major festivals, Riot Fest and Louder Than Life.

“Nothing compares to the 90 minutes when we’re on stage playing live, sharing that intense energy with our fans,” said Araya, “and to be honest, we have missed that.”  Added King, "Have I missed playing live? Absolutely. Slayer means a lot to our fans; they mean a lot to us. It will be five years since we have seen them."



22 Riot Fest, Chicago, IL

27 Louder Than Life, Louisville, KY


34 years since their latest album "Violent By Nature", released in 1990, Tucson, Arizona-based thrash metal masters ATROPHY return with their brand new album"Asylum"! Slated for a release on March 15, 2024 via Massacre Records, the pre-sale is available at https://lnk.to/atrophyasylum
"Asylum" marks the next evolutionary step for ATROPHY. Keeping the speed of "Socialized Hate" and the grooves of "Violent By Nature", this album adds a big dose of heaviness to the mix resulting in a satisfying aural kick in your face! Following the previously-released, first single and album opening track, “Punishment For All”, today, ATROPHY are sharing a lyric video for their new single "Seeds Of Sorrow"! The track is out now on all digital services via https://atrophy.bfan.link/seedsofsorrow, watch the lyric video premiering HERE.



Louisville thrash metalheads and saucy pie enthusiasts, BELUSHI SPEED BALL, have announced plans to release their 3rd album, Stellkira, on May 10th!

Commenting on the upcoming record, bassist and lead vocalist Vinny Crastellano says:

“We are proud to present the world with, 'Stellkira.' An album that truly encompasses the DNA that embodies the entity Belushi Speed Ball. Our fans can expect an unrelenting punch to the gut dripping with pepperoni grease. This is what happens when you go beyond sixteen chapels and make the mythical seventeenth! Hold on to your lug nuts, It’s time for an overhaul!”

Today, the band has served up a piping hot slice of the highly anticipated new album; the delicious single "My Favorite Color Is Pizza."

Crastellano adds about the new single:

“Belushi Speed Ball’s music has been compared to frozen pizza. Which is a hilarious attempt at insulting us. Frozen pizza is absolutely delicious and Pizza Thrash is some of the most fun music ever created. We fully embrace this concept and proudly present our newest single, “My Favorite Color is Pizza”! A Pizza Thrash anthem that will have even the most elitist gatekeeper shamefully slurping up every riff out of the tub drain.”

Stream "My Favorite Color Is Pizza":

"My Favorite Color Is Pizza" Music Video:

In an unprecedented move, the connoisseurs of crust BELUSHI SPEED BALL have released the new single "My Favorite Color Is Pizza" on an actual slice of pizza encased in resin. That's right, a playable, amplified slice of 'za. The release follows previous "alternative formats" including singles/records released on Teddy Ruxpin, Gameboy Advanced, N64 cartridges, Furby, 90's Lunch Box, Sega CD and more.

Crastellano says of the tasty release:

"Belushi Speed Ball is the first pizza thrash band (or any band) to release music on actual pizza!

We have encased the slice in resin to preserve it’s freshness. Just click the button and let the pizza play for you our newest single, 'My Favorite Color is Pizza.' We will have the single available in Detroit and New York style."

Visit https://belushispeedball.bandcamp.com/merch to get your grubby paws on one of a kind merch and releases.


1. My Favorite Color Is Pizza
2. This is the Peak
3. Eels and Escalators
4. Get to the Point
5. Glass Bones and Paper Skin IV
6. The Adventures of Rick and Mortarion
7. Garth, Let My Family Go
8. Griffith Did Literally Everything Wrong
9. The Hash Slinging Slasher
10. The Accountant's Due (Stab the Katana)
11. Tater Tot Eyes


