First Class Trash - Cutthroat Cocktail

First Class Trash's debut EP "Party Through Apocalypse" was a solid effort to say the least. Now that some time has passed so has the band timing for writing and recording for what would be their debut full-length album "Cutthroat Cocktail". Already teasing with a few tracks like "From The Ashes",  "Lost Angels", and "Hollywood", these tracks alone set up what this album delivers. An expressive yet digital rock n' roll based album bringing out similar styling's to that of Dope meets Davey Suicide. The instrumentals are played out with a beat that keeps up with the vocals having their own screaming attics and clean portions that makes it all full circle. As such, it comes full circle because it's a cycle that keeps the music generating and moving along, while it sounds edgy and digitalized it allows it to build upon each song portrayed. It's an album that shows growth for the band as a whole focus, allowing this release to be an effort to hit the solid boundaries with no problem. 

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