Ashestoangels - Horror Cult

As, Ashestoangels puts it they're not just a band they're a family. In 2012 and 2013 their family from all over the world took part in helping these guys get their latest album "Horror Cult" off the ground via crown funding, reaching their goal to boot might add. They went on to write and record for the album having worked alongside Will Francis best known as Aiden's frontmwn and his solo act William Control - who took part in doing his duties as the band brought this album to the table in full swing. The album of course delivered quite a few singles and videos for those which included "Run", "Still Dead", and "Six Six Six", all of which are indeed very catchy and unique but what style are these guys exactly? Well they're a cross between synth/goth/punk or in short an act similiar to that of Aiden meets Fearless Vampire Killers crossed with Ugly Love. A lot of which are European based, makes sense, because they have similar style strcuture, except Ashestoangels style is more built upon, unique, and energentic. Their instrumentals and vocal tactics are put in full effect, taking the music at bay, pushing it at you, having it go every which way it can, making it be fun and exciting and catchy all at once. While the single releases do display this the rest of the album does so too, creating an album that was done in a well crafted manner, to be listenable again and again.

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