Fahran Releases "State Of Mind" Video

Fahran have released their new single turned video for the song called "State Of Mind". The song addressing the issue of mental health and has been created from two point perspectives. It delivering an interesting narrative and visually fast paced video with combining performances with it's story line. The track boasting heavy riffs, huge chorus and soaring vocals that they do not disappoint.

"The brand new single "State of Mind", is from the forthcoming album "VAPOURS", that will land Summer 2018. As a band, we have definitely stepped it up and developed a heavier sound to our music. "State of Mind", is like a bridge between our previous album Chasing Hours and what we are going to release in our next album. The song is told from two perspectives. The first is from the place of someone who's depressed, low, and anxious. Then it switches to the outside perspective of wanting to help that person because you understand what they've been through from your own experience." – Josh Fahran

Check it out HERE.

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