The Mystixx Vampire Girls' Azra and Kalani Review

Toy company Playhut has taken on the theme that a lot of other toy manufactures have done lately with their own release of dolls called "Mystixx the Vampires". This new line features four girls who aren't your ordinary set of girls but are of the undead they are vampires.

Mystixx Vampires
The girls go by the names of Azra, Kalani, Siva, and Talin. Azra and Kalani are currently available right now while Talin and Siva will be available soon. Azra is the type of girl who loves being outdoors and is the very competitive type who drives on being the best in anything she puts herself into whether it'd be on the school's basketball court to soccer field to the tennis courts she takes it head on. But her pride and joy is snowboarding where you will always find her riding the slopes. She keeps an adventurous spirit that keeps her interests at bay while also being very direct she always says what's on her mind often getting her into mischief if not serious trouble this leads to having her hurt other's feelings. But overall she is a friend you can always count upon no matter what. The doll itself comes with 1 doll that's slightly bigger than Mattel's Monster High doll line, while also coming with not one but two different wigs and outfits, and several accessories that includes 1 hair brush among other items. But that's not all these dolls can do the doll figure itself has a twist of a mind if you will, the doll's head and face is two-faced yes you can twist the head around and have a doll with two different faces hence the motto on the box of "Change her from a girl to a vampire".

 Now Kalani is a strict vegetarian girl who only eats the greens when it comes to veggies. But she also loves school and is extremely smart. Before even entering high school her parents who are professors had home schooled her but knew she needed a social lifestyle as well so enrolled her in typical educational fashion. She is a typical shy but nerdy girl who is often quiet and thoughtful feeling the most comfy when in a classroom or while reading a good book. While her shy personality and highly intelligence scares others off while at school she just pulls through each and every day that pops up. But secretly enough she is jealous of all of the popular girls at school and would rather be like them especially when it comes to being around the boys. Her doll also comes with 1 doll with two different outfits and wigs to mix and match with. Also coming with 1 hair brush and various other accessories to pick from. While her head too also has the twisting feature with the two faced option that keeps this girl high spirited with edge.

All in all these Mystixx the Vampires are the new ghouls in town and are here to show off their vampy struts. For the fans of Mattel's Monster High, MGA Entertainment's Novi Stars, Bratz and Bratzillaz's  and Jakks Pacific's Winx Club!

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