The Los Angeles Murdefest Getting Closer to Coming Alive

The Los Angeles Murderfest was a Los Angeles Country, California festival having various metal musicians perform an all day and night event taking place across 1-3 days at times. The event has gone on hiatus for sometime giving updates since it's mentionable return including most recent being HERE. But one thing is for certain, it's that the festival that has always called Los Angeles it's home turf, is getting closer to coming back to life!

The creator, planner, organizer Daniel Dismal who has handled the festival since it got started years back - has given another update on the festival's Facebook page -

"Been close to 8 months of silence and as you all know, I hinted at something brewing back in February thinking that by September I would have things nailed down. Guess what, September came and went but good things come to those who wait. All I can say is that FINALLY I see why I have been waiting and not getting any real responses from the venues I've been looking at for the Festival, it's because the venue has always been there but it wasn't ready yet. But fear not, in October the new venue will be opened and I am already in talks with them about bringing the fest back to none other than it's hometown, Los Angeles. No Orange County, no San Diego, just where the madness was born. So, soon my friends, soon! Get hyped, LAMF version 6.66 will be coming home to reclaim it's rightful throne as the crusher of Los Angeles."

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