Hideous Divinity has released the title track off their new album "Cobra Verde". The bassist Enrico Schettino says "Title-tracks are not ordinary songs; when you decide there'll be a title-track you accept the challenge of creating, in the space of a few minutes, something that would represent the mood of an entire album. As for ‘Cobra Verde’, it had to be something beyond death metal. For this exact reason it's undeniable I was highly influenced by the latest Ulcerate and Gorguts. It was time to push the envelope for Hideous Divinity and that was the aim of the song. We are alone on this world, so huge yet so narrow, and our thirst is condemned never to be quenched. Like the spirit of Manoel, the white devil condemned to solitude, the ghost that will never see the snow.” Check out the song HERE.

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