July 2018

Silverstein will embark on a North American tour this fall but this is no ordinary trek. The band will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of its landmark debut album "When Broken Is Easily Fixed".

Silverstein will also perform two sets on this run. One set will feature the band performing When Broken Is Easily Fixed in full, followed by a second set of "greatest hits."  Special guests are Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn, and Capstan.

The tour kicks off on November 9 in Detroit and runs through December 15 in Toronto in the band's native Ontario. The tour dates are below.


11/9 —Detroit, MI — Maestic
11/10 — Buffalo, NY —  Town Ballroom
11/11 — Cleveland, OH —  House of Blues
11/12 — Pittsburgh, PA —  Rex Theatre
11/14 —  Clifton Park, NY —  Upstate
11/15 — Worcester, MA —  Palladium
11/16 — Brooklyn, NY —  Warsaw
11/17 — Asbury Park, NJ —  Asbury Lanes
11/18 — Philadelphia, PA —  TLA
11/20 — Baltimore, MD —  Soundstage
11/21 — Lynchburg, VA —  Phase 2
11/23 — Orlando, FL — The Beacham
11/24 — Atlanta, GA —  Masquerade
11/25 — New Orleans, LA —  House of Blues
11/27 — Houston, TX —  White Oak Music Hall
11/28 — San Antonio, TX —  Alamo City Music Hall
11/29 — Dallas, TX —  Gas Monkey Bar N Grill
11/30 — Albuquerque, NM —  Sunshine Theatre
12/1 — Phoenix, AZ —  The Marquee
12/2 — Anaheim, CA —  House of Blues
12/4 — Los Angeles, CA —  Regent
12/5 — Sacramento, CA —  Ace of Spades
12/7 — Salt Lake City, UT —  The Depot
12/8 — Denver, CO —  The Oriental Theater
12/9 — Lawrence, KS —  Granada Theatre
12/11 — Chicago, IL —  House of Blues
12/12 — Cincinnati, OH —  Bogart's
12/13 — London, ON —  London Music Hall
12/14 — Montreal, QC —  Le National
12/15 — Toronto, ON —  Opera House

This November/December, The Black Dahlia Murder will continue its support of their internationally acclaimed Nightbringers album with a new round of tour dates. The run will include a stop at the inaugural Los Angeles version of Decibel Magazine's Metal and Beer fest. Support along the way comes from friends in Power Trip, Pig Destroyer, Ghoul, Midnight, Khemmis, Gost, Skeletal Remains, Devourment, and Havok.

The Black Dahlia Murder front-man Trevor Strnad comments: "YES! The time has finally come and we are able to announce one of the coolest tours we have ever been a part of! As you can imagine, I had quite a hand in assembling the line-up here, and I am so proud and thrilled at what we've been able to construct. Not only do we in The Black Dahlia Murder get to go rage at Decibel Metal and Beer Fest in LA this winter, but we have surrounded ourselves with some INSANE regional line-ups featuring many of my favorite bands in the underground right now, to see us to California and back. Thanks to all parties involved, and be sure to check the fine print to see which of these amazingly sick outfits will be joining us in your town this November and December."


