Sylvaine - Silent Chamber Noisy Heart

Sylvaine an aspiring artist has written and recorded for her debut album entitled "Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart". She says her music consists of ambient, wall-of-sound landscapes, with a focus on beautiful melodies, lingering guitar riffs and atmospheres, with a solid groove rooted in a more heavy style. The music and lyrics are inspired by life as a being in constant conflict with oneself, haunted by numerous emotions. Having played all of the instruments herself, as well as recording, mixing, and working with the visuals she has quite the ability of handling more than one task as it may. Thus this in fact shows through within this album, it containing that heavy essence style with rooted grooves and melodies that captures those emotions discussed. Its really an album that makes you "feel" all over, your emotions come out putting you at various stages from feeling calm, to happy, excited, sad, its like a repeating cycle that has you really listening to the music with each note played. Similar acts would be The Chameleons, Alcest, Hammock, Les Discrets, Slowdive, Lantlôs, Bathory, Cocteau Twins, and Burzum. Sylvaine's debut release is as mentioned filled with extensive amounts of emotion and feeling, allowing you the listener to embrace all it has to offer.

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