Blinding Sparks Releases New Song "I Fuck It"

Blinding Sparks has released a new song in the form of a lyrical video titled "I Fuck It". When asked about the music's tone and lyrics of this particular song, they went on to say;

"The lyrics represents all the negative thoughts that every human being feel at times. I Fuck It to these days when nothing works as expected, I Fuck It to those people who can not more be trusted, I Fuck It to love relationships, I Fuck It to life…"

Going on to add saying that;

"The tone is given once the electric guitar begins.Violence, hatred and a nameless brothel. The aggressive song gives all the strength to the title.The female voice in the chorus gives liveliness to the whole song before the verses resume. This original and daring title is catchy and remains in the lead. The little French touch with a hint of humor at the end of the title surprises and attracts even more curiosity."

Check out the track right over HERE.

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