Nov. 24 - Dayton, OH - Oddbody's (w/ Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Nov. 26 - Iowa City, IA - Gabe's (w/ Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Nov. 27 - Ft. Collins, CO - Aggie Theater (w/ Khemmis, Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Nov. 29 - Portland, OR - Bossanova Ballroom (w/ Pig Destroyer, Khemmis, Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Nov. 30 - Berkeley, CA - UC Theater (w/ Pig Destroyer, Power Trip ,Khemmis, Ghoul, Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Dec. 1 - Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern (Decibel Magazine Metal and Beer fest)
Dec. 2 - San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick (w/ Ghoul, Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Dec. 3 - Flagstaff, AZ - Green Room (w/ Power Trip, Ghoul, Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Dec. 5 - Lubbock, TX - Jake's (w/ Power Trip, Ghoul, Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Dec. 6 - Corpus Christi, TX - House of Rock (w/ Power Trip, Ghoul, Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Dec. 7 - Austin, TX - Come and Take It Live (w/ Power Trip, Ghoul, Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Dec. 8 - Ft. Worth, TX - Rail Club (w/ Havok, Devourment, Ghoul, Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Dec. 9 - Tulsa, OK - The Vanguard (w/ Havok, Ghoul, Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Dec. 10 - Lincoln, NE - The Royal (w/ Havok, Ghoul, Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Dec. 11 - Joliet, IL - The Forge (w/ Havok, Midnight, Ghoul, Gost, Skeletal Remains)
Dec. 12 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Piere's (w/ Havok, Midnight, Ghoul, Gost, Skeletal Remains)

Xia Xia Zhang, recipient of the Global Music; Gold Medal “Emerging Artist” Award, as well as numerous other worldwide accolades, has commercially released her rendition of Cesar Franck’s Violin Sonata in A Minor: II Allegro.

Her seven minute, forty-two second long single can be purchased and downloaded on CD Baby. The Franck Violin Sonata by Cesar Franck is one of his best-known compositions, and is considered one of the finest sonatas for violin and piano ever written. This sonata was written in 1886, as a wedding present for violinist Eugene Ysaye.

Check it right HERE.

Canadian pop-punk band MINORITY 905 has released their newest compilation video, "Paramore Medley: Entire Discography in 10 Minutes (ft. Jessica Bell)."

"We are all huge fans of Paramore and for the 13th anniversary of "All We Know Is Falling" we wanted to make a special video that fans of the band can watch and remember all of the great moments throughout Paramore’s career up to this point." - Minority 905

Check out the video HERE.

May May Graves brings her world of horror to life through the forms of music. Hence forth her debut EP "Monsters", along with her appearance, really captures the element at which she seeks. In other words the EP "Monsters", is the first real peek into the world of punk rock slashers, murderous sirens, and seductive spirits, only May May Graves knows best. In fact, May May Grave herself goes into discussion about this release, her set up among other things....

1. So how did May May Graves come to be and why?

May May was always there deep inside me. I've performed under this name for about 7 years now doing drag shows and burlesque shows, but within the music realm of my art, I've kept it pretty separate. I've been wanting to work with Angelspit since I first heard them in 2008. I've been a super mega fan of theirs since then and have been in contact with Zoog for a very long time. Once I knew I was ready, I pitched the project to him. It was a huge shot in the dark and he said, "Sure, let's do it!" Which scared the hell out of me. I've been writing this music since 2012 and this concept has been incubating in my head for a while, and I was so nervous to finally set this "Monster" loose on the world! haha!

2. Why go with a name like May May Graves for this project?

May May was a nickname I grew up with for a while, and Graves is my mother's maiden name. I love that the name is not necessarily gendered. It sounds more like I'm some Killer Klown from Outer Space.

3. Would you say that this is a project as an artist or a band?

I would consider myself to be an artist under the name May May Graves.

4. How do you describe your sound to people who ask you what your band sounds like?

It's hard to pinpoint the exact sound. I've been referring to it recently as Electro Horror Pop Music. It sounds like the second Nightmare on Elm Street film, the gay one, brutalized and remixed with harsh industrial beats!

5. What got you into music and made you want to start as May May Graves?

I used to be a Church of Christ preacher. One day I gave up on that and shaved off my eyebrows to start doing drag. I would sneak out to these rock shows as a teenager and I was so enthralled with the grittiness and the glamour of it all. I was immersed into the worlds created by these artists that I idolized. I would save up my money to grab some merch from these shows and I would take it home and just stare at it. I wanted to be as loud and as fearless and disturbing as the artists I loved, so I decided to do it myself. I dropped everything and moved to the city, started doing drag and spent about 4 years focusing on figuring out who I was as a performer. I had been writing music for years with my old band and after my years in the city, I decided to meld the two together.

