Houey Freeman - Dirty Dollars (Reloaded)

"Godbody Jones", is the upcoming album from Houey Freeman, that brings forth an example of the finest lyrical skill set with bass feeling you could ever expect possible. Thus, that would bring forth yet the first single taken from this release, that single being called "Dirty Dollars (Reloaded)".

Now before Houey Freeman was even he, he was formerly known as Ash Ra, releasing content under that namesake of course, then switching over to a whole another identity altogether. So how does Houey Freeman compare to once was then but is now here. Well "Dirty Dollars (Reloaded)", consists of Houey Freemance on vocals, but has featured spots from others as well, including such as Breeze (Grynd Seazon), Yeaux Majesty & Noah Archangel (The Band of the Hawk) and Htown. Altogether it makes the track become more in-depth, bringing out that hip hop styling to the finest possibilities available.

In other words, collaborator J Hope even pitches in, helping out that there is no way that this track could not sound in anyway bad, but rather good. Like said prior, the track is very in-depth in terms of the sound, because it is hip hop music, but it is so much more than that. The track alone has this rhythm that just sets up the rest of the music, making it slide and slither throughout the entirety of it. That melody and beats make it very groovy with its overpowering beat source.

As for the vocalization the vocal chords are more or less, decent sounding, you can understand the lyrics and vocals quite easily. Whereas with other artists or bands some make it slightly difficult at times. The only difficulty here is that the vocals, like a lot of other hip hop, rap acts in and out, is that the vocals tend to move a little fast, so catching a word or two here and there may be a mishap at times. That only being the only downside to it though.

For the featured spots from the other acts that chime in for their pieces, they bring a unique flavor element to the mix. It making the song, not miss its unusual pattern of melodies, but keep it content, being ever flowing, that it never backs down in tone. It keeps the beat going, as each various featured spot is taken into account. It's like the song of choice, you can hear, enjoying it at times, but find it very at point, being one you can hear here and there.

All in all though, Houey Freeman as a hip hop artist, does his share of the moment within this track. Surely being that the rest of the material to come from this album that is "Godboy Jones", will be likely a good set of material. "Dirty Dollars (Reloaded)", though, is a just a track you can toss on, listen in, and let the beats roll with all that is happening with it. Everything working with one another that makes it all worth the real listening glimpse of hip hop exposure.


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