Kawaii Crush's Hyper Happy Mall Review

Spin Master has dished out another girly item that girls and even adults alike will enjoy! Especially since we all have something we absolutely "LOVE". Thus the toy line simply called Kawaii Crush an American take on a Japanese twist as far as anime styling goes, is where it gets its name meaning what you "LOVE" as in your "crush" on that particular item.

As such, this line features several characters all female no males as of yet, the four main set appear to be Amanda Panda Pop who loves pandas, Owlena Hoot Hoot who loves owls, Katie Cat Meow Meow who loves cats, and Sunny Bunny Hop Hop who loves bunnies or rabbits. But this line has a whole lot more to it; with its characters with webisodes, dolls available in small and large and even accessories sets with a car, a mall, and other knick knacks that keeps the crushing madness on top.

The item that's most eye catching is the Hyper Happy Mall everyone has been to or know about the mall in their city, town, state, country, so Kawaii Crush has their own take on how they're mall is run. The set includes 1 play set of course, 1 doll, 3 pets, and 40 different accessories, and comes without batteries. The features themselves includes a fashion boutique, elevator, accessories and of course the doll an exclusive one called Holly Molly. There's so much to do with this set you can spend endless hours just browsing around it's fun filled goodness.

Other dolls and accessories sets sold separately with the mall set itself going for $29.99 sold online or at your local retailer i.e. Amazon, Kmart, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, etc. Kawaii Crush is surly one of those toy lines that will expand with as much love it can possible crush out.

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