6. Can you disclose the "get up" that May May Graves drapes as far as attire goes for your outfit?

When I was about 9 years old, my parents took me to see KISS. It was my first ever concert and it ruined me. I took one look at Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons and saw these real life superheroes they made themselves up to be, this cartoonish, ridiculous warpaint with a disregard to fashion. That's where my makeup comes from. Everything else was self taught working in the drag scene for years. I'm just a big nightmarish cartoon character. Big eyes, tears under my left eye, blue hair, big shoes, and striped long nails make a May May.

7. Besides the look and feel of May May Graves, can you describe your debut EP in 5 words or less?

Nightmarish, B-Horror, Angry, Sexy, Macabre.

8. How does it feel to have your debut release out for all to hear? Did you feel the pressure at all throughout the process of its creation?

It's equal parts terrifying and extremely erotic. This is my first big studio release, my musical cherry. All of the songs are registered and official, I recorded under a badass label, and I worked closely with an artist that I've looked up to for almost a decade. In the drag scene, we're usually paid to lip sync. Thanks to Rupaul, drag queens doing terrible club beats is a dime a dozen, so I got a LOT of flack for posting the Kickstarter. I was super worried to finally make a big deal about something that I was always so personal about. It's almost as if I had this kid that was so great, but I sheltered that child for so long. I forgot that other people might enjoy what that kid is capable of. (if that makes sense.) Overall, the Kickstarter was a KILLER success and I have had such a good time seeing everyone enjoying the work I've done. I love seeing people post my lyrics and videos of them jamming out to my tracks. I owe that feeling to Zoog and Angelspit. I can't wait to do it again, but longer and harder.

9. Going back to the attire, it's showcased upon the artwork for the EP "Monsters", how long did that take you to get set up in?

LORD. It takes me about 4 hours overall to put myself together for a show or photoshoot. This one in particular was definitely a trip since I spent months on the concept. I got up at 6am to run everything to the studio, I built the set myself from scratch. By about 10, I was done with makeup (I had a near death panic attack from lack of glitter, I was like a bride on her wedding day.) I made the headdress and the dress itself, the shoes had to be laced up individually and they were definitely a pain. After all of that struggle, we started the shoot by 11:30. The end product STILL blows my mind to look at. To answer your question, that particular look was about 5 hours to put on. Worth it.

10. Do you go around looking that way everyday or only while doing May May Graves?

I do about 4 shows a week on average, so I don't go out much on my off days. 4 to 5 days out of the week, I'm out in drag, stumbling around after a gig. A lot of people complain that they have never seen me without makeup. I like that kind of mystery though, make me feel more like a superhero.

11. Your style of choice as far the music sounds, is more industrial/metal essence, but the music of choice for you was punk? Why the change of heart or is it a mix between the genres?

It's definitely a mix between the two genres. I think the lyrics content, is heavily horror-punk inspired. One thing I've learned is that the very core of drag culture is the definition of punk. A protest, a questioning of authority and who dictates what. Being loud and turning everyone on their heads. The music encompasses a lot and it's hard even for me to say what exactly it is sometimes. When we were re-working the sound for each track, we wanted to hit a wide range of different genres. But Punk Industrial is a great marriage of what I've always wanted in my music.

12. What about the rest of 2018, what is on the to do list, for plans and everything in-between?

I've been wanting to slow down on the drag circuit and take  a more serious approach at touring. I already produce an immersive nightmare drag show called Qweird, where I use a lot of my own music nowadays. I really want to take that on the road, but it may have to wait until 2019. I'm already writing my next project, most of it is written out and ready to be thrown into the process of sound, it's a continuation of "Monsters" and follows more of a story. The rest of 2018 will be spent screaming my heart out on stages across the U.S., showcasing my new baby.

