November 2023


The wait is over! Today greek thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS announce their new album Profane Prayer for the 1st March 2024. The album features nine brand new tracks and will be released via Nuclear Blast Records. In addition to the great news about the new album, the band is also releasing their first Single 'When the Lions Die'.

Singer Nick comments about the new album Profane Prayer: "The time has come! Finally, almost after 4 years, the 8th studio album of Suicidal Angels is true and ready to unleash itself in to the market, bringing you some new tunes to satisfy the needs and the appetites of the toughest audience! March the 1st of 2024, this beast will be out, in digital and physical form in all of Nuclear Blast’s channels. We have returned and it will be killer!!!”

He adds about the first single 'When the Lions Die': "Out of severe internal quest, thousands of reading pages to manage and conquer the multiple demons and beasts inside, several worlds collide, here’s is our first single, When The Lions Die!”

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Australian Stoner/Sludge Metal band Magic Chicken Fudgetoe released their new single "Yahweh". The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ryan Pearce at "Savage Studios".

Check out the single linked below:

Magic Chicken Fudgetoe was formed in 2015 at Perth, Western Australia by Josh McGuire (Vocals, Bass), Andrew Riordan (Guitars) and Reece Fleming (Drums).


SAVE US are an alternative rock/metal group founded in ‘23, with members spanning two continents. SAVE US explores the human condition delivering emotionally charged hooks nestled in atmospheric textures, fusing together a myriad of sounds ranging from the intensely heavy to the beautifully vulnerable, taking the listener on a journey through the many facets of the human mind.

Following on from big singles ‘Distance’ and more, SAVE US will release their fifth single ‘Haunt’ on UK label Year Of The Rat Records on the 24th November. In their incredibly short time as a band, they have already had support from MTV Gonzo, BBC Radio 1, Metal Hammer, Prog, Kerrang Radio, RTE2XM, Idobi Howl, Amazing Radio, Dreambound, BBC Coventry, Total Rock, TIDAL, Pandora, Forever Loud, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, BBC Bristol and more. The band also recently announced they will release their debut EP ‘LUCID’ on the 8th December, with plenty more music to come before then.

Miguel Owls - “Haunt dives into the struggles of being lost in the past. It explains how these thoughts always find a way to reach the surface pulling you into a downward spiral. Writing this song wasn't easy. I had to put myself in a vulnerable state of mind, but I wanted this song to be authentic and connect with others with similar struggles.” On the EP he continues - “The Lucid EP is a collection of songs exploring the human condition with an undertone questioning what any of it means, if at all, is it real? Sonically the songs traverse between heavy, intense moments married with emotive vocals, When writing this record we wanted to build atmospheres and give a sense of misdirect, taking the listener by surprise as we fuse together multiple genres, removing any barriers. The writing process was a crunch, wanting to launch the same year as forming the band, which was a challenge not only because of time constraints but working in two different time zones. That said, we are really happy with what we created over that time and can’t wait to release it into the world!”

SAVE US - Haunt (Video) -


United Arab Emirates Gothic Rock project MIDAEV released 2 debut singles "Prometheus" and "Anybody Else". The singles were recorded in "SoundPort Studios" and mixed/mastered by Dmitry Smirnov. The works have deep philosophical and psychological subtexts, touching on acute themes, thereby opening a new page in the artist's creativity.


Check out the singles linked below:

MIDAEV was formed in 2023 as a one-man project by Ruslan Midaev, formerly known to the underground audience as the leader of the "M.O.N.E." band decided to begin his solo work after his previous band went on hiatus.


Slow Burning Car is a Rock band based out of Los Angeles featuring Troy Spiropoulos (Lead Vocals/Bass), Zak St.John (Drums/Backing Vocals), Kim Clayborne (Backing vocals), Tommy Marcel (Guitar/Backing Vocals, Aaron Kusterer (Lead Guitar).

Slow Burning Car released their new sixth album entitled “Vicarious Disclosures”, including 9 new songs plus an exclusive acoustic cover of Iron Maiden’s classic “Wasted Years” from the 1986 album “Somewhere In Time”. Slow Burning Car’s version comes with a bouzouki intro!

In the album is included the single “Hard Time Walking”. 

Check out the video here: