We are excited to announce Ages Apart out of Alabama has signed an artist contract with Integrity
Music Management. After listening to “I Believed”, we knew this Alternative Rock band had the talent to be big on the Rock scene. Together we will expose the world to the substance and depth of Ages Apart’s music.

This trio consists of:
Cody Webb – Vocals/Guitar
Chris Srygley – Drums
Will Bradley – Bass

Ages Apart came together in 2006 to write and produce music that people need to hear. They wanted to impact and change a culture held captive by stagnant radio recycled Pop sounds and bring to the world music with substance and depth, where not all bands sound and look the same. They speak their minds to their fans with their critically acclaimed debut album Can You Hear Me in 2009. The album is packed full of singles that scream the whispered fears and guilty secrets of a disenfranchised generation. Ages Apart achieved a sound that is daring and familiar, yet introspective to furiously emotional. With their signature sound, grassroots support, and the intensity of their shows, audiences became excited fans.

Over the years this dynamic band has been together, they have toured through over 20 states and gained the attention of the industry. Black and White magazine calls them “Timeless”. Timothy Toutges of Ed Jones Productions in Nashville raves “Ages Apart is a world class band that will go all the way! This is what Rock & Roll dreams are made of”. Lou Brutus of Sirius XM said it best "These guys are really good. Why has no one sent this band to me before?" More and more people will be asking the same question with the release of their sophomore album and 2015 tour.

Ages Apart has been secretive with their follow up to Can You Hear Me. Despite the buzz and fans rampant rumors, the band doesn't want to ruin the big surprise to their hardcore fans. Only thing they are saying is they have made a career out of shattering expectation and it will be worth the wait.

Together Integrity Music Management and Ages Apart will continue and grow the music that shatters
expectations. We can’t wait for what comes next for this stellar band!

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