False Flag Premieres Self-Titled EP via Noisey!

False Flag's unique blend of d-beat, neo-crust, black metal, screamo, and hardcore, complete with philosophical nature of the lyrics, make them one of the most fiery and intelligent punk bands in recent years.

"The songs on this EP are reflections on alienation- ideological, societal and existential. The words here are informed by the experiences I've had during what proved to be the most difficult and crucial years of my intellectual,ideological and personal growth. It's not difficult to see that they are also informed by ideas of albert camus and the Frankfurt school. While, Unbroken was composed around the words written by a very dear friend of mine", says  guitarist Shaunak.

"It's not every day a scintillating debut EP from an Indian black metal-tinged neocrust band with anti-misogynist, anti-casteist lyrics based around societal oppression, existentialism, and the Marxist critical theories of the Frankfurt School lands in your inbox out of the blue—but I guess Santa thought I've been good this year." — Kim Kelly / Noisey

Premiered by Noisey exclusively HERE, the three track self-titled debut EP is currently available to stream and download on Bandcamp via HERE.

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