Black Veil Brides - Self-Titled

Black Veil Brides you either love them or you hate them in any case they have since grown a following that's truly unstoppable. Now that years have passed by the band has gone on to release what would be their fourth full-length release turning out to be a "Self-Titled" effort. How does it compare to the previous counter partner that was a concept blown apart in more ways than one?

Well releasing such singles as "Faithless", "Heart of Fire", and "Walk Away", express the musical direction taken hold here, is it different, is it the same? Simply put it's neither it's simply the Black Veil Brides sound no matter the release they deliver it's unique to their style choices and they have built a style that everyone knows them by just like any other band in existence. This album has its ups and downs with this song selection have the hype tracks like the one's released with other downer songs like "Goodbye Agony", turns to be a ballad style song sounding expressive meets emotion really capturing your feelings.

The remainder of the album pretty much becomes the up portion having the songs become steady and heavy focused allowing certain screams to peak in, recapturing that essence from previous releases except not as much is offered here scream-wise but the ones that are do  get it addressed. All in all this fourth release from the Black Veil Brides is an eye and ear catcher, having it become another release that stays unique yet true to the style that Black Veil Brides has created.

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