Elane Hershey's Speaks Out About Her Bondage Adventures

Model and producer Elane Hershey has been involved within the bondage community for quite sometime now. Since getting her act together doing what she loves she's interacted with a wide range of other models and actors, actresses who can really strut their stuff in the whole BDSM/SM scene itself. Elane best known for her huge knockers and loud mouth gets what's coming to her when she always gets tied up and gagged tight! Miss Elane Hershey herself, discusses with me, her time within this unique yet creative community, on her bondage filled adventures and what they unfold....

1. Introduce yourself, and tell me what role you portray in the bondage community.

Elane: I Elane Hershey and I'm a model/producer of classy bondage videos.

2. Please tell us about the history of being involved within the bondage industry?

Elane: I went to a bondage event called Bondcon in NY, the last year they had it there, I think it was around 2003. I met a guy there that became Ivan Boulder.  This was my first for many things.  He introduced me to David Knight and Juliet Heart.  My first professional video was with them and people really liked this video. I was introduced to Grit by a model friend, Julie Simone and Grit explained how the bondage modeling thing worked.  He introduced me to other models and I wanted to do this modeling thing myself because I love bondage. I then met Steve Villa that actually set me up with a website called Tie Her Ass Up.  I was also a regular model on his website, Girl Next Door Bondage.  From there, I had a Clips4sale store that I still have. Now I have my own website, Elane Hershey Bondage with XSiteablity.

3. How would you describe your style?

Elane: My style is classy bondage. The girls are always made to feel beautiful but bound and gagged.  I don't like the degradation of women.  What influenced your style? I would see the beautiful women on TV, that were bound and gagged and I always wanted to be that woman.

4. Where are you based out of and what is the bondage scene like there? Are there any local bondage enthusiasts you could recommend?

Elane: I'm in South West Virginia and I try to keep my profession quiet because of repercussions for me and my family.  I did belong to a BDSM community here and the people were very nice but they were more into the S/M part and I am not a pain girl.

5. What could one expect from a Elane Hershey show?

Elane: Exciting captures, tight bondage and great gags.

6. You have been known to get gagged, quite well, in various ways, why did you think that being gagged was the right choice?

Elane: It just happened. Since I was 5, I always loved not being able to yell for help, like the women on TV. There was something very exciting about this.  I have had about every gag you can imagine and when I go to a convention and the vendor has a display of gags, I'm like a kid in a candy store. In my videos, the gagging of the girl is ALWAYS up close and on Screen because it's my favorite part of bondage.

7. What are your expectations from being involved within this community?

Elane: I am very well known to many models and producers and I have great connections to working with new models coming into this line of business.

8. You have starred and directed a lot of the videos you've worked on, what made you want to take on both roles?

Elane: My friend Grit was the one that told me I need to have other girls in my videos besides myself.  I was offended at first, thinking it's all about me but I quickly found out that variety is the spice of life...and it is.  I was always someone's model and then I started thinking, I should be the one making money and have models work for me. I know what I want to see and what better job than to be the producer.  I hire the best models that are fun to work with and I have fun.

9. Can you tell me about the man who's involved with you in this video, what's his name, how long have you known him, and what role does he play in this particular scene.

Elane: His name is Ivan Boulder and and I love being tied up by him.  He is a big man that had a strong and sensual way of tying and gagging me.  I was very much in his control and I enjoyed every minute of this video.  He is the one I met at Bondcon in the beginning.  He would do the tying in my early videos with other models and he is an expert at his craft.  I want to be taped up in this video but I have to remind myself during the shoot that I'm the Damsel in Distress so it comes across as a damsel being taken by someone, I'm out of control and in his control.

10. There has also been another man involved with a lot of the videos you've done, he's known to wear the wrist or arm band, what's his name, how long have you known him, and what role does he portrays?

Elane: His name is Steve Villa and he was a very big influence in my bondage life. I've known him since about 2004.  He is always the bad guy that binds and gags the girl.  I especially liked the the videos with him that implied sexual acts that were simulated only but they always looked hot on video.

11. You've worked with a variety of different people but who would be the dream person you'd like to work with overall?

Elane: I've actually worked with everyone that I have had a dream to work with.  I have been so fortunate. I would love to work with some models from the old Harmony videos and make them look vintage.

12. Sorry if this is too personal, but why did you want to have the breast size that you do? How big are your breasts and are those all natural or surgery types? What advantages do they bring to the video aspect?

Elane: Well, my breast are usually exposed in most video I do so it's no problem to talk about.  My breast are natural and they are size 42DDD.  I love having them tied up.  Each person that ties them up, has their own style of doing it.  Women are usually the best when it comes to tying them up...don't know why but they are. Men always love to see big boobs and when they're tied, to bondage people, it can be a turn on to see how tight and restricting it can get.

13. Out of all of the bondage gags, ties, scenes, etc. That you've been involved with, which would you say is your favorite and why? Which one of these is one that you'd just "HAVE" to try?

Elane: I really like to be bound and gagged and then forced to do some sexual act (simulated only) but I've done them all.

14. Which role do you prefer playing the submissive or dominant role and why?

Elane: I definitely prefer to be submissive.  I don't have a dominant bone in my body and it's very difficult for me to play the bad guy.  However, I will play that role to the best of my ability for the video.

15. What got you into bondage to begin with, what was your first reaction to first witnessing it, is it about it that really draws you into it?

Elane: When I was about 5 years old, I was at a babysitter's house and she had two sons. It had snowed and the boys had snow forts on each side of the yard. I was with one of the boys and I tried to yell to the other to help me but the boy I was with clamped his glove over my mouth and held me so I couldn't talk or get away.  That was my earliest memory of loving bondage.  I really didn't know what it was but I knew I liked that feeling.  I loved Superman TV shows where Lois Lane would always get gagged. OK, well I loved it when anyone would be gagged on the show.  As I grew older, I noticed I was terribly drawn to gag noises on TV.  I would pass by a TV in my home and if I heard the mmmpphhh, I would almost stop in my tracks to see.  But I couldn't let anyone know I had this interest.  My whole life, I thought I was sick or something until I got a computer and realized there were many other people like me.  There was a whole Bondage world out there and I was going to be a part of that.

16. What plans do you have for the future?

Elane: I will continue to model and produce bondage videos for as long as I possibly can.

17. Where can we check out your work and buy your stuff?

Elane: ElaneHershey.com, http://clips4sale.com/4001, and you can always get in touch with me at Fetlife.com.

18. Any final words of wisdom?

Elane: I've always had a passion for bondage.  I'm so fortunate that I was able to enjoy my passion before I got too old.  My job is what I love, who could ask for anything more as far as a job goes. I have so many fans and friends in this bondage community, they make me feel like the "Queen".

I will mention that bondage is like a sexual pleasure for me.  I only enjoy it if it's with someone I trust. It's the consensual role play that I love. If this situation happened in real life and it's against the woman's will, it would be a horrible experience and those people should be put in jail. If I'm watching a video and I think someone is in pain or I think this girl is really being hurt, it's a turnoff for me immediately and I will stop watching the video.  I would NEVER condone this type of behavior.

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