My Little Pony Sparkles and Shines Brighter Than Ever

 Aurora World Inc. another manufacturer and distributer of toys and for these guys gifts too. Aurora threw it out there about re-releasing the Hasbro brand My Little Pony in a more stylish and sparkly fashion, including the mane 6 ponies i.e. Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity. This time these plush toys were more show accurate than their previous releases. At least I thought so and surly fans could probably agree on these re-releases being a more suitable fit.
In this case Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie, of the mane 6 were sent out and into the hands of me of course. Getting these was quite the eye catching experience, when popping them out of their boxes and bag containments. The plush just as the previous line, have the same type of fabric for the bodies, including the eyes, and other facial features, whereas the hair is the main attraction source. The previous hair was molded out into the hairstyle as opposed to this hairstyle being more real hair. Not human hair but hair you can actually brush with a hair brush. As you would any other My Little Pony branded toy with that type of hairstyle. Expect these one's do have an added bonus! That being that their hair is sparkly and shines in the light and not in the light, with it also being so colorful and bright!

Each of the mane 6 ponies for instance is really captured as they would be in the actual TV program. The styling is precise, making it more interesting and fun with that shiny and sparkly additions. Like for the three out of the six received, you can tell the details are there, Rainbow Dash's color tones, her wings, it's all there, and these ponies do stand on their own, whether they'd be the 6.5 inch or larger 13 inch models, either one hits the cutie mark spot on. Get it? Oh and each pony of course features their cutie mark on just one side of the pony but it's just as detailed as possible! Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are just as Rainbow Dash is in that they resemble their TV counterparts just right. Making these plushies huggable, enjoyable, and just plain old fun! Or in this case fun sized that perfect on the go method!

Aurora World Inc. has done an outstanding job with their plush line of toys and brand promotion and will surly continue to do so ever so further. Expect these to go for around $8 for the 6.5 inches and $30 for the 13 inch sized ponies. Also be on the lookout for other characters including one's they most recently released in their previous but surly re-release form soon enough, i.e. Doctor Hooves, Vinyl Scratch, and Derpy with more to follow. Be sure to not miss out on these before they trot away!

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