Fearless Vampire Killers - Unbreakable Hearts

Discovering the Fearless Vampire Killers was a hit or miss chance while on goth industrial site VampireFreaks.com. Their site showcasing to online profiles of individuals, musicians, and artists alike, surly promotion of these types was to happen and that was how these guys came into the picture.

Soon after viewing their profile, a video of theirs with the song "Palace In Flames", was what hooked me in. Leading me to the EP release "In Grandomina... " (2010) where the song came about, with further releases to follow, including their debut album "Militia of the Lost" (2012). While they did have releases tucked under their belts, with a following under foot, appearing across Europe and the United States came with ease.

Leading on to them working upon the follow-up sophomore release "Unbreakable Hearts" (2014). This time they took hold of producer and friend William Francis of Aiden or William Control, whose helped an array of acts through the years, doing so for these guys was no problem whatsoever, that in fact causing this release to capture a more matured essence and ability from the music within.
Such tracks like "Neon In The Dancehalls", "Maeby", "Exploding Heart Disorder", and  "Brave the Night", all portray that same unique style that these guys have contained all these years, except it's more enhanced in sound, it's depth makes the instrumentals bounce upon one another, while the vocal tactics play tricks upon each other, sounding intense yet easy going, really expressing the pieces to their fullest content.

This latest addition to the catalog of the Fearless Vampire Killers is truly the "Unbreakable Hearts" that is these musicians, an act to continue to grow with the music that they have created, for many years to follow them.

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