Lynam - Halfway To Hell

Lynam's "Slave to the Machine" (2008) was what drew me to these guys then after not hearing much about them after that release there was no word about whether or not they were still around at least to me. Then years later they released several more albums under their belt, including a live album and their latest an EP "Halfway To Hell". After listening to the lead single/video for the song "Cold", it instantly made me think of gothic metal rockers The 69 Eyes, since frontman vocalist/guitarist Jacob Bunton sounds a lot like Jyrki 69 on this particular track, after listening to the other songs they did sound a lot like The 69 Eyes works but with the addition of Papa Roach meets the Living Dead Lights; take songs "Dead Man's Parade", and "Wrong Side Of The Grave", these songs fit the Papa Roach/Living Dead Lights approach hands down, having that same raw edgy emotion with just a bit of softness to keep it content. Lynam's EP is another one for the books, and these guys will come back around with an even powerful full-length album you just wait and see.

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