Daylight - One More Fight

No matter how many genres there are within the music industry there will always be a good chunk and a bad chunk of acts, for the alternative/pop punk genres both being different, lots of bands get split up into more than one genre, this would be the case for an act called Daylight. They've released a few albums and an EP then took a year of silence, coming back with another album called "One More Fight", the title obvious enough. These guys declaring they have returned and have that one more fight in them and it shows on this release. Chalk full of 10-tracks including their hit single and video for "Consequences", a very upbeat and catchy tune that has a never ending sense to it. While other noted songs like opener "Anthem Of The Broken", maintains that same upbeat catchy tone giving it a run for it's money. While other songs "Best Days Of Our Lives", and "Another Day" take another approach, "Another Day" has a more laid back vibe while "Best Days Of Our Lives" delivers a pop hip hop style then picks up the pop punk vibe yet again like it never left. So "One More Fight" delivers as said that alternative/pop punk feel with some added bonuses placed here and there making Daylight, an act to follow up on, every now and again.

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