13. Would you like to say or add on anything more?

Know your worth, keep reaching for greatness, always wipe front to back, and ALWAYS get the money before you take your top off.

Grab the album on any music outlet or get the physical copy and other merch from my website!

Insta: @MayMayGraves
Twitter: @MayMayGraves

Thanks again, I really enjoyed these questions! Let me know if you need anything else <3 p="">

In celebration of the 35th Anniversary of My Little Pony and Hasbro’s "Retro Week", movie poster mock ups in My Little Pony style have been unveiled for Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and ET along with a My Little Pony ‘Full House’ spoof video. The My Little Pony ‘Full House’ spoof features the main ponies from the show in a new video re-imagined to mimic the iconic introduction from the hit show "Full House". Check out the posters below and the spoof video HERE.

Symphonic power metal project TRAGUL are serving up their third single of 2018 titled "Goodbye". Always looking expansively to take a step forward on each release and in an attempt pay tribute to one of the most popular series of Netflix, the band had the audacity to release a cover of the song "Goodbye" from Apparat, the intro of Netflix’s massive series "DARK". Check it right over HERE.

Canadian Kevin Edworthy or professionally known as KVNE, has released his most recent works of a single titled "Make Me Better". Whilst the summer time song has made it's rounds upon Spotify, going over 25,000 streams and counting, KVNE as an artist, makes his music shall we say very original.

He takes such genres as Urban pop blended with R&B to capture something that is modernized yet funky. His embrace of the genres, makes his style become quite familiar, just as all the other styles of acts within the genres at hand. Surely his working's will do well, just as "Make Me Better", has already done. In fact, it's success has been so welcoming that an accompanying lyrical video depicting the context of the track is up online as we speak. Or type this out literally.

Overall though KVNE is an artist, of his time and kind. Since an early age of 13, he has had his career within music expand and grow. "Make Me Better", was written by KVNE along with Solomon Mallo and Julian Broderick, being produced by pdub the product and released via the label KillaKollective.

The song's context on the other hand is pure and simple, it discussing the matters of KVNE dealing with a partner, whose time with him, has caused him to get lovey dovey with this person, unable to know what to do. The feelings of emotion just becoming so gripping, that as the song title implies "Make Me Better", hence what the song entails.

The song's actual tone of beat, is straight forward, being catching to the ears, allowing for you as a listener, to take it in one full swing of things. It's a track you can find enjoyment in hearing. His vocalization making the track be bouncy yet moving as well.

All in all KVNE as an artist, just creates music in his own mannerism that like the song title depicts of saying "Make Me Better". Which is what this song does, it makes all else better, and it is one you will likely hear more than once in the coming future.


An array of numerous people have come and go from our lives, some of which within the likes of the Entertainment and Music scenes. During the summer of 2017 someone in the scene of music named Chester Bennington passed on, he was known best by fronting the band called Linkin Park. His vocalization being famous, as his band would sky rocket over so many years, it is unreal to see such a true musician leave us the way he did. As it would go, his death would have had him be revealed as suffering from mental illness. Like many people around the globe deal with in their own everyday lifestyles. Many musicians both artists and bands alike would pay tribute to the fallen artist Chester Bennington. This would include most recent band called Major Moment with their tribute rendition of a Linkin Park track titled "Leave Out All The Rest".

Major Moment taking Linkin Park as one of their influences along with them being an inspiration of sorts too, this tribute comes out rather well thought out and well put together. Major Moment would literally depict how exactly this track would go about, saying in fact that "A year ago on July 20th, the entire world took in a painful, sharp breath all at once when we learned of Chester Bennington’s death. Suffering from this tragedy as if it happened to our family member, we took the pain of grief and turned it into music. The idea of recording a Linkin Park song as a tribute came naturally with an instant vision for "Leave Out All The Rest". But we had some debates about how to release this song in the way that people will see it as intended, as us pouring our hearts out in memory of our late hero, and not trying to monetize off of this tragedy... And we decided to donate all profits to Talinda Bennington's charity, 320 Changes Direction, that raises awareness of mental health and depression. So please, let's help to make this world a better place for everyone and #MakeChesterProud! #IamTheChange."

