Lynne Taylor Donovan - Dear Santa

"I Don't Wanna Mention Any Names" and "Sooner Or Later", were the set of singles to hit my radar little did I know, they would not be the last of her work, her being Lynne Taylor Donovan. Indeed these set of singles coming out at various times were quite nice to say the least. But since some time has come and gone for them and the holidays are upon us, for the time being why not throw in some good old holiday tunes, which is where Lynne Taylor Donovan comes into play again. Her holiday Christmas track being written not by her but by Tony Koenen, the track titled "Dear Santa". A rather nice tie in to the holiday spirit of things happening in and around the place.

In any case though "Dear Santa", goes off into being a lot like other holiday Christmas tracks, some being covered versions of course, while others were original working's from numerous artists and or bands, it varied here and there. "Dear Santa", on the other hand was written by Tony Koenen as said, so it this matter this is a brand new holiday Christmas tune for all to hear and perhaps enjoy as well.
Now then, "Dear Santa", can be heard in its audio form or seen in a somewhat form of a video release, the video being quite brief, as the song is in either case audio or video, but the video particularly showcases telling you in lettering and all, that "It's Christmas time once more, and here is a little message from the children". So what is the apparent message that is so important from the children in question, well it goes  into details about telling good old Santa Claus about wanting a gift of love and peace, among other things. But love and peace being quite important if not the most. So it is a type of song, that embraces the spirit of the holiday that is Christmas, as well as other holidays before and after too.

It going on to explain how the children just want the goodness of what is out there, that love from their loved ones such as family, friends, everyone, taking in said time of peace, just wanting all to be merry and nice to one another, as it always should be. That is how this song plays itself out really. Which it should because it is that time of year, where love and peace is needed most, especially in the state of being, that the world and people are in currently. Times are tough but we all just need a little bit of care, loving, and peace to get us through.

Lynne Taylor Donovan's "Dear Santa", track is just a tip of what the holidays are about. This being a letter to Santa, in the form of a song, is quite catching when realizing it. Otherwise, the song as a wholesome truth's is just lots of fun, upbeat, and blends into the likeness that is the holiday spirit and cheer.

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