Monster High's Frankie Stein Takes Home Ick Review

Well it's that time of year again. Ghoul time that is. Or shall I say school time it's the start a whole new year for many students across the globe including the ghoulish teens of Monster High. This populated line of toys brought forth by Mattel the creators of Bratz, Hot Wheels, Barbie, among other popular toy brands has expanded its original line of toys that kick started a variety of sorts. Thus this line goes in well with the upcoming school year. This is the "Classroom Assortment" and it's divided up into three students, Frankie Stein who's taking 'Home Ick", Lagoona Blue who's taking “Mad Science”, and Ghoulia Yelp's who's enrolled in “Physical Deaducation.”

Now if you’re unfamiliar with what “Home Ick” is it’s a class where you create things by sewing, using a typical needle and thread. This assorted set comes with one doll of Frankie along with her assorted line of accessories. The doll itself has Frankie in a whole new way, her hair is straightened with bangs hanging down, while her makeup is grey/white, red lipstick, while her top has a blue and white strip design with stitching of pink and black buttons going down the front, the top also features the top's shoulders to be left side blue and right side white.

She is also wearing an apron that has white and black skulls on the left side with pink and white dots on the right with a black stitching going down it with a blue trim surrounding it. Her wrists on both hands has two different bracelets, one that’s white and red where she contains her needs for sewing while the other is blue and black stitches with her ring being that of a bolt. Another cute accessory is her earrings which are scissors. Now her bottom half has her wearing stocking's which are black and white with a red line zigzagging downward. While her shoes are red, white, black, and gray featuring stitches along the front of the high heels. As far as the rest of the included accessories the doll comes with a small version of her pet Wazit which she is sewing together a plushie of.  A Home Ick Survival Guide a large paper version that’s blue, white, and black designed, with a personalized version that’s black, blue, and comes with a blue pen with a heart in the center that’s pink and black. More items include a blue hair brush, a blue and black needle and thread, white skulls to unlock her pink locker which comes with 2 sheets of stickers for decorating purposes of course.

Not only does she come with her original outfit but she has an additional outfit which is a dress, which has a gray collar with black top with a red and blue belt with white, blue, and black lightning bolts patterned all across the bottom of the dress. 

Overall this Classroom Assortment is surly a swell fit for the ghouls of Monster High.

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