Capture The Crown's Looses Members Except Vocalist

Capture The Crown recently lost both their guitarist and drummer and now the rest of the band all but the vocalist have called it quits. These guys were signed to Sumerian Records then went onto Artery and of course released albums, toured and more. But now the vocalist has enlisted all new members to fill in the gaps and continue onward. The following has been said about this incident.

"Word is starting to get around that there have been changes made to Capture the Crown's lineup. This is true, but what is also true is that we are looking forward and moving ahead full force onto the next, bigger & better chapter of Capture The Crown.

Kris Sheehan, Jye Menzies & Tyler March are no longer a part of CTC and we wish them all the best in their future eendeavors

This band started touring in late 2012. Since the beginning not a single member has made a single cent. From day one, the band has been in copious amounts of debt. Factors contributing to the debt: the big one is relocating from Australia to the United States. Moving a touring band across the world is a very serious undertaking and a lot of money is used in the process, think of it as a start up investment. Along with relocating, unfortunate luck with reoccurring vehicle issues on top of numerous other factors have not put us into a great place financially. With that said, not being paid or seeing any financial gains for almost 3 years is extremely rough! I would like to think that this is a HUGE contributor to the departure of these members."

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