Today, German modern metal act DUST BOLT unleashes their brand new, much discussed studio album, Sound & Fury, out now on AFM Records and available at https://dust-bolt.bfan.link/sound-fury
Since their formation in 2007, DUST BOLT have been resolute and ruthless in their pursuit of metal glory over the last 16 years. Childhood friends with a collective passion for metal in all its various forms, the quartet have established themselves as one of Europe’s leading thrash metal bands. Sound & Fury refines and noisily redefines the band's sound for a new era. UK magazine The Razors Edge writes, "with their fifth album set for release, this could well be their breakthrough moment", while Rock Hard Germany is convinced that "Sound & Fury is an album that is as bold as it is varied and unconventional". "A strong, enthralling and varied album!" says Zephyrs Odem, and also Musikreviews.de confirms, it's a "brave album and artistically valuable."
To celebrate today's record release day in style, followed by an extensive touring schedule with live dates in Europe but also in support of SUICIDAL ANGELS on their upcoming UK tour in April (find all current & upcoming DUST BOLT shows listed below!), now, the band is presenting the song "I am the One", an anthemic new single fusioning thrash metal with grunge and even blues rock! Frontman Lenny B. comments:
"'I am the One' is a example of my favourite styles of music, and so on my roots, combined into one heavy song. I had a of friend of mine, who is now actually the bassplayer in Dust Bolt haha, saying to me: just do what you love, man, and combine it! If not you, who else can bring the blues into Thrash?! That was really inspiring to me. It hit the message of the whole album 100 percent. So I kinda did that, went over to the boys and said „let’s jam, I got somethin HERE!“

"The entire album SOUND & FURY is an ode to creativity," Lenny adds. "We all are special. Each and everyone of us has got its own story to tell.  We finally did that. We’re not trying to be like others. We don’t copy. We try to be our truest selfs we can possible be. Without limits. That’s Sound & Fury. And that’s what Dust Bolt stands for."
Written during those isolated months of pandemic lockdown, Sound & Fury represents the peak of the band’s creativity, and a major leap forward in every department. The first DUST BOLT record to feature new bassist Tom Liebing, alongside Lenny Bruce, guitarist Florian Dehn and drummer Nico Remann, Sound & Fury grew from a long period of self-reflection that began when the world shut down.
 "Sound and Fury was created during the probably darkest and most difficult time for the band." Lenny revealed earlier. "First time in our lives, since we were kids, we were somehow separated from another and the dream we lived together seemed to stopped. It was during the pandemic days, when the band even decided to take a break from one another, when Flo came up with this beautiful piece of music - not knowing how he would channel and express our feelings, leading to LB putting some Dust Bolt unusual, but heartfelt vocals on it and having Nico introducing a disco beat to a metal song in the end.  We didn’t know what was happening - we just did it.  We did know, there’d be a million voices saying we can’t put this up on a Dust Bolt record. But more than that we knew „as long as we stick together, we can do anything the *** we want“ . Sound and Fury is a story about friendship, struggle & inner turmoil. SuF is a story about us. SuF is a different, open and honest Dust Bolt, sharing their emotion with you and your friends."
Although still rooted in thrash and old school metal, the new record adds dazzling colour and diversity to the band’s trademark sound. With pummelling grooves, spine-tingling dynamics and a startling, part-melodic vocal performance from Lenny Bruce who also produced and recorded the album, with an analogue mix by Moritz Enders [Revolverheld, Silbermond], the new songs mark the beginning of a new era of DUST BOLT destruction!
 Check out the video for "I Am the One" HERE.


