Glam gets wicked with Bratzillaz's Yasmina Clairvoya Review

"Glam gets wicked tonight" is the slogan from MGA's Entertainment newest toy line called Bratzillaz whom are the scary cool cousins of the other MGA product Bratz. This all new line takes the Bratz doll concept but glams it up in a freaky way by taking the girls into a scarier place, as witches, who at the age of 16 discover this secret and attend a academy in the woods where these cousins gather to attend a school for witches, cast and learn spells, and just cause mischief.

There are five ghouls to choose from; Cloetta Spelletta who has the power to change you into whatever you wish. While Jade J' Adore has the power to help you find your one true love. Sashabella Paw's has the animal kingdom under her wicked ways of a spooky spell while Meygana Broomstix makes dreams come true and uses her powers to fly right across the sky. Last but not least is of course Yasmina Clairvoya who see's the future and what it has in store and this little witch is the one who came flying my way and will foretold about.

Yasmina Clairvoya''s magical power is of course to see whatever lays in your upcoming future. Her witch mark is the Egyptian Eyes, favorite pet she keeps at her side is one called Winkers a little monster with eyeball who see's it all. While her favorite class is Purses and Potions while having a passion for vintage romance. Could you say more? Indeed yes the doll itself features her in purple attire, hairstyle, including the box is decked out in a purple style, her attire is a purple top with yellowish pants and brown/black boots, her hairstyle being tied up in a pig-tails fashion toping her head with a purple witchy hat. Accessories included is a doll stand, her pet Winkers is also in purple in a styled cap and matching vest which is not included surprisingly enough. Other items included is a hair brush in a cute shape and form a broom stick, while also having her eye wear be included as well.

Yasmina Clairvoya is one ghoul  you will not want to mess with because she may just put a spell on you without you even realizing it. Expect to see more from this new line, from an online cartoon series, to games, additional accessories like outfits, pets, play sets, and more scary cool goodies that will make your head spin. For fans of Mattel's Monster High, Jakk's Pacific Winx Club, MGA's Bratz.

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