Noah Archangel and the Band of the Hawk - The Maschine Wars: Songs of Solomon

"Black Lotus", was the single taken from the upcoming release that would be titled "The Maschine Wars: Songs of Solomon". The just so happen to be third installment in the instrumental series, that has been going on for some time now, by Noah Archangel and the Band of the Hawk.

This single is included upon this third release of this instrumental series, taken a back a different approach in terms of styling of music. The style this time around is more classic than the EDM style that was upon the last release "ExitUs" released in 2016. Which is about right in terms of that style, it is more driven towards a classic approach, but not in the way of classical music, but more on the low key frame of the hip hop spectrum but with instrumental pieces only. Rarely any vocalization put in, just the music, which makes this release much more grounded and at whole with itself.

Like take for instance "Old Gods and the New", strictly instrumental, which made the track more define, in sound and style, it was very relaxing even, when listening in. As opposed to the follow-up track that is called "Jamtiquity", consisting of some brief vocalization mixed in with the classic instrumental styling's throughout the track, made it more or less of a track you could like but that's it. Now another track that does the trick of taking you in and having you listen closely, as these other numbers had done, would have to be "Bladerunner 2017", it is just tops. It really tops all of the other tracks to come off "The Maschine Wars: Songs of Solomon". It has this source of beat that is persistent with the tone it has cycling through. It is as if, you were under water or surrounded by water in some shape or form, that is the energy it gives off when hearing it. At least that is how I depicted its style of sound to be for the most part.

"Down The Rabbit Hole", was another one of those track to contain vocals for the brief periods of time throughout the track. Their presents being known, along with the music in the backdrop, made for the track to be entertaining yet nice. Its combination of the two at hand, making it be a very easy listening type of experience, it being just that an experience as a wholesome truth. There were a number of other tracks to come off this release that made it hard to pick out which were worth mentioning, so to keep it short yet simple, the remainder of the material to come from this album, would be better put as, quite decent, each track being a variety at best. Each having its own essence that kept the music of each other's track more unique yet catching that you take it in and really like it in the long run.

Overall the album that is "The Maschine Wars: Songs of Solomon", by Noah Archangel and the Band of the Hawk, is a solid round three of pieces, that will be well preserved, keeping the material well mixed, as it be served fresh, when listening each and every time through and through.

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