The War that was No Longer Theirs Buries the Hatchet between Falling In Reverse and Escape The Fate

It was bound to finally happen and it has the bringing together of Falling In Reverse and Escape The Fate. Why well here's a little brief back-story on the two, Escape The Fate got their start with now former frontman Ronnie Radke and bassist Max Green among other members and they went on to play shows and release two EPs "There Is No Symphony For The Dead" (2006), "Situations" (2007), later leading up to their debut full-length "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion" (2006); after sometime had passed things began to worsen for the band and Radke would be fired having to go to prison for various charges in 2008 until 2010, in which then he would be released and have hatred towards his former bandmates and band.

By this he would create From Behind These Walls now called Falling In Reverse, who would too release an album their debut in fact, entitled "The Drug In Me Is You" (2011) exposing to the Escape The Fate fan base that Radke was back! Soon Escape The Fate who had moved on to go on tours and release several albums "This War Is Ours" (2008), "Escape The Fate" (2010), and "Ungrateful" (2013) would go about their own business having their own issues as it were with bassist Max Green who would leave the band due to drug and alcohol to get himself in order. During this time Escape The Fate would face with changes once more swapping out bandmates but still continuing onward to do their thing.

As years progressed so did the two bands Falling In Reverse releasing the follow-up to 2011's "The Drug In Me Is You" called "Fashionably Late" (2013) which would span out into Radke exposing the band to not only their traditional route but a rap rock style causing him to do some solo work as well. By doing their own thing on their own times, their fan bases would collide hating one another wanting Radke back in his former band with everything the way it previously was but knowing that would never happen.

Until now..... Radke and now Escape The Fate frontman who had replaced him in 2008 Craig Mabbitt would come together as Radke had a plan in mind to bring this war to an end. But what about Max Green? Well Radke had spoken to Green and he had sobered up and Green would return to Escape The Fate and thus, everyone would be happy and the Bury The Hatchet Tour would commence!

On January 15, at the Los Angeles Wiltern Theater to a surprisingly NOT sold out event, would be the grand opening night of this unique event. Joining Falling In Reverse who would be the headliners  would be Escape The Fate of course, along with Chelsea Grin and Survive This! Having shown up to the venue later on in the evening, the opening acts would be missed while the back to back headliners would be just around the corner.

Around 8ish Escape The Fate would kick things off with their usual intro "Choose Your Fate" as the title suggest the fans choosing their fate between ETF and FIR. As the song wrapped up each of the band mates would walk upon the stage,  going into its vast setlist of songs including one, the band had said they have never played before called "Picture Perfect" that got the mood of the crowd flowing, as other hits "The Flood", "10 Miles Wide", "You're Insane", "Ungrateful", "Live Fast, Die Beautiful", "One for the Money", "Issues", "Gorgeous Nightmare", and "This War Is Ours", would wrap things up. While the band did have some technical difficulties at the start, everything managed to get fixed up and the band ended up having a solid set, killing it, that it got the crowd wanting more after walking off the stage.

Escape The Fate:

Escape The Fate Setlist:

1. Choose Your Fate
2. Ungrateful
3. The Flood
4. You're Insane
5. Live Fast, Die Beautiful
6. Issues
7. Picture Perfect
8. Ashley
9. 10 Miles Wide
10. Gorgeous Nightmare
11. One for the Money
12. Fire It Up
13. This War is Ours (The Guillotine II)

Last but not least, would of course be the main headliners of the night Falling In Reverse. Everyone in that venue was up on their feet, even the people up in the balcony stood up through their entire performance. Starting things off was a mini video short mocking the TV sitcom "Full House" tossing together the band mates in their own take the show, copying the intro song as the TV show had done. This would lead to the band walking up the stage and begun their long array of material that would branch out into songs off both their releases; "Raised by Wolves", "Tragic Magic", "The Drug in Me Is You", "I'm Not a Vampire", "Good Girls, Bad Guys", "Sink or Swim", "Goodbye Graceful", "Champion", "Bad Girls Club", "Rolling Stone", "Fashionably Late", "Alone", "Born to Lead", and "Self Destruct Personality".

Falling In Reverse:

One thing that was unique about their set-up was a screen was set in the center of the stage against the drum stand, that lit up various images including titles of each song performed. No solo work was performed that night but older work returning to the Escape The Fate time would. The two bands would indeed come together at the end of the second encore set, to perform "Not Good Enough For Truth And Cliche" and "Situations" together, Mabbitt and Radke would sing the songs together, along with other members of the two bands who would play off their own instrumentals, keeping everyone there on their toes to the very end.

Falling In Reverse and Escape The Fate:

All in all the Bury the Hatchet Tour was a great kick start to the tour and will likely be a successful tour as it makes its rounds across the U.S. of A.! It is clear that the war that spanned years and years has come to an end at least for now.

Falling In Reverse Setlist:

1. Rolling Stone
2. I'm Not a Vampire
3. Fashionably Late
4. Champion
5. Sink or Swim
6. Goodbye Graceful
7. Bad Girls Club
8. Born to Lead
9. Self-Destruct Personality
10. (Premiere: Live debut)
11. Good Girls Bad Guys
12. Tragic Magic
13. Raised By Wolves

14. Alone
15. The Drug In Me Is You

16. Not Good Enough for Truth In Cliché
(Escape the Fate cover) (with Escape the Fate)
17. Situations
(Escape the Fate cover) (with Escape the Fate)

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