Unlocking the Truth's Malcolm Talks Music, Touring, and the Future

Brooklyn trio act Unlocking the Truth is a group of teenaged turks who shred, slayer, and have captured the attention of everything far and wide! Mainman vocalist/guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse discusses touring, the music progress, and future plans for debut releases, videos, and more!

1. Why did you see this band being a trio act instead of a full act?

Malcolm: We really are a trio because Jarad and I didn't have any other friends who were musicians.  We had to teach Alec how to play the bass.

2. Since being a trio act consisting of a guitarist, bassist, and drummer, where does the vocalist come into play or does you band prefer being an instrumental act?

Malcolm: We are no longer an instrumental band.  We were waiting for our voices to change.  It made sense for me to become the lead singer since I write the lyrics.  Alec and Jarad do the back-up vocals.

3. How does one go about Unlocking The Truth?

Malcolm: Unlocking the Truth is just like our song Free As You Wanna Be.  Be yourself. No one else. You will never find you true potential if you're following the crowd just trying to fit in.

4. You've taken influences from acts like Metallica, Slipknot, Escape The Fate, Motionless In White, Chelsea Grin etc. So what genre of metal would say that your band considers themselves to be?

Malcolm: We consider ourselves just metal.

5. Who approached who when it came down to the record deal with Sony and what was it about them that stood out apart from all the other labels in the business?

Malcolm: Jolene Cherry from The Cherry Party label called us and offered us a record deal.  Other labels were interested but Jolene made it happen.

6. You entered the studio this past summer to record for your first single "Monster", what's the story behind that song and why was it chosen as the "first" single?

Malcolm: The story behind the song is a relationship where the man is bad one and and the woman calls him a monster.  But calling him a monster makes her seem like the bad one.

7. Where are you in the process of the new material, will you be releasing a debut EP or a debut album?

Malcolm: We have a lot of music that needs to be recorded.  We are in the final stages of mixing our songs for the EP debut.

8. Why did you want to do a mini tour as opposed to a full fledged tour?

Malcolm: We did not have any control over a mini tour or a full fledged tour.  We took the gigs as they came up.

9. Do you guys tour on your own or do your families par take in tagging along?

Malcolm: When we go on tour, at least one of our parents always come with us to take care of us and they help out behind the scenes.  My parents are the co-managers.

10. You currently have a book coming out as well as a documentary, what can you tell me about those and what can we expect?

Malcolm: The book and the documentary are going to give people a chance to get to know us.

11. What else do you guys have planned for the remainder of this year leading into next year?

Malcolm: We are working on our music videos for the release of our EP.

12. How easy is it to keep the motivation going on a daily basis for Unlocking The Truth?

Malcolm: Music is my passion.  It just comes to me.  Writing music and songs are what I really like to do.

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