Shores of Elysium's Dylan Glendening Gets In the Void

Hailing from Central Ohio is a relentless force to be reckoned with, Shores of Elysium a death metal act formed in early 2011. With fast paced and technically savvy guitar work, hammering drums, and incredibly intense vocals. The band will keep you on the edge as you are always guessing what comes next. Frontman vocalist Dylan Glendening discusses the band's debut full-length album "Entity In The Void" and plans for the next year.

1. Can I get a backstory on the band/ band biography?

Dylan: Every member of the band has been in various bands around the Columbus area since we were 14 or so except me (Dylan). Shores of Elysium is my first band and I joined about 2 years ago and about a year after that we solidified our current lineup.

2. How did you guys come up with your band name?

Dylan: The band was actually named by a previous member, but from what I understand in Greek mythology the Elysion fields off of the river Styx. Which is a place in the underworld, where all the forsaken heroes are.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Dylan: We are all from a small town called Delaware Ohio, which is right above Columbus Ohio. Our music scene is currently thriving with bands of every genre that are actually good! People attend local shows regularly and everyone gets along dispute differences in style and musical tastes. The Beast and his Image is another good band from our area, as well as Dismemberment and Carevdvor.

4. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Dylan: There really isn't a solid lyrical theme, it varies from song to song. I guess we just try to write songs about things that we care about. We have songs about anything from video game stories we love to views on world issues etc. I guess the message I'd like to think we convey is self empowerment. You should be proud of who you are no matter who you are and have fun however you feel you should and not care about what anyone else thinks about you.

5. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

Dylan: I'll just do this one on list form:

The Black Dahlia Murder
At The Throne of Judgment
Born of Osiris
Job for a cowboy
Within the Ruins

6. Is there any story or concept behind the Entity In The Void title?

Dylan: Entity in the void is also a track on our album that we all really like, so we decided to name the album after it. It's also kind of ambiguous and the album doesn't have an overall theme so we felt it was a good name.

7. Who produced Entity In The Void and what was it like working with them?

Dylan: We recorded our album at Audio hammer Studios in Florida with Mark Lewis (Whitechapel, DevilDriver etc.) Working with Mark was a pleasure. He's an extremely nice guy and very skilled at what he does. He knows exactly what he wants and is very understanding when it comes to our ideas and likewise very helpful and non intrusive with ideas of his own. He's a great dude.

8. Who did the cover art for Entity In The Void and how much input did you have on it?

Dylan: The album art for Entity in the Void was actually made by our bass player Jon, and I pretty much came up with the original idea and he expanded on it and made It his own.

9. Select two songs from Entity In The Void and what inspired the lyrics.

Dylan: Mindsculpt is probably my favorite shores song ever. It's pretty much about my distaste for organized religion. Religion can be a good thing, but I think a lot of times people are "religious" for the wrong reasons. Regardless of what you believe I feel like discussing it is a waste of time because a religious person and an anti religious person will never see eye to eye about the matter, so avoiding the subject is just a better way to insure you get along with more people. No one really knows what happens after you do anyways so there's no point in talking about it.

Transhumanist is another song on the album I like a lot. Jason and I worked together on the lyrics for that one. That songs about how people are working toward transcending mortality by replacing body parts with machines. It's a cool concept and it's a very real thing that becomes closer and closer every day.

10. Do you guys have any new music in the works as far as a follow-up release?

Dylan: We're always writing music so we have quite a few songs already Written we just have to decided which ones we like best.

11. What are your upcoming touring/show plans?

Dylan: We hope to be on tour in February but we haven't worked out what exactly that will entail. There are a few different avenues to explore when it comes to touring for us this winter.

12. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Dylan: We have a Facebook

We also have a YouTube channel so subscribe! Our entire first record is on YouTube as well as play through videos and lyric videos

All of our music is available for purchase through iTunes or our online merch store through Big Cartel!

13. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

Dylan: That we are just guys making music because it's what we love to do.

14. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Dylan: Hopefully some cool. Tours and sick new jams!

15. Any final words of wisdom?

Dylan: "If they hate then let'em hate and watch the money pile up"-Fifty Cent

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