23 Feb  2024 Helios37 - Köln (Ger)
24 Feb  2024 Nachtleben - Frankfurt (Ger)
25 Feb  2024 From Hell - Erfurt (Ger)
27 Feb  2024 Cassiopeia - Berlin (Ger)
28 Feb  2024 Bahnhof Pauli - Hamburg (Ger)
29 Feb  2024 Lux - Hannover (Ger)
01 Mar  2024 Rockpalast - Bochum (Ger)
02 Mar  2024 L.A. - Cham (Ger)
15 Mar 2024 Metal Mammut Festival - Königsbrunn (Ger)
21 Mar 2024 Karlsruhe - Stadmitte (Ger)
23 Mar  2024 Oilsjt Omploft Festival - Aalst (Bel)
30 Mar  2024 Easter Cross Festival - Oberndorf a. Neckar (Ger)
18 Apr   2024 P.M.K - Innsbruck (Aut)
19 Apr   2024 Explosiv - Graz (Aut)
20 Apr  2024 Chelsea - Wien (Aut)
26 Apr  2024 Mosh´n´May Festival - Schapen (Ger)
27 Apr  2024 Weser Metal Meeting - Reinhardshagen (Ger)
21 Jun  2024 Full Force Festival - Ferropolis (Ger)
06 Jun  2024 Les Chariots Furieux Festival - Gaudry (Fra)
19 Jul   2024 Baden in Blut Festival - Weil am Rhein (Ger)
24 Jul   2024 Tolminator Festival - Tolmin (Slo)
26 Jul   2024 Headbangers Open Air - Brande-Hörnerkirchen (Ger)
27 Jul    2024 Afdreiht un Buten Festival - Vechta (Ger)
09 Aug  2024 Doibach Open Air - Doibach (Ger)
10 Aug  2024 Bucovina Motor Fest - Cetatea de Scaun a Sucevei (Rom)
24 Aug 2024  Barbeuk Metal Fest - Champtoceaux (Fra)


Today Sweden’s masters of thunderous, melodic futurism, AMARANTHE, release their highly anticipated album The Catalyst via Nuclear Blast Records. Along with the album release, a music video has dropped for the title track. Watch it here:

The band states: "The proverbial eagle has landed! After a few years of hard toil, sweat, and at least a small amount of blood, we are enormously proud and downright electrified to know that our newborn and latest album - The Catalyst is available worldwide! This has truly been a journey of pure passion and creative experimentation, along with a dose of soul-searching for good measure. We hope that you will find it to your taste, and if you do - don’t forget to stop by The Catalyst World Tour when it hits a town near YOU!”

Order your copy of The Catalyst now: https://amaranthe.bfan.link/the-catalyst.a01


Grammy-nominated, Lancaster five-piece AUGUST BURNS RED — JB Brubaker [lead guitar], Brent Rambler [rhythm guitar], Matt Greiner [drums], Jake Luhrs [vocals], and Dustin Davidson [bass] — will embark on a short but sweet tour in May, dubbed "Spring Fling 2024." Fuming Mouth will support. The band will also appear at Welcome to Rockville and Sonic Temple. All dates are below.

 "We can't wait to hit the road with our new pals in Fuming Mouth for a handful of shows in May," the band says. "It will be great to get back to some cities we haven't played in years, and to play a few killer festivals along the way. See ya this Spring!"


5/9 —  Daytona Beach, FL —  Welcome to Rockville Festival*
5/10 —  Birmingham, AL —  Iron City
5/11 —  Dothan, AL —  The Plant
5/13 —  Columbia, SC —  The Senate
5/14 —  Lexington, KY —  Manchester Music Hall
5/15 —  Chattanooga, TN —  The Signal
5/16 —  Columbus, OH —  Sonic Temple Festival*
*Festival Dates


Metal. Synthwave. Haunting. The X-Files. Young Medicine's upcoming album Coldblooded runs an epic gauntlet of genres. The album goes on pre-order today from FiXT.

The album kicks off with with a track inspired by the X-Files series, "UFO Party" before pivoting to a light hearted yet epic "I'm Going To Hit Rock Bottom, You Guys Want Anything?" Delivering everything from ghost stories, in the The Haunting Of Bly Manor, inspired title track "Cold Blooded" to revenge with a stunning performance from Evan Kappelman on Saxophone on the unique track "Hold On To Anything" a sonic journey through haunting narratives, self-reflection, and powerful musical landscapes.  Coldblooded is the album that was promised, the icing on a Synthwave Metal laden cake.

