The Stone - Teatar apsurda

For the past 20 years, The Stone, one of many black metal bands to take the spectrum of the black metal genre at will, is still as quite active as ever possible with the release of what is their eighth full-length album to date "Teatar apsurda".

While the black metal genre has had an array of black metal acts to see fit, The Stone, is not like many other black metal acts who have seen the course of time, cross their paths as it would see fit. In the case of "Teatar apsurda", it is an album of sorts, that is not like what would you expect, i.e. Dark Funeral, Behemoth, or even Gorgoroth status. The Stone's black metal styling is more or less, like Blodskut crossed with minor appeal that is Children Of Bodom or Cradle Of Filth.

In the terms of the style of sound, their instrumental working's is just fun to listen in on really. The instruments playing at will, drawing you in with their fast progression of pulsation, whereas the vocals are spot on, keeping up with said instrumental beats. Vocals doing what they do best, sing but in a more up front passion that keep it intense yet edgy. Put the two together and you end up with some really impressive craft, that keeps you wanting more of it. In short, you get decently sized material that will make you delighted you had heard from The Stone in the first place.

Which makes the album that is "Teatar apsurda", a solid piece of work, with well crafted tracks, that include such as "Mrtvog negativ", "Ja, car i bog", and "Harmonija u haosu". These selections of course being quite well put together. The progressive mannerisms is well thought out, keeps the music in check, with everything else falling into its rightful place easy. It becomes tracks that begin to comfort you, keeping you on the tips of your toes and edge of your seat, eagerly pleased ear to ear.

So no other way to say it best, than this, The Stone's eighth album in their catalog of releases that is "Teatar apsurda", is probably one album, you shall not forget, or perhaps remember the most, when listening just once, if not more than that.

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