Kali Ra - Crystal Night

When you cross David Bowie's work with a current act in the music scene, you'll likely get something by the name of Kali Ra. They infuse David Bowie's formula of music to create their own, in terms of this single "Crystal Night" off their upcoming release "Cocoon". This single captures that same essence that David Bowie brought upon back in the day. These guys keeping that classic style alive in their own way, their vocal chords and instrumentals are all there, having that bouncy, catchy, upbeat groove, that keeps the music moving. The lyrics capturing a rather dark moment discussing about Kristallnacht where on November 9, 1938, the Nazis marched through Germany and Austria, destroying many Jewish shops, killing 91 of them. It was a tragedy to behold, so Kali Ra took that matter turning it into a form of the song, which is this one, doing a superb job of telling that so called story. Kali Ra's ways of creating music is unique and creative, keeping true to their own abilities and skill tactics but keeping the classics still true to behold in a new and improved way.

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