Featuring a blazing array of synthesizers, drums, and heavy guitars, wrapped seamlessly around thought-provoking lyrics and showcasing the band's "Warped-Tour-meets-Synthwave" sound Coldblooded is an electrifying addition to the bands repertoire.  Including everything from hard-hitting djent rhythms, retro synth tones, combining heavy '80s synths with a mix of Post-Hardcore and modern Metal, Young Medicine takes fans on a sonic journey through haunting narratives, self-reflection, and powerful musical landscapes. Young Medicine is just getting started. Stay tuned.

Releasing with the pre-order is "Everything is Perfect" a fierce and energetic Hard Rock addition to an already genre defying album. In their own words, Young Medicine explains, "What does it mean to BE human? With AI and the potential melding of AI with humans, we figured we would dig back into the same 'Not Human" territory we've treaded in the past, but from a different angle... This song a straight-up scream into the void for help and affirmation, pleading for someone to tell you what is real and that everything is okay (perfect). Stylistically, it is everything Young Medicine is known for: big Synthwave production, anime-style choruses, and Metalcore rhythms, but kicked up a notch from what we usually do." 

Rising synthwave rockers Young Medicine pull the best from diverse genres to build a carefully constructed music identity that defies simple categorization. Thumping double-bass beats and crunchy guitar riffs hammer out hard-hitting rhythms while chorus lines partner with sparkling retro synth tones for a stunning mix of audio ideas. If synthwave and metal got together and started a boy band, the result might sound something like Young Medicine, who have put themselves on the map as pioneers for a new era by bringing rockstar swagger to the retrowave movement.

"Everything Is Perfect" is out now on all platforms from FiXT.

Watch the “Everything Is Perfect" Lyric Video HERE.


1. UFO Party
2. I'm Going to Hit Rock Bottom, You Guys Want Anything?
3. Ignorance Adrift
4. Winter Soldier
5. Hot Chocolate
6. Cold Blooded
7. At the End of Everything
8. Parasocial (feat. Essenger)
9. Chrysalis
10. Hold on to Anything
11. A Lesson in Futility
12. Everything is Perfect



American Brutal Death Metal band Abortion Slamputation released their new EP "Total Slamputation". The new release was recorded in the band's home studio, and mixed/mastered by Alex Tribucher.


Abortion Slamputation was formed in 2023 at Greenville, South Carolina as a 2 piece death metal band formed by vocalist Caleb Hall and guitarist Alex Tribucher. The band released 2 EPs before gaining a 3rd member, bassist Angela Valiante. They are currently working on their first album, “Decay of the Modern World” which they plan to drop in 2024.


Israeli Metalcore band BRCDS released their new single "Razor (Bleed You Dry)". The song is about the growing protests against Israel after the events of October 7th, and is dedicated to anyone with strong opinions on matters they know nothing about. The song was recorded and produced by Amit Bachar of "Safari Studios".

Check out the new single linked below:


BRCDS was formed in 2015 in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Their debut album, 'Radiant Gray', released in 2022, served as a testament to their musical prowess.  Leaving an indelible mark on the local music scene, BRCDS has become a household name with a devoted fan base who can recite their lyrics by heart.



Italian Black Metal band Giliath released their debut album "Sefiroth"on Nova Era Records. The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Francesco Petrelli in "Divergent Studios".

Check out the album linked below:



Giliath was formed in 2020 at Bari, Italy by Dario Stella (Vocals) and Alessandro Dionisio (Guitars). The band's compositional style gathers the typical foundations of the European black metal school, with a particular focus on the Scandinavian vein. These are influenced by various elements that have characterized symphonic and atmospheric black metal, allowing the creation of a specific genre with a strong regional identity. In 2022 Vito Volpicella (Bass) joined the band and in 2023 Domenico Devito (Guitar) and Lorenzo Chiafele (Drums) joined the band and lineup was completed

By physical cd here