Monster High's Anime Debut! Episode 1 entitled "Monster High Life a soooo!" Cool Girls - Episode 1 scary Monster High"

Monster High has made it's Japanese debut with it's anime styled webisodes each one being about 3 minutes long. The first episode called "Scary Monster High" showcases the main ghouls of the school; Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, Ghoulia Yelps, and Clawdeen Wolf, except it delivers a truer liking to the monsters they really are from the webisode within.

If your wondering what the characters are saying and what this webisode was all about here's a rundown of it, Draculaura goes to her her friends all excited because she found out there’s a new student at the school, a girl named Frankie. Clawdeen tries to point out the new girl is right behind her, miming her moves for some reason. Draculaura doesn't listen. Clawdeen then asks what Lagoona is doing and she replies she’s moisturizing her skin.

Draculaura tries to hurry them so they could go find Frankie, who’s still behind her, following her around. Then Draculaura turns and finally notices Frankie. The ghouls find out the reason Frankie keeps miming Draculaura is a strand from her stitches is wrapped around Draculaura’s wrist.

Clawdeen is suddenly alerted by Lagoona and Ghoulia that the full moon is out and she runs off. This leads to Draculaura explaining to Frankie that Clawdeen is a werewolf and Sir Hoots-A-Lot tells her Ghoulia (who has fallen on the ground) is a zombie. Draculaura continues that Lagoona (who is now in a bathtub filled with moisturizing cream) is an exchange student.

Frankie says since she’s only 15 days old she doesn't know anything about this kind of things. The crowd is surprised and Draculaura decides they should be friends. Frankie asks what friends are.

Clawdeen returns and the ghouls each make a statement that leads to Draculaura walking up to the window and declaring to the world that they shall be friends. She then catches on fire (because the sun is suddenly out?) and Frankie is no longer attached to her by the strand.

After the actual episode ends Draculaura introduces herself as the daughter of Dracula and tells us she likes pink.

Check it out below.

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