With that, "Leave Out All The Rest", their version of the track plays off as being a mere copy cat slightly at least, to that of Linkin Park's original version of the same track. Major Moments version adds in some elements of acoustics, adding some growth and flare to it. Whilst the rest of the track appears energy filled with lots of spunk and edginess too. The track is all in all well played and nice. A well deserved tribute addition to the lost member of Linkin Park, that he surely approves of for sure.

Major Moments as a whole, as a band, does do their music justice, as it serves as an added area to what was lost. Their music being very unique and original, it keeps to what all other music is doing today, being modern yet fun.


Josh Christina is a modernized rockabilly artist, who to this day, is keeping the greats alive and well. How does he do it, well by taking what he does with music, to its root sources, creating such incredible talent, that only the legends behind the original material would be able to contain it, but Josh Christina pulls it off well. So much so, that his most recent release "Instincts", brings out a track titled "Friend Zone", which is making quite a lot of noise since it is this release's current single at the time.

In fact, this particular track not only is a single but opens up the album too. Literally "Friend Zone", is the first track off the album "Instincts",  and it was a good choice to do this, and be a single as well. As far as the track goes with sound, the style is rockabilly but more modern. Like an update styling to the genre. Josh's ways with the genre, captures an essence that makes it come alive within itself if that makes much sense.

The music just flows to the beat of the tunes, everything coming into focus of play. It works out really nicely actually. Like how Josh's vocalization interjects with the music, makes it more catching, upbeat, and just downright fun honestly. After listening to the track a few times over, it came much enjoyable through each listen. The tone and voice just gets so entertaining it becomes fulfilling at times.

"Friend Zone", as a track overall, is one that just manages to pull everything together and make itself work. Hearing it play through just made it fun cannot say that enough. Everything really works well together, making it a track that can be enjoyed time and time again.

All in all, Josh Christina is an individual whose time with creativity of music, works rather nicely that everything comes out right. "Friend Zone", with its accompanying album "Instincts", just becomes one of those tie in releases that runs with all that is happening.


On Saturday, July 28, YOSHIKI made a surprise appearance on stage with internationally famous DJ and producer Skrillex at one of Japan’s biggest outdoor music events, Fuji Rock Festival ’18, held at Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata, Japan.

The 40,000 fans at the main stage were shocked by YOSHIKI’s arrival, but soon began cheering and shouting for the unexpected collaboration between two globally famous artists. As Skrillex played a special mix he created for YOSHIKI, YOSHIKI began to perform X JAPAN’s "Endless Rain" on a crystal piano. At the otherworldly intro, loud cheers shook the venue, and the voices of tens of thousands of fans sang the song’s famous chorus while YOSHIKI played accompanied by Skrillex’s guitar.

VIDEO: https://www.instagram.com/p/BlzKVPmgWy-/.

YOSHIKI then moved to his drum set for one of Skrillex’s top hits, "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites", creating an amazing fusion of classical and rock music with EDM. YOSHIKI shared his thanks with the audience, "Thank you Skrillex! Thank you everyone here! You all are awesome!" Skrillex responded in Japanese "Domo arigatou! (Thank you so much!)", gaining further applause from the audience. Fans continued chanting "WE ARE… X!" long after YOSHIKI left the stage.

YOSHIKI and Skrillex, a multiple Grammy Award winner who is counted among the top 10 "DJ Mag Top 100 DJs", are close friends, and when Skrillex visited YOSHIKI’s L.A. studio several months ago and pitched this surprise collaboration, YOSHIKI accepted enthusiastically and made last-minute changes to his recording schedule to return to Japan for this day.

