Winx Club's Jakks Pacific Believix Doll Review

Nickelodeon has bought over the rights of Italian sensation series the Winx Club! Since it's transfer Nickelodeon has gone on to release 4 TV specials, a movie, and re-dub/re-release of the third and fourth seasons and signed on to continue the series with the fifth and sixth seasons and another movie. So with all of this fandom there has to be merchandise!

Thus Jakks Pacific and Nickelodeon have teamed up to release products based on the hit series the Winx Club from toys, appeal, video games, and runs with fast food chains to promote it's line even further and further. But as of right now Jakks Pacific released several new toy products dolls consisting of a concert line, Believix line, daily wear line, and other exclusive lines only available at particular outlet stores like Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us.

The Believix line ties into the fourth and fifth season of the television series and this line features all 6 of the girls, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and  Aisha, each of whom has their own magical powers and abilities to use against the bad guys who come in contact with these powerful fairy beings. Bloom has the power of the Dragon flame, while Stella is the one behind the shinning sun, Flora has the powers of the nature and earth, while Musa handles the tactics that is our music scene, Tecna takes care of all the things technology related and Aisha flows with the tones of the waves of the rivers, oceans, lakes, and all things water based.

Each doll comes with a doll, outfit that resembles quite well to the television series one, hair brush to keep that beautiful hair in tip top style, most amazing glittering, sparkling, wings and a flitterful membership card! The wings are removable along with the clothing of course which you can find accessories that have more outfits and wing exchanges you can easily mix and match anyway you like. Also each of them is also sold separately but available at all of the major retailers around selling for $19.99-25.99 depending on your location.

Fans of other product lines like Mattel's Monster High, MGA Entertainment's Bratz, Bratzillaz, and Novi Stars will definitely be flying high with the girls of the Winx Club!

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