After his performance, YOSHIKI appeared on YOSHIKI CHANNEL and said about the event: "It was so satisfying! The fans were warm, and I was touched to hear everyone. The audience was wonderful." Skrillex also joined the YOSHIKI CHANNEL broadcast and talked about the reason for choosing "Endless Rain". "I’ve visited Japan a few times, but this was the first song I sang here," he said. The pair talked further about their comradery as artists from different genres who mutually inspire each other.

"Like hip hop expanded through collaborations," said YOSHIKI, "I want to expand, too, and contribute to the revival of rock in this world."

Killer Metal Records recording artist Corners of Sanctuary (COS) goes global as the band makes its first trip to Europe this August for a handful of live performances. This excursion takes them to Belgium and Germany as COS continues support for their newest album “The Galloping Hordes,” bringing their unique brand of traditional Heavy Metal to the world stage.

"The opportunity to take our music to Europe and play live is amazing," said COS bassist James Pera. "We have been waiting for this moment for quite awhile… now it’s here and we are ready," he continued.

The tour begins on August 10th in Eernegem, Belgium and finishes on August 18th in Lingen, Germany. See full tour schedule above.

When it comes to any fandom, it has a variety of individuals who are shall we say artistic? Within the My Little Pony community there are quite a lot of them across the globe actually.

This includes  Aurelia Charm A.K.A. AureliaCharmCutiees, who designed and gave our logo mascot an update! This is her own logo mascot!

Find out even more of her artistic talents via DeviantArt HERE and her official website HERE.

But this is what was done to create our mascot logo update, see the video below!

A true spectacle to be witnessed, LORDS OF THE TRIDENT is a daring adventure metal quintet that has been delighting their audiences and fans all over the world for ten years. To continue on their epic quest of bringing spectacular and entertaining metal to global fans these power metal warriors will be unleashing their 7th album “Shadows From The Past” on August 24th. In celebration of this new beast from their discography, LORDS OF THE TRIDENT are premiering via Metal-Rules.com their second single and new lyric video "Burn It Down" featuring Unleash The Archers vocalist Brittany Slayes.

"This video collaboration between myself and Brittney Slayes was SO metal, I felt like the only way I could do it justice was to set my own face on fire. However, the rest of the guys expressed concern that I 'would only be able to do this once', I found an alternative - summoning our faces out of fire! Make sure you're wearing your most flame-retardant clothing before watching, as this video is likely to melt just about anything in a 15-foot radius!" comments LOTT vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein.

Massachusetts metal veterans WITHIN THE RUINS have announced a surprise digital 45 today titled "World Undone", that contains two new previously unreleased singles featuring new singer Steve Tinnon. The two tracks, "World Undone" and "Resurgence," are available everywhere now. An exclusive stream of "World Undone" is available exclusively via Metal Injection found HERE.

Atlanta melodic hardcore outfit, PANICWOLF have released their debut single and music video, with the help of Bam Margera and other Instagram celebrities such as Tyrone, Even Breen (La Turtle) and Trevor Wallace introducing "Misery".

Vocalist, Luke Stevens commented on the introduction and the video saying, "We've had such an overwhelming response to this single. I DM'd the link to the Misery teaser to a bunch of people on Instagram and Tyrone and Bam were the first ones to respond. The video for 'Misery' is a perfect showcase for what we bring to the table. Beauty within chaos."

Check out their new single HERE.

Australian death metal quintet Descent, who features members of From These Wounds, Scumguts, Dire Wolf, Coffin Birth and The Fevered will release their first album "Towers of Grandiosity" on August 31st via Redefining Darkness Records. Just recently, the five-piece group have revealed the leading single from the album titled "Skinwalker", check it out HERE.

Raleigh-based band and dad-punk aficionados, TLE, have released a brand new single, "Kids Eat Free." The track is the third single the band has released off their forthcoming album and features vocals from Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup. The single and accompanying music video is premiering on New Transcendence and can